What is the BIG EV Lie? Will electric vehicles save the planet if we all buy them? Are cars definitely the worst cause of Global Warming? And if not, what is? When we first embarked on a whole episode about EVs, we thought it would be easy. Take the piss out of electric cars and their owners, add in some amusing movie clips for comedic effect, do some impressions, and use that clip of Greta Thunberg a lot. But the deeper we dug, the more we found, and it became simply impossible to be… well… funny. You see there are some huge issues to deal with here, and it would seem, a lot of misinformation. Yes, it’s easy to criticize EVs for range anxiety, charging waiting times, the upfront cost of the vehicles, and in one case – that autopilot mode. But forget all that short-term guff and explore with us what will happen in the future – do we have the energy and raw materials to cope with mass EV adoption? And perhaps more importantly, is electricity actually all that green anyway?

BY TheCarGuys