The politics of the Western World are subverted now by a Socialist monster cum Communistic & Authoritarian tendencies. This is what the congealed powers of MNC corporations, big media, big government agencies, and big tech are harbingering for our world’s future. This is the World Economic Forum’s vision – less ownership, by youmore ownership by their aligned, behemoth management companies (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street) that decide where and what you are allowed to do under the guise of “Health, Safety & Security” (and ESG, DEI, etc.) measures. These aligned powers want to remove your Civil Rights to speak freely, defend yourself, and have due process – as they have in Europe, Australia, and Canada – and now, the United States is the last man teetering.


Past Formation

The recent two years were echoes for many of us. Echoes that we struggled to forget; and often, the blur of time was the most soothing mechanism found and deemed the most potent cure seen from the here and now. I speak of abuse. For some of us, this was a daily thing that happened twenty, thirty or more years prior. Mine took place in the early 1980s in a dusty town in Tennessee where the release of a virus, a violent one, occurred in July 1982, and soon infected the household to its irreparable and complete destruction. That viral impact, a plague of propaganda, gaslighting, love bombing, violent threats, and empty promises of it ending soon took hold for the next eleven months. It was driven by one malevolent son of a bitch to make one fearful, compliant, susceptible to messaging (from The Bible in this scenario), and “usable” to also control one’s mom through triangulating me to impact her decision-making. The tactic failed as she escaped Tennessee, first without me; and then later, I was deemed useless to his psychopathic ends and I joined my mom in June 1983.

This was an attempt at Stockholm Syndrome deployed against me to impact one’s mother. My father should have been someone easy to sympathize with, he wasn’t, in the totality. I had witnessed a horrible event in July 1982 – and was even asked by him to kill him – only to spared him as my mom, beaten, blooded, and battered, was by my observation, acceptable to that end for him. Thereafter, the events went through were a psychological hell that is not as clear as I can state here. It was not hard to realize that to keep my mom and myself alive, I needed to become good or competent enough at telling my father what he wanted to hear, lying, for self-preservation. And succeeded well enough to still be here to write about it.

I did, briefly, at age 10, fall prey to my father. He would butter me up – praise me for my scores on standardized tests (99% percentile on Math, yeah!) and then make some proselytizing proclamation, usually from Revelation, to also make me afraid of things to come. He obsessed over my mom in ways no healthy mind would or should through communication schemes (calling, writing, relaying messages through me) to get the object (my mom) on board. If it seems intentional in hindsight, well, I didn’t get this Stockholmian analysis until long past the time people go to college for psychology or such pursuits in that complex field. Rather, I came to this revelation in my early-mid 40s, just a couple years prior to the beginning of this “pandemic.”

Present Formation

I quote “pandemic” because the goal of this recent health scare is not about enduring and surviving a virus, with known therapeutic treatments (healing paths) that are available, cheap, and tested for many years, if not decades, across billions of interactions as Drs. McCullough and Zelenko presented, tested, and fought valiantly to disperse. Instead, no matter how one positions the argument on Covid’s origin, release, or magnitude of its impact, the STATE POWER decided that a vaccination path was the only and best option, ignoring the long duration to develop them, how untested these were, and the lack of safety testing in the long-term. No one in my cohort (40-49) has ever had an mRNA vaccine in their lifetimes as both Pfizer and Moderna bases their “therapies” on. Why would one accept them now, made inside of a year (2020), while AIDs, which was all people in the 1980s talked of, has no approved vaccines. (Instead, a cornucopia of variations of highly expensive drugs (Remdesivir, Lopinavir) are used to control that immune deficiency syndrome, echoing some studies regarding this virus’s vaccine causing a weakening of one’s immune system.)

It was not as hard to see, or rather, surmise, this time, a goal or agenda has been set to alter society’s behaviors, accept surveillance through such “vaccines” and “passports”, while also rolling out a pre-existing plan, the Great Reset, or Build Back Better, as a brainwashing scheme towards some Agenda that is a mix of control and powershifting in Western Society writ large. The same Stockholm-like captive state – arbitrary lockdowns, masks, psychological war through media messaging – made this visible to me as far back as April 2020. However, more to come on the precise term regarding this blender of confusion for the masses.

The politics of the Western World are subverted now by a Socialist monster cum Communistic & Authoritarian tendencies. This is what the congealed powers of MNC corporations, big media, big government agencies and big tech are harbingering for our world’s future. This is the World Economic Forum’s vision – less ownership, by youmore ownership by their aligned, behemoth management companies (BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street) that decide where and what you are allowed to do under the guise of “Health, Safety & Security” measures. These aligned powers want to remove your Civil Rights to speak freely, defend yourself, have due process – as they have in Europe, Australia and Canada rather easily – and now, the United States is the last man teetering. These powerful institutions sell this nasty gumbo of Totalitarian-slanted propositions with a fancy scientism spin, buttressed by technological futures (still in prototype) and climate change black-white talk (Earth-ending fear with paternalistic love bombing) to get their most guilt-and-anxiety-riddled on board with this political trajectory without any pushback allowed. Their globalist scientists offer universal and human-tied solutions (Web 3.0, AI, CRISPR, transhumanist progressions, one-world techno-currency, and embedded & interfacing tracking) that are rarely mentioned without the happiest stances towards it. Any health initiative – is an infiltration and psychological manipulation method: get one scared and fearful enough of such viruses, so a mass of humanity will gladly submit their rights to these hustlers of technological snake oil. And this is where the two parts – my prior experiences and the present day – connect into this massive agenda.

Mass Formation

This term was not unusual or understudied by the psychological community though the congealed, Globalist psychopaths have directed their power to contact Google, AP, or Reuters to routinely scrub or pump out deflective information that the “mass formed” or paid-for “crisis actors” can twist up like flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. This is not the first medical disinformation campaign seen during Covid-19. Information control campaigns such as: vaccine definitions from the WHO were routinely manipulated, hydroxychloroquine was labeled dangerous, and Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin was deemed merely a “horse medication.” Those are just minimal, if important, examples – as the CDC recently admitted over 75% of COVID-related deaths died with four or more comorbidities, something again known as far back as mid-2020 by this author. Those that want more mandates and lockdowns that destroy economies and starve people through the global supply chain breakdown, have achieved the baseline characteristics that Mattias Desmet’s Mass Formation hypothesis discussed here shows.

His claim rests on these four pillars or pre-existing conditions:

1.       Social Isolation

2.       Lack of Meaning

3.       Free floating anxiety

4.       Free floating frustration and aggression

Social isolation is obviously tied to both pre-existing conditions in social media (a rather toxic landscape), and separating people from each other long prior to this COVID19 event kicking off. Desmet noticed this isolation (as did the U.S. Surgeon General and The Atlantic) and this ties to key, destructive hallmarks of COVID-19 protocols: lockdowns and social distancing. Thus, dividing people even further into forced isolation camps and reinforcing echo chambers that exist in the government-big tech controlled social media. [Divide and conquer is a well-known military tactic.]

Lack of meaning is tied into social isolation and workplace accomplishments (65% people believe their jobs are without meaning). The very few people (13%) who would find meaning in their work, small business owners, for example, were told to shut down during COVID and immediately labeled “non-essential.” This would increase such meaningless thinking, and little reported are the correlated rises in suicides, and in concert, depressed thoughts and harm to children, disruptive masking and “mass formed” teachers, worldwide.

Free floating anxiety, frustration and aggression can be summarized in the United States by the media’s fear narratives, mask wearing, and consistent pushing of racial agendas by these Globalist actors through agencies, foundations, and corporations. The population has seen epic rises in crime – Chicago – putting non-aggressors in perpetual states of free-floating anxiety. The continuing reliance on “Technocrats” as the sole arbiters of truth on this virus has created a mass (a specific group) that are not able to process any new information. The Mass Formation finds only ONE OBJECT (the virus) to focus obsessively on, to the divorcing, or discarding, of all else in their life. This has been called an almost “hypnotized” state of being.

Naomi Wolf expertly provides insight into this new information paralysis in her piece:

One need not be a clinical psychologist to notice the hallmarks of social problems and their escalating deadly outcomes. However, it is critical to label and put in historical context these mass formation events (Hitler’s Nazi Rise, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Stalin’s Communist Kulak 5-Year Plans). Because each of those nightmares had catastrophic world-altering consequences. Millions died through evil mechanisms with a Godless anxiety misdirected at the other. Thus, we must identified this problem and reversed it, before it is too late.

Mass Solution

I am not the purveyor of medical solutions without some basis on them in reality and some deep analysis from one’s usage or sense they will improve one’s life. It is obvious, to me, that we are in EXTRAORDINARY TIMES. I cannot stress how difficult this time ahead will beOthers know that as well and have been trying urgently to shake awake the populace. And the receipts below show the American People know something is “very, very wrong with us,” but we also know: one too can change this disastrous course. There are stepwise ways to coalesce towards a better outcome, taken from the hallmarks of the non-aggression principle. Mattias offers as his prescriptions as:

1.         Speak Out

2.         Connect

3.         Think About a New Normal

4.         Non-Aggressive


The political fires have been burning so hot due to the divide-and-conquer media and their Geppettoing Masters of the Universe, who deflect from their gross sins, economic (and more personal) ones, for the last two plus decades in the United States. Using Cultural Marxism subversions, Big Data gathering web manipulations and The Patriot Act invasion of privacy overreaches, to create conflicts on U.S. soil, all have been quite unsuccessful the vast majority of the time, but damaging nonethelessThe American People were better than all “their leaders.” These financial interests hated that violent crime went down (until 2020), while the focus on their windfall profits went up (both here and overseas), thus provoking these billionaire-level parasites to stoke cultural and verbal squabbles on the internet, and exploitable, through their bought media whores. If one U.S. Agency is additionally to blame, the FBI is certainly on that short list, along with their international brethren, the CIA. January 6th is used to shift focus away from the 1/6 FBI sins – as legacy media and Democrats/Republicans (in DC) love to declare U.S. Citizens “domestic terrorists.”

Wonder why that is.

As people spoke out, the new administration needed a new bogeyman to keep a group paralyzed in Mass Formation. To believe further the Technocrats that “democracy” is “under attack.” Quite insidious is the level of malevolence from these well-paid people that scarcely leave their big city high rises or D.C. government offices to talk to the average U.S. Midwesterner, Southerner, or Westerner. While there are fringy types in any political landscape, just how much blame can one shift on those without any power?

The U.S. government put the country nearly $30 trillion in debt – 24+ in the last twenty-two years – while telling them they are also racist, uninformed, backward on their rights of speech and guns, and should trust a federal government that spies on them, lies directly to them (on two wars costing many trillions and 500,000 plus lives lost on both sides), and also thinks they are unworthy of consulting on matters of their health, finances, or individual liberties. Why do the people keep them in power? Why give them any more power? Did we actually ever put them in power?


This is why speaking out is now a patriotic duty. The constant spin and media propaganda is to gin up the worst fears over COVID, Racism, Extremist Violence (on political right) and anything that can be packaged to get people scaredAnd kept that way. COVID differential perspectives are driven by location – city versus rural areas, which overlap with their political precepts: more liberal voters versus more conservative ones. Large “blue” cities intertwined with largest media markets owned by the largest media properties, largest universities, largest MNC corporations (tech, pharma, most tellingly) that have huge influences on the populations they serve, employ, and also, ignore them as well. The rural “red” people get their information in alternative ways – including self-research, online conservative media, or even ignoring this health problem altogether. As one reflected (Bill Maher did), the conservatives have a lesser magnitude of fear – and a much closer proximation of the risks level of Covid19, and moreover: have achieved less COVID% of death in their county/political districts.

(This analysis was done in January 2021 and is included in my book located here and here.)

The other fear mongering tactics are just ways one knows to keep people in a learned helplessness state – as the “Technocrats” are feeding this up throughout their platforms and sites. And likely, these elite-owned Pinocchios will create a false flag event to further gin up support for yet another “war” on an object of “fear.” (Recent weeks show Russia & China aggressions. Biden’s DOJ forming a new domestic terrorist unit on 1/11/22 as Dr. Fauci mentions himself being threatened.) One has to figure this out (know the truth and deception methods alike) before step two can be addressed. [Edit: Ukraine became the new Biden administrative narrative as the CDC plans to stop tracking previous day COVID deaths.]


No one can take a firehose of information given the times. The tweets and short attention span are united, sadly. The best one can do is develop a way to slowly build rapport with those in the state of Mass Formation. Offer them condolences. Find a point of agreement on alternative matters. Build a true friendship. If a door opens from the past, don’t reject them – if the disagreement was over COVID or COVID-related events. (Some people exist to exploit panics for initiatives that are not based in wholesomeness. Leave those doors closed that may upset one’s ability to survive during this sinister plan.)

Slowly build through personal connecting to them. Information shared without commenting – if they are interested (open minded, generally). This too takes time.


This is my hypothesis and not the good psychologist’s ideas or stated path. The normal that our GLOBAL MASTERS want is not what we want. The normal the MASS FORMATION want is not the normal of the past. It is one’s contention the NORMAL should be an individualized and a social good (meaningful work or ability that can be improved on to find a niche providing “status”) that these people can find attractive; and also, destressing from all media enticements and accompanying aggravations. Therein, lies the problem – MASS FORMATION bought the MEDIA NARRATIVE. They may be continually triggered by certain words (and certain people), especially those that are the most political amongst us.

One need not go further (on those words) but to say: stay clear of this “word path” in the short term. Decide immediately how to approach conversations. Figure out which of these word buttons will push a person away.

[NOTE: The MEDIA & THEIR ILK knew they could create a MASS FORMATION possible event. They almost counted on this, one contends. Remember the linguistics of the Pandemic: The New NormalWe can’t go back to normal. The Great Reset. This was intentional and programming from the highest levels of government and financial sectors. Psychological and informational warfare tactics – in a 21st century military machine that understands their prey, their data, their weakness, and their trigger points. The Technocrats are not friendly allies; rather they are conduits to your enslavement. And one pays their salaries with our taxes sent to the government.]


This is simple, but yet so vital: the MASS FORMATION feels aggrieved over a host of issues, not just COVID. The free-floating nature of anxiety and frustration makes this a certainty. The more media engages in pushing extreme responses, labeling and otherizing, the more the mass formation people will snap, if given the opportunity, and the media will justify their behaviors.

Therefore, one must remain calm and be able to de-escalate the most insidious plan operating in human history.

One cannot say this enough: we are at a crossroads, whether by our own making or not, it is here. And very few are going to be able to grasp the grander implications (the term “conspiracy theorist” is a way to dismiss this discussion) as financial implosions, social chaos, medically-enforced tyranny, and transhumanism-to-AI attempts are done to break the entire Western World:

All. At. Once.

Even being aware of this knocking at the door, is not at all a pleasant knowledge to have. It is not just me that knows I can’t go back to a simpler time and forget the futuristic, techno-communist government rapping harder at my door that brings me back to that scared kid, age ten, in July 1982, when my father did the rapping.

At times, this is like Jesus’s trial in the desert. The temptations to avoid – because this is a test of personal will – require resisting technological temptations that these globalist forces offer up like candy. To see now, if I can be a leader, even as flawed and mediocre as this nearly fifty-year-old industrial engineer and writer is. And also: be a better son to a mother who left this Earthly place way too early. She would help me understand this betterThe Wisdom of The Bible is to draw strength from our greatest adversities and defeat our greatest adversaries. There is no flawed humanity without the ability to rise to such challenges and give one’s last breath to this challenge of becoming that better man or woman. It makes no difference what you were – in fact, it only matters what you are, now, and how much fight is left in those bones and marrow coiling through a fragile skin and pumping energy into God’s most complex entity, owned by you: the human mind.

The final form of humanity’s trek is yet to come. May we each give our final breaths in its greatest measure, in this fight, just begun, to walk proudly with God.