An Open Letter to Woke Youth

If you are Woke, you are in danger, not from the people you think you need to fight every waking moment of your day but from the people you support. History teaches this. The philosophy you support indicates it. If you succeed, you lose. If your movement fails, unless you make some serious changes, you also lose. That’s not an enviable position to be in.

The left saw COVID as an opening to jam through their ideas. There was a powerful political movement, mostly childless activists, content to make our kids and young people collateral damage. And worse than that, they want to draft the younger generations as foot soldiers in their ideological war.  While they claim to want to make our society better and more just, the reality is the impact of their crusade is leading to a mental health crisis. They tell young people that the world is ending, that they can be gunned down any minute, and that they should take a powerful cocktail of drugs if they feel uncomfortable in their prepubescent bodies. Is it any wonder youth are less happy and more anxious than ever before in history? That’s the objective: you can’t start a revolution in a happy and stable society. They want to turn children and students of all ages into soldiers in a woke reimagining of our society. They are content to harm the youth in order to achieve their goals. To these woke revolutionaries, the ends justify the means. 

In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay offers you this short open audio letter, hoping you might realize you are on a collision course with History in this movement, and that, as it is said, “History uses people and then discards them.”