Liberals destroy society: From dams to cities to children, they demolish everything. The destruction from the left is stunning. It is political shock and awe.


I see in the papers that Kanye West went off his meds. TMZ reported, “Kanye West is apparently in the grips of a serious mental health episode. That’s the only conclusion to draw from his furious rant, attacking his ex-business partners, Donald Trump and, of course, Jewish people.”

Hates Trump. Hates Jews. Blames others for his problems. His beliefs are so mainstream Democrat that he could be president of Harvard. Given his propensity for marrying women with large doctor-inflated chests, maybe he also believes that children should be allowed to get plastic surgery.

Maybe he believes boys can turn into girls (and girls into boys) using magic elixirs and surgery, a medical alchemy that for doctors and hospitals turns children who cannot cope with puberty into gold.

West’s politics once were called liberalism but the word liberal became so toxic that its adherents adopted the name progressive. And like Flo in the commercials for Progressive Insurance became overexposed, liberals quickly overstayed their welcome.

What liberals appear to support changes constantly. Liberals who once embraced feminism now dismiss it as a movement by suburban white women. Men in dresses replaced real women who are now called TERFs, an acronym for women without testosterone.

I recall how women in the 1960s objected to being called broads and dames. Abracadabra, feminism came along. Liberals now call them bitches and ho’s. Problem solved.

Liberals recently downgraded mothers to birthing people. A woman now is just a bonus hole in liberal land, which further downgrades women, as well as normal sex.

These changes came so rapidly that people cannot keep up, but people nonetheless must instantly pledge allegiance to whatever the core beliefs of liberalism are this week. Overwhelming people with new rules and new issues is part of the progressive plan for being in power perpetually.

What is the answer when liberals claim babies are racist?

The blowback has begun. People are walking away from this nonsense.

Michelle Goldberg of the New York Times asked, “What’s Driving Former Progressives to the Right?”

My answer is exhaustion.

She is upset that comedian Russell Brand, politician RFK Jr., and journalist Matt Taibbi no longer are toeing the line. That means liberals only control 99% of the comics, 99% of the politicians and 99% of the journalists.

Of course, all three still support all the old liberal crap. They just are rejecting the new crap. They are crapped out.

Goldberg nailed what the problem is with the failure of these celebrities to march in lockstep with liberalism.

She wrote, “What gives this migration political significance, however, are the ordinary people following them, casting off what they view as a censorious liberalism for a movement that doesn’t ask anyone to ‘do the work’ or ‘check your privilege.’”

Imagine white people taking personally the anti-white rhetoric on the left. Ordinary people — commoners — the unwashed not entitled to a regular newspaper column — are putting their own interests ahead of the movement. How dare they.

Goldberg believes the problem with her religion (she calls the dropouts from liberalism apostates) is communication.

She wrote, “But I think there’s a deeper problem, which stems from a crisis of faith in the possibility of progress. Liberals and leftists have lots of excellent policy ideas, but rarely articulate a plausible vision of the future. I sometimes hear leftists talk about ‘our collective liberation,’ but outside a few specific contexts — the ongoing subjugation of the Palestinians comes to mind — I mostly have no idea what they’re talking about.

“It’s easy to see what various parts of the left want to dismantle — capitalism, the carceral state, heteropatriarchy, the nuclear family — and much harder to find a realistic conception of what comes next. Some leftists who lose hope in the possibility of thoroughgoing transformation become liberals like me, mostly resigned to working toward incremental improvements to a dysfunctional society. Others, looking beyond the politics of amelioration, seek new ways to shake up the system.”

She is wrong.

When you control 99% of the media, the problem is not that people are not receiving your message; the problem is people hear you loud and clear and reject what you are saying.

We built this nation on religion, capitalism and families but she wrote as if Americans have agreed to destroy capitalism and families while releasing everyone from prison, or as she calls it the carceral state.

Lefties do not spend a lot of time thinking through their causes, but they get the wording right. It’s like a paint job to turn a lemon of a used car into a classic pre-owned automotive experience.

The destruction from the left is stunning. It is political shock and awe.

Amid a water crisis and rolling blackouts, Gavin Newsom bragged about destroying dams along the Klamath River. He’s demolishing four hydroelectric plants. The plan seems to be having the ordinary people (as Goldberg called them) live in caves. Many of them already are living in pup tents that line the streets of Los Angeles.

A century ago, the nation adopted indoor plumbing. Progressives lifted the ban on pooping in the streets of San Francisco.

Marijuana indeed became a gateway drug as its incremental legalization brought with it acceptance of heroin and other opioids. Cops no longer arrest junkies. They give them Narcan. It is said to be more humane than incarceration. The streets of many a downtown now are lined with zombies on drugs. At least prison would give them a roof over their heads and three square meals a day.

Liberals won’t enforce immigration laws. They aid and abet illegal aliens because their bodies prop up the declining populations in city after city. We aborted 60 million people in the past 60 years. We have taken in 48 million legal and illegal aliens.

Instead of building bridges and highways, liberals destroy them in the name of ending racism.

Liberals have embraced deviant sex because it helps destroy families as well as religion. June was once Bride’s Month. Now it is Gay Pride Month complete as what the band Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show mocked as Freakin’ At the Freakers’ Ball has become part of the curriculum in elementary schools.

What you do in private is your own business. Quit making it mine.

Goldberg complained that the mass demolition of society by liberals makes too good a case for conservatism.

She wrote, “The right has an advantage in appealing to dislocated and atomized people: It doesn’t have to provide a compelling view of the future. All it needs is a romantic conception of the past, to which it can offer the false promise of return. When people are scared and full of despair, ‘let’s go back to the way things were’ is a potent message, especially for those with memories of happier times.”

Dislocated and atomized? People belittled and displaced by liberalism resent their treatment. Imagine that. The first victims of the dismantling the society handed us by the sacrifices of the Eisenhower era are walking away from liberals.

Of course we should go back to happier times. They were not perfect but they were better than this.

People also tire of defending the indefensible.

In each case, they ridiculously claimed privacy.

You know, people who still bitch about Trump saying pussy in a private conversation 18 years ago have no room to complain about Republicans and the Washington Post publicizing the public sex of degenerate Democrats.

At some point, even Bette Midler will have a Popeye moment when she says that’s all she can stands, she can’t stands no more.

Kanye West is quite open about his bipolar disorder. There is no cure for what ails him, but there are pills he can take.

There is no cure for liberalism, and no pills either.

Liberals seek to destroy everything all at once for reasons that change with the wind. A few liberals are dropping out because they cannot keep pace. I hope they all do before it is too late for them.