No-go zones, as the term is most commonly used today, are areas within cities where it is unsafe to enter if one is not Muslim. Within these areas, the authorities have lost control. Police, emergency services, and other non-residents are either barred from entering or consider it unsafe and won’t enter. In Europe and UK, such areas are spreading rapidly due to massive immigration campaigns.

BY Robert W. Malone MD, MS ON SUBSTACK

The term “no go zone” has often been associated with people accused of spreading “right-wing” conspiracies. This is because government officials and their mainstream media apologists usually deny the existence of such areas. This denialism began in earnest over a decade ago, and then as the narrative scaffolding was set since then, mainstream media has taken this as de-facto truth. But the reality is completely different.

A decade ago, such zones were hotly denied by officials. In fact, the city of Paris threatened to sue Fox News in 2015 for reporting on the existence of such areas within the city limits. State-Sponsored media sources, such as The Guardian – to this day- write that the use of the term “no go zone” is just another way the “right” stoke anti-immigration “fears” and anti-Muslim hate. Because of such push-back, the term “no go zones” became a hot-button term used only by the brave and the stupid almost a decade ago. But what was touted as another “right-wing” conspiracy theory that promoted populism,* racism, and anti-immigration hate – has come to be a real phenomenon throughout Europe.

Despite the rhetoric by both city officials and the liberal press, there is plenty of evidence that such zones exist and that they are growing in number.

The writes that:

The “no-go zones” theory, which is spread by global far-right pundits online has been widely debunked and where there have been isolated incidents of “Muslim patrols”, suspects have been arrested and condemned by local Muslim leaders.

Ergo, if you happen to believe that no-go zones exist, you, too, must be a racist.

There is nothing to see here, folks; move on.

But the Paris riots of 2023, which Parisian officials blamed on “pension reform” has shown a spotlight on the issues of open immigration and no go zones.

The truth is that open border policies within many European nations have created a nightmare, particularly in countries close to North Africa, where a small boat can easily move back and forth between countries. In some nations, such as France, the immigration surge has been going on for decades, and many immigrants have been warehoused into urban ghettos. Furthermore, the European Union’s compulsory migrant resettlement policies, which include quotas, continue to encourage further immigration to Europe.

The truth is that “no go zones” – just like all ghettos or slums, are places where poverty, over-crowding, and resentment foam up to encompass all that live there. Many of these areas are basically permanent migrant camps. Within these ghettos, residents have implemented Sharia Law, which acts as a government entity within the boundaries of these ghettos. Installing Sharia law as a semi-autonomous or even autonomous government within these ghettos, where crime, poverty, and lawlessness are rampant, can be viewed as a very sensible approach for those who have to live their lives in these conditions. But it is also a very dangerous trend.

The real problems are massive migration waves, open borders, the warehousing of people, poverty, and the lack of opportunities for immigrants. Too many immigrants arrive too fast to be assimilated into a new culture or alternatively Islamic immigrants that do not view assimilation as an acceptable solution are threatening local traditions and way of life. And yes, that powder keg is being controlled by a makeshift Islamic system of rule that is archaic and radicalized. However, woke agendas do now allow even the questioning of such issues. Being patriotic is now linked with nationalism, which is linked to Nazism. In Germany, expressions of national pride, such as flying of the German flag, are perceived as far-right. All of which makes no sense, except in the minds of progressives.

When did being an advocate for the nation and culture you were born into become a bad thing?

The open border policies of many European nations – encouraged by the UN and the EU- have made the situation almost impossible. Immigrants are being ware-housed in migrant camps and slums, where xenophobia, poverty, hard living conditions, crime, Sharia law and resentment boil over.

Where young adults can’t find either work or educational opportunities they instead find each other. Roving gangs are a significant issue. They blame their “captors” for their living conditions, not the fact that, at some point, they or their families boarded a boat and entered the country illegally. No-go zones are full of young people who now believe their new country “owes” them a living wage, medical care, food, and education.

The truth is that these no-go zones are dangerous places. Many of these migrants are used to Sharia law as a governance system. Unsurprisingly, they return to what they know for solutions in such living conditions. Having ghettos that are being ruled not by a nation-state but by a traditional religious sect is a recipe for disaster. How long before true civil war will break out in these regions?

Why can’t European nations find solutions? Why can they not admit that there are areas where it is dangerous to enter if one is not of Islamic faith? If a city or nation were to designate such areas formally as a no-go zone, they would, in essence, have to admit to the failure of the state. So, while denouncing those who speak of the dangers of no-go zones as “right-wing”, the truth is that those who live near or in these zones are very much aware that they exist. The quote below is from Wiki


In 2010, Raphaël Stainville of French newspaper Le Figaro called certain neighborhoods of the southern city Perpignan “veritable lawless zones”, saying they had become too dangerous to travel in at night. He added that the same was true in parts of Béziers and Nîmes.[6] In 2012, Gilles Demailly, the mayor of the French city Amiens, in the wake of several riots, called the northern part of his city a lawless zone, where one could no longer order a pizza or call for a doctor. The head of a local association said institutional violence had contributed to the tensions resulting in the no-go zone.[7][verify] In 2014, Fabrice Balanche, a scholar of the Middle East, labelled the northern city of Roubaix, as well as parts of Marseille, “mini-Islamic states”, saying that the authority of the state is completely absent there.[8]

In 2005 France’s domestic intelligence network, the Renseignements Generaux, identified 150 “no-go zones” around the country where police would not enter without reinforcements. Christopher Dickey, writing in Newsweek, said the situation had arisen due to racism towards immigrants.[9]

But it isn’t just France. In Sweden, the police define specific areas as “vulnerable areas”. Wiki explains that in Sweden:

The existence of and the rise of no-go zones in Sweden is not something that the Swedish government wishes the public to know about. In an excellent article in the European Conservative magazine, the author and his colleague explored one of the most notorious no go zones in Sweden.

The article ends with:

In short, during our visit to Malmö, my colleague and I confirmed much of what we had previously envisioned. Rosengård is a parallel society, seemingly cut off from the rest of Sweden. It is most certainly an uncomfortable place by day and an unsafe one by night. I would not want any of my female family members or friends to go there, for any reason…

It is that very truth that so many Swedes persistently deny, and it is that denial that has created a Sweden so regretfully damaged and unrecognizable to its preceding generations. May Europe notice and respond accordingly, when and where it is not too late.

Likewise, a deep dive into the London scene reveals that there are areas that are no-go zones. However, the UK government is loath to admit their existence.

But the thing is that the situation in London gets even more horrific, Jewish people have been specifically targeted by Islamic fundamentalists. Areas of London are now considered unsafe for Jews.

London has become a “no-go zone for Jews” during weekend pro-Palestinian marches, the government’s counter-extremism commissioner has said.

“A spokesperson for the Campaign Against Antisemitism told BBC News its own recent polling “corroborates Mr Simcox’s warning, finding that 90% of British Jews say that they would avoid travelling to a city centre if a major anti-Israel demonstration was taking place there”.

Jonathan Wittenberg, senior rabbi of Masorti Judaism UK, said that he felt the demonstrations were “partly” pro-Palestinian but had “very minute, more radical elements at heart”, which are “very intimidating for Jews”.

He told BBC Radio 4’s PM programme: “When they are taking place, and in the aftermath, it is very frightening and disturbing for… the Jewish citizens of London and that is not at all as it should be.

“On the other hand, that doesn’t make the whole of London, all the time, a no-go zone for Jews.”

In London, mainstream media outlets, such as the DailyMail now speak openly of no-go zones for Jews. These are areas within London that are unsafe for Jewish people even to enter.

This is not unique to London, other cities throughout Europe are becoming increasingly unsafe for Jewish people.

Many people of the Islamic faith in Italy speak freely about the agenda to remove Catholics and Catholic traditions from Italy.

Aired by the Italian news programme Fuori dal Coro (Outside the Chorus) during the month-long Muslim festival of Ramadan, “Immigrants and Violence, The Muslims Who Hate Italy” reveals the dark underbelly of toxic Islamic antipathy toward Italian Catholics and Jews.

In the documentary, the lead reporter takes viewers to an illegal mosque in the Via Padova area of Milan. “It is written in the Quran that we are going to kick the Jews out,” a Muslim man brazenly tells the news team, who are given permission to enter the mosque.

When the reporter asks if Muslims will conquer the world given their numerical strength, the man replies: “Yes, yes. The first place will be Italy, because Italy is very close to Islam, because Italy has a good heart.”

“Just look at the churches, a few elderly people, five here, five there,” says the young Muslim immigrant, who compares the empty churches with mosques that are overflowing with worshippers.

In addition to encountering antisemitic views, the documentary highlights the rising tensions with local indigenous Italians who say they are often threatened by Muslim men attending the mosque, gangs of Muslim teenagers and the rise of no-go zones—a phenomenon already present in Britain.

“I live upstairs. Look, they have already threatened me with death twice,” a local tells the news team, on the condition of anonymity.

As the number of Islamic people who are racist towards those of Jewish and Christian religions increases throughout Europe, how can the tide be turned?

Will Europe and the UK descend into open hostilities, terrorist acts, and outright civil war as the immigrant Islamic populations grow ever larger?

When will mainstream media, the UK, European Nations, and the EU admit that racism and xenophobia in the no-go zones is a real and evolving problem? That these no-go zones are unsafe and ungovernable by local authorities. That Sharia law has become the norm in many of the no-go zones?

When will the European Union stop its failed compulsory migrant resettlement and quota policies?

These questions deserve serious answers. As the USA continues to open our southern border to anyone who can get there, we too have a serious migrant issue on our hands. There are areas in the USA that are “no-go zones” – although the problem is not yet at the levels found in the EU and the UK.