We at The International Chronicles share a deep conviction and passion for freedom. As a Journal of Political Culture we have endeavoured to maintain a superior editorial quality based on thoughtful, intellectually rigorous analysis of geopolitics, economics, media, culture, religion and philosophy.
In our 21st Century global culture everything is political – and politics can be war by other means, but it should also be inclusive and engaging. We are all involved and we are all responsible. When we tune out, democracy withers.
Our readers have told us they want to contribute to The International Chronicles by sharing articles, links and media in real-time—making their voices heard and promoting a sense of community and seamless interaction. The International Chronicles has thus evolved into an interactive political forum, accessible through any web-enabled mobile device or tablet and integrated with social media.
Readers are now encouraged to send us links, multimedia, comments, and articles directly to and from their own BLOGS, TWITTER or FACEBOOK accounts—creating a positive feedback-loop and enabling them to play a direct part in the evolution of The International Chronicles.

We look forward to your contributions. We encourage you and all our readers to send us articles, essays and videos that you / they have read and watched from other sources. Your posts start a conversation and attract a community of politically aware readers who share their opinions with each other. That is really the point of the new platform…to search for the truth and the facts behind and beyond the intellectually corrupt and often deceitful narrative of the mainstream media…and the truth is Liberty…veritas animvs!

Alexander Ackley R. A. – Creative Director and Managing Editor


Editorial Guidelines:

As a free-thinking entity in a free society, we are willing to accommodate any and all political and social issues that are of importance to our readers.  We are under no obligation whatsoever to conform to anybody else’s standards, ideas, guidelines, pieties, platitudes, taboos or ideology, as we do not in turn ask anyone else to conform to ours.  We welcome vigorous debate (as you can see by our well-visited comment section), and we cordially invite you to argue your point of view, if you have one.  Excessive use of vulgarity and/or threatening rhetoric will not be tolerated.  Other than that, we absolutely stand behind all our columnists, so any call to revise, censor or otherwise terminate any columnist, opinion, or comment will probably go unheeded.  Please consider this to be our formal policy on such issues, so save yourself the time to address us in the future when one of our columns, comments, or opinions offends your sensibilities – trigger-happy calls for censorship offend ours as well.