FROM APARTHEID TO AGONY: South Africa’s Societal Apocalypse

Time to end the lie of the “Rainbow Nation. South Africa was doomed to fail since 1994 when Nelson Mandela was elected president because the ANC was filled with people who had no practical experience governing. The ANC was not filled with businessmen, administrators, or experts in the field, it was filled with poetical activists and ideologues, who suddenly took a major role in actually deciding policy and holding complex administrative roles, which they were not prepared to do. Even though Nelson Mandela is long gone, the ANC at the national level is still filled with activists rather than experts. It’s not only South Africa. It’s the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa, better known as Black Africa. Corruption, tribalism, racism, incompetence, and lack of initiative, are among other things, the main factors of the African disaster. Not one African country can compare to any European country when it comes to infrastructure, or human affairs (hospitals, schools, etc.) no matter how rich the African country is (eg. Equatorial Guinea) or how poor the European country is (eg. Albania) the result is always the same. Sub-Saharan Africa is doomed because Africans Negros do not admit their failures and rather blame colonialism, western interference, or whatever comes to their minds. South Africa under Apartheid was a brutally bifurcated society… African Negro abject poverty side-by-side with prosperous European Caucasians and their magnificent highways, and thriving cosmopolitan city centers. That was long ago. The dream was of a “Rainbow Nation” where everybody shared in the prosperity. Today, under black majority rule, it is yet another black African country. It won’t be until at least 2029 that the ANC finally loses power. Until then South Africa will continue to stagnate or backslide. South Africa = Rhodesia 2.0


00:00 – Introduction
05:45 – The Tribes of South Africa
17:12 – East Germany in South Africa
22:41 – The Disillusionment