Nearly half or more of the citizens in the USA wanted Trump and the America that he stood for. Trump won in a landslide if you discount the contested states where fraud was evident. THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT HAVE A MANDATE FOR MARXISM! This is all the result of “good men doing nothing” and ceding the institutions to the “long march”. Compromising with evil over and over again. Being too weak to stand against the phony labels of racism, and all other “phobias” and “isms”.


The Biden Administration is essentially (and how ironically) going to implement Fascism, but this will be “global” fascism, sans the nationalism component. I’ve been saying for years the globalists’ ultimate goal is global technocratic communism. But this will be Phase 2 or 3.

Today we are seeing Phase 1 – Globalistic Fascism, step 1 in the Great Reset.

The “PS” is the new “SS”

In Hitler’s SS, there were sub-units including the Gestapo and the Sicherheitsdienst (SD). They were tasked with the detection of actual or potential enemies of the Nazi state, the neutralization of any opposition, policing the German people for their commitment to Nazi ideology, and providing domestic and foreign intelligence. The Biden Administration will “cartelize” the Private Sector (the “PS”). They will use the private sector to accomplish their goals, goals that may not be able to make it through even the left-leaning Congress. We saw it coming over the last few years, starting with the discovery of “shadow-banning”, moving to de-platforming, then gaining steam up into the election with the President and others’ tweet’s being blocked. Now, with Trump and the Republican’s out of the way, the full demon is being released, seen now with Parler taken down with more to come. The government didn’t do this, the “PS” did!

The definition of Fascism is a “system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, makes the executive State the unlimited master of society.” There is also a nationalism that is usually associated with this, but not a healthy “patriotic” nationalism aka the MAGA agenda, but a NAZI-like nationalism. It was this NAZI style of nationalism of which the left accused Trump.

Decentralized Tyranny

This also decentralizes the attacks to make it virtually impossible for us citizens to fight back. If the government does the tyranny, we can see it and react to it, since it is in one main place – Washington (and some state governments). But when the Biden Administration uses private companies to do their evil, how will the average guy be able to do anything?

What will he do when Stripe,, and others stop processing his business transactions? When his bank closes his accounts? When his insurance company cancels his policies? When his ISP won’t provide internet? When his cell phone carrier drops him? What will the average guy be able to do about it, except comply? Or, maybe they will provide services, at a greatly increased price! For all the righteous indignation he may feel, to stand up and fight, he will have the reality of how to provide for his family, teenagers losing their minds without cell phone and internet service, employees unable to be paid, life savings and work being drained. This is a desperate situation. And we know where desperation leads.

Got your Back or Shot in the Back

I have been becoming less and less confident that what many of us thought, that law enforcement and military would “be on our side” and stand down to tyrannical orders, will actually happen. There are some small-town sheriffs that still may not enforce, but look at how police are enforcing insane Covid rules! Will the average young soldier be willing to be court-martialed? Does he even know what’s going on or what he is fighting? In regards to LE and military leadership, we’ve seen LE leadership obey stand-down commands and let Antifa and BLM rage uncontrolled, and a parade of treasonous military leaders show their true deep state colors. Who is standing on the wall for us? Anyone? Can we take that chance?

All Tactics in Motion

Marxism uses very specific tactics, and all of these are being deployed. These are Envy, Guilt Manipulation, Projection, and Deconstruction. But of these the one that is in full bloom is Projection. This is the most frustrating one to bear, and the most dangerous one because it generates the most frustration and outrage. Basically, it is taking something about you and blaming (projecting) it onto another person or group. In this case, the left (the Marxists) are taking their sins and projecting them onto us. If you watch any of their speeches, you will lose your mind in outrage as you know that what they are accusing us of is actually what they have been doing for the last four years.

During the Electoral College and after, the Democrats spoke highly of, and virtuously claimed as their own, all the things they disdain and want to “transform” and “reset”:

  • They praised the Electoral College. Reality: they’ve called to eliminate it, and will use this “EC fiasco” as a club to show it must be eliminated since the Republicans “almost” or “might have” overturned the “will of the people.”
  • They praised the capitol police. Reality: they want to defund and abolish the police.
  • They spoke lovingly of the Republic/”democracy”. Reality: they want a pure democracy, the most evil form of government.
  • They spoke of the greatness of the Constitution. Reality: they want to rewrite it and strictly limit or eliminate the 1st and 2nd Amendments.
  • They claimed there was no fraud. Reality: there never is unless they are claiming it was against them. The case for fraud was overwhelming.
  • They mentioned God. Reality: they want to restrict worship, are mostly atheists or polytheists at best.
  • They spoke of truth. Reality: they have continually propagated lies (Russia-gate, etc., etc., etc.) and attacked this President relentlessly.
  • They spoke of the EC “mob” violence. Reality: they compared it to Pearl Harbor, instantly propagated the terms “insurrection” and “terrorist group” in the MSM, while ignoring and fueling BLM and Antifa for a year, and never calling Antifa a domestic terrorist group even though they were officially designated as one!

Remember, Trump won in a landslide if you discount the contested states where fraud was evident. Nearly half or more of the citizens in this country wanted Trump and the America he stood for. THIS IS NOT A MANDATE FOR MARXISM!

This is all the result of “good men doing nothing” and ceding the institutions to the “long march”. Compromising with evil over and over again. Being too weak to stand against the phony labels of racism, and all other “phobias” and “isms”.

At Least Joe won’t be a Meany on Twitter

Yes, you weak safe-space seeking soy boys and non-binary fema-whatevers can breathe easy now. You won’t have to endure Trump’s mean tweets and horrible America First mentality. So enjoy Biden’s “healing of the nation” as you get what you played for, you idiots:

  • The undoing of the good Trump did
  • Full-on push towards globalism and One World Government
  • Open borders
  • China love
  • More open voting, the addition of new states
  • Court-packing
  • Reparations
  • New Green Deal including state, national, and international carbon taxes
  • TPP and other treaties that will drain the US of its wealth while other countries do nothing
  • Insane social justice enacted through laws
  • Gun control and registration and move to repeal the 2nd Amendment
  • Massive censorship via control of all media and tech platforms
  • De-platforming all opposing voices
  • Enforcing of PC-speech – words outlawed and banned and shunned, words redefined
  • Covid insanity – never-ending lockdowns, laws regarding masks, mandatory vaccines
  • Tax increases and wealth redistribution
  • “Free” everything – making everything worthless and bankrupting the system
  • Weakened military
  • Capitalism replaced with socialism (this will be sold as “tweaking capitalism” or “inclusive capitalism”)
  • Legalization, championing, and normalization of every depravity known to man – any stand taken against such will be “hate crimes” and “hate speech” and “hate thought”
  • Rewriting and elimination of history – statues, monuments, pledge of allegiance, God removed from all public places, worm-holing
  • More Big-Tech tyranny through Technocracy – “science” will become God with its lab-coat priests to tell us how to live, what to do, etc.
  • Genetic tyranny – more tampering with earth’s genetic codes – GMO’s, plants, people, animals
  • Unlimited abortion – pre and post-birth

Basically, a Marxist hell. What they’ve planned for years – Technocratic Global Communism (TGC). Burn down the US and other nations so the great phoenix of TGC can rise from the ashes as the glorious man-god utopia.

Simple Hope

Yet, this monstrous beast that seems so unstoppable has some fatal flaws that will in time be its undoing. Like David slew Goliath, in righteousness, we must wield just a few weapons. First, humbling ourselves in prayer and repentance before God for our abandoning the battlefield to the enemy, second, truth, the foundation we have and they don’t, and third, love, love of country, love of liberty, love of life, love of God, and yes even love for our enemies. Without this, they haven’t a chance. Empires built on sand eventually topple. This is the lesson of history.

As Gary North once said, “God promises liberation, so does Satan. One of them is lying.”

We’ve got a lot to take back that we’ve given away without a fight. We are in a great war. Wars are won with plans, not mobs.

Don’t despair. Don’t lose hope. Truth always rises in the end. And the truth will set us free.