Political power increases in direct proportion to the ability to manipulate words.

The manipulation of the crowd with words is an awesome power, totally invisible to the people. It is magnified political or religious power far beyond its simplicity. It is the power of life and death over billions of people.

By Bob Livingston for The Bob Livingston Letter

Word manipulation is so powerful that it is my contention that even if this force was explained to the people, it would not in the least, alter the balance of power away from the elite. It defies human nature and turns humanity against itself. Propaganda is not Sunday school. It is total war against the human mind.

Repeated words or word phrases, like viruses, are biochemical organisms that cause an altered state of consciousness. It is electro-chemical pathology that numbs the senses, resulting in programmed thought patterns.

With words and phrases like democracy, and others I call “code words,” (see here and here) the elites who become the masters over the collective can get individuals to commit acts they wouldn’t normally commit. The individuals get the benefit of attributing those acts to the collective, thereby avoiding individual blame and responsibility.

This word manipulation subverts human individuality, the ego, into group consciousness. Indications are dependency on the group and dependency on authoritarianism. We see this with the clamor for “federal gun laws” and all other manner of cries for liberty to be taken away in order to achieve the appearance of safety and peace.

Any external word stimulation that violates programmed thought evokes negative stimulation and hostility — also evidenced by “protests” and school walkouts.

Once neuro nerve patterns are set, they cannot be rearranged without emotional trauma. Word-control systems have inherent defenses against probes of opposing ideas.

This is psychological warfare against the person. It is transferred from generation to generation with only parental stimuli, but it is constantly reinforced by “the system.”

Parents who have escaped programming can, in many cases, but not all, build into their children an immunity to any infection to group consciousness and authoritarianism. This is precisely why the state wants your children at a very early age, preferably at birth.

In the final stages of breakdown of authoritarianism, the state takes forcible control of all human infants. In the modern era, this is by no means physical force, but psychological force that persuades the parents to volunteer the physical and psychological surrender of their children to the system. Transfer of children to the state also has economic origins when mothers are forced to work to meet financial and social demands.

Propaganda is not something that you can take or leave. Constant bombardment of word patterns penetrates the consciousness, rearranging neuron structure. It is an electro-chemical reaction that dehumanizes the human ego. The result is that man no longer thinks of himself. He thinks of the group. Even though he may not be totally transformed, group thoughts and group dynamics dominate.

This is the esoteric system of American psychiatry, assisted by pharmacological inducement.

In modern America, if one has an ego, he has a disease that requires treatment. If he has an ego, he is sick, he is “antisocial,” and shock trauma is indicated along with chemical drugs to create docility and openness for suggestion or reprogramming. The American Heritage Dictionary defines ego as “the self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves. In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality — appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.” End quote.

Ripe for manipulation

The thrust of government propaganda is to destroy self-esteem by replacing it with group pride or group consciousness. Group consciousness is a psychological dependency state of mind.

In other words, it is the giving or yielding of one’s mind to the system. Once this is effected, manipulation by external stimuli or authority is a fiat accomplishment.

It is easy to see why modern Babylonian governments hate orthodox and historic Christianity. If allowed to proliferate, it would consume criminal politics and authoritarianism based on group consciousness.

But organized religion has been effectively neutered and twisted or channeled into the service of the state. How did it happen? The state has “infected” religion with a spiritual organism that completely transformed true religion into political messianicism and materialism. This is identically what happened to the Jews before Christ. They were and still are looking for a political messiah. In their understanding and teaching, their messiah will be benevolent but with universal power. Just how they view their religious messiah any different from any other worldly or political messiah is conjecture. Group solidarity through the ages has made the Jews perfect for manipulation.

Furthermore, the plot thickens. All other religions have the central doctrine of a worldly messiah making them fundamentally the same as Judio-Christianity except in name. They all teach authoritarianism and express humanity in terms of groups instead of individuals. But alas, religion-political conflict is needed in the affairs of power politics. Conflicts are smoke screens.

Little do ideological armies fighting for world supremacy realize that whoever wins, if any win, will turn out to be the same identical system of authoritarianism based on manipulation of the indoctrinated masses.

In fact, all wars or so-called ideological struggles between combatants whose only difference is in their names. Not one in 10 million will ever know that Nazi Germany was exactly like American democracy that has replaced the republic. Both democracy and Fascism are/were ruled by authoritarianism based on group propaganda and the subversion of the individual.

It is indeed “democratic” to push for the abolition of the 2nd Amendment, to stomp on the 1st Amendment, and to call for the abolition of the Electoral College to propagate mob rule, but it is not American.

All one has to do to understand and accept this analogy is to remember your high school plain geometry axiom; “things that are equal to the same thing, are equal to each other.” Plunder is plunder is plunder under any name. Except for our indoctrination as a word controlled group, we could see the extreme simplicity of how authority manipulates the crowd. But the indoctrination is itself a blinder to reality and rationality.

Stump speech = word manipulation

Politicians learn word manipulation and are able to enjoy the spoils system for many years and then retire on fabulous pensions. Inferior people may suggest a certain race, but in this instance, we refer to inferior people as those having no roots or history in the morality of individualism. Inferiority begets inferiority and aging governments are characterized by greater and greater numbers of inferior people as dependents. This is desirable at first, but in latter days becomes a financial burden which must be dealt with harshly. Translate this into todays huge welfare dependent class, as well as todays huge parasite dependent class of politicians and bureaucrats — too many nonproducing consumers. This has happened throughout history in the final stages of nation states and empires.

All nation states are built upon group dynamics which by nature attract parasite classes and inferior people. Finally, this evolves into implosion and self-destruction.

In the last days, there is not enough individualism left to pose a threat to the government. No matter then, as government is in a state of vast corruption and it begins to collapse under its own weight, the mob turns on itself.

What we advocate does not in any way violate laws or bring us into direct confrontation with the political establishment. We advocate the return to a perception of reality by simply recognizing the conspiracy of word manipulation. This we call propaganda.

To steel my mind against the system, I read mostly on health, asset preservation, esoteric history and the political undertow. 99 percent of media and newspaper is noise to keep you diverted and in an altered state of consciousness. You can’t decipher politics, as is its intention.

The more you read the more knowledge you have for your mental computer to process. The result is that you have a superior advantage in evaluating reality. This also gives you tremendous economic advantage.

Regardless of what else you read, stick to The Bob Livingston Letter. We defend and advise the individual, not the Democrat or Republican. Remember that labels are blinders. After all, my friends, it’s the whole Congress that has sold you out! Come on! Look at the record. If you find me a congressman who sincerely proposes mass repeal of all the terrorist laws and every law connected with human liberty suppression, I will believe in and support them. I would not be offended by his or her party label.

Wake up! Encrypt everything, even your thinking. You’re on the animal farm. Word manipulation puts us in an altered state of consciousness, otherwise the people would all revolt knowing that the war on terrorism is war on us.