The Parasitic Elite and Their Horrible Hierarchy

We have heard the phrase “the 1%” pretty much all our lives. We’ve lived through the rises in inequalities, driven as much by notable talent (and first mover actions in markets) and also: barriers to entry (regulatory capture to enhance monopolies and manipulation) and outright criminality. The Parasitic Elite use anyone to achieve their goals. The smarter Professions are bribed and positioned well and allowed to harness their lusts for power. The stupid ones are played off each other and many of those are highly sociopathic with direct violence as their unique bailiwick.

By Jason Powers for Substack

Back in 2021, I began defining the problem faced presently as one of psychopathic forces that, once again, are preying voraciously on the ongoing husking out of Humanity’s carcass. The history of the 20th century is replete with these determined attempts to further the suffering of others for the pleasure and delight of the Parasitic Elite. This is a well-discussed topic at present; I am not going to quote any studies or unusual histories here. Instead, I have utilized this paraphrased motto to my own design:

Absorb what is useful, [Acquire Information]

Discard what is useless, [Sort Through It]

Add what is specifically your own. [Innovate Off That Information.]

– Bruce Lee

One knows others have said something, sometime similar to Lee’s quote, showing that a recency bias may influence this writer that may impact this analysis.

3Ms of the Horrible Hierarchy

There are 8 billion souls on this planet and with this comes a natural, called a normal distribution, of abilities, traits, desires, and wills that make up this lot that is humanity. People get upset with this natural concept even as every single organization on the planet of any size collects data by the terabyte (or petabyte, and soon, exabyte) to define how things work (for their benefits) and create their control systems based off this data collection and analytical obsessions. This is driven by harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) that excites these Globalist minions as well.

At the extreme ends, Pareto, is what operates most significantly in a society. (I’ll even cite Jordan Peterson to that point: Price’s Law.) And this is what is at the root for those that can’t understand WHO is causing all their life problems. Mathematically, and I am not some genius here (I didn’t derive an equation or precisely figure all the upper level math), but we need orders of magnitude to dissect any problem here. (Please listen to Peterson’s explanation – it is only 13 minutes and well worth it.)

Thus these two charts are useful frames of reference. The first is created by the current population of the planet; the other comes from the Peterson video (Pareto of a trading game involving a turn-based progression to Pareto outcome.)

Normal Distribution

Pareto Distribution

Old John D. Rockefeller and his 19th century fellow-capitalists were convinced of one absolute truth: that no great monetary wealth could be accumulated under the impartial rules of a competitive laissez faire society. The only sure road to the acquisition of massive wealth was monopoly: drive out your competitors, reduce competition, eliminate laissez-faire, and above all get state protection for your industry through compliant politicians and government regulation. This last avenue yields a legal monopoly, and a legal monopoly always leads to wealth.

Bill Gates should presently come to mind here. As Gates’s persona matches up well with the drivers I have bucketed as: Mental Ability, Malevolence, and Motivation.

Mental Ability

Bill did not score a perfect score on his SATs. Others, his brainy partner Paul Allen, did though. This was back when the SAT was not as watered down as it became during the 1990s through to the present day. Which is by design by the Psychopathic Sixes.

Some balk at the idea of using such a “patriarchal” test on people to categorize them by. It is but an assessment tool (like all others) we are familiar with: LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, GRE, ACT and ASVAB. In athletics, they have physical tests of speed, strength, agility and mental acuity, utilizing the Wonderlic, as the NFL and other organizations do. The Stanford-Binet is but one measurement system for IQ.

For just a point of reference, I’d consider Bill a 4-to-4.5-Sigma on mental ability aspect. If we want to call it IQ, probably around 160Gates, Sr. likely had a higher IQ and is even more malevolent, as a lawyer and law firm founder. (If you look at performance measures in sport, the sons of former MLB players usually do not outperform their genetic ancestors. Exceptions (Barry Bonds or Ken Griffey, Jr.) do break this generic outcome.)

The above graphics on sigma levels was to place a limiter on the population for this discussion. One does not think it takes 18 Total Sigma measurement to be an evil chieftain in the world. Rather, its just mechanism of aligning certain forces (as Peterson noted succinctly) but he didn’t delve into how those characteristics would operate if one was truly malevolent at the highest end of the spectrum.

Additionally, one needs dupable or well-aligned minions to carry out those tasks as noted (below).


This can be overt or covert. Our Society makes errors on identifying both types of this particular facet, routinelyThe 20th century had overt atrocities hitherto unimaginable in scope, particularly happening in a present conflict theatre: Ukraine. But unlike prior centuries, we have the great ability to broadcast, take photos and show videos of this malevolence. Does such deter such high level (3+ sigma) malevolence in the slightest?

And, of course, altered video provides the reasonable why behind AIrun by big tech for government Intel operators, are generating massive false reporting (and stopping “independent” media from doing their jobs) to mislead and mask such “fog of war” malevolence. It is to disinform the public about covert malevolence, surrounding escalation, underreporting of casualties and crimes. Creating a false or gaslighting reality has truly become the hardiest tool of theses psychopaths in power.

The list of near 6-sigma fanatical men is few of course (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Truman, LBJ, George W. Bush, et. al.). Some will raise their eyebrows at any inclusion of Truman, LBJ, and GW Bush. Truman did order the killing of well over 100,000 Japanese with two atomic bombs. One duly realizes this ended World War II and was to avoid a projected 1,000,00 American casualties (and Japanese alike) in a full-on invasion, yet was it actually necessary given the overwhelming disparity, at that moment, in military might between the U.S. and Japan?

In fact, between mid-April 1945 (when President Harry Truman took office) and mid-July, Japanese forces inflicted Allied casualties totaling nearly half those suffered in three full years of war in the Pacific, proving that Japan had become even more deadly when faced with defeat. In late July, Japan’s militarist government rejected the Allied demand for surrender put forth in the Potsdam Declaration, which threatened the Japanese with “prompt and utter destruction” if they refused. [ My emphasis.]

This is a question one can barely answer here. But, just ask yourself: is killing in such masses not malevolent irrespective of one’s justification for it? (Was there a way to demonstrate the awesome power of an atomic bomb without yet another mass casualty event? World War II saw such atrocities that now seem to have been all but ignored by a large swath of humanity at present.)

LBJ oversaw the escalation in Vietnam that killed how many South Vietnamese, Vietcong (estimated 1-2,000,000+) and Americans alike (58,220), including the Huế Massacre and the Mỹ Lai Massacre? Bush’s War on Terrorism was a 2nd Iraqi civilian bloodbath and left thousands of American troops disabled or dead, and much worse yetzero provocation came from the Iraqis to warrant any conflict AT ALL. George W. Bush is a war criminal that was skyping with Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky in 2022.

President George W. Bush Meets with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy  | George W. Bush Presidential Center

But, in the P-section, these political psychopaths need Milgram order followers and keenly paid-for technocrats (2.5 to 3 sigma) levels of malevolence to carry this out.

Additional well-established examples of covert malevolence – run by international intel agencies or enormous institutions – becomes shock-n-awe to the normie. Remember Penn State? Remember Michigan & gymnastics? The Catholic Church? Hollywood’s CIA connections and assets that nudge people towards outcome and favoring their government? HIV/AIDS from the 1980s-2000s regarding Anthony Fauci and Robert Gallo (who are both intimately connected to Bill Gates by funding and personal association)? Tuskegee experimentation? Jeffrey Epstein’s activities since the 1970s that are now being revisited in regards to J.P. Morgan Chase et. al?

And these are hardly the most conspiratorial examples. These are well-established U.S. human atrocities that we become aware of after years and years of coverups by powerful and corrupting forces. AND this is not just a U.S. PROBLEM.

For these Horrible People of Humanity, the world is a huge place, and most reporting on it, is but a tit-for-tat game set up for the Masses to be dutifully ignorant of the depravity right down the highway, while being hyper-concerned about such evils 10,000 miles away. And these high IQ and malevolent parasites know that; and own the media personnel and NGOs that mis/disinforms all of us.

Evil never takes a day off. People that say otherwise are not getting the big picture at all.


This leads into the psyche of people. It takes a lot of motivation (harnessed hatred, obsessive vengefulness, demonic-driven planning) to get these ideologically-driven actions to market. I say market because while we only conceive of products and services as being “good”, or certainly neutral to our existence, these folks have a special blend, a cross-section of mental aptitude, malevolence and motivation. They are 5th gen war specialists and guerrilla marketing all of us towards horrors for all humanity.

An unmotivated (but not a bored person) is not a good foot soldier for such ideologies. With some reflection, that explains folks ignoring the biggest agenda in human history and buying whatever their idiot boxes tell them is appropriate to think about such “conspiracy theorists.” Whether that box is 52” diagonally or mobile leech in their pocket that buzzes to tell them what is important to note, it has them enslaved. Such enslavement turns as well on the great grandfathers of perfecting propaganda: Edward Bernays, and the promotion of his double uncle, Sigmund Freud’s theories on the psyche.

In the past twenty years, we are considered weird if we don’t have a phone on us. (One remembers driving across the United States without a cellular device and breaking down 4 states over from my usual haunts.) But yet, here I type.

One was an early adopter of internet technology – I have a 26-year-old Yahoo! Email account; I blogged in 1999 at GeoCities. I online dated a gal in 1994. One can just say that’s a matter of age, but I worked with a guy that created a pre-cursor to LinkedIn, called INWYK (Its Not What You Know). But, at some point, being motivated by “the next new thing” or just the replacement cycle of technology gets tiresome, and as we know, enslaving to The System.

The System knows to get to The Youth and fill their brains with irrelevancies and short-term bobbles. We Americans think in quarterly reports tied to stock prices; while the masters of enslaving us, think in decades and centuries. This motivation, and patience, has entrapped us at present.

We are unmotivated until the jack boot of Totalitarianism hits our fragile necks and cracks that spine. Don’t let it come to that.

Don’t Say the P Word

A long time ago, I read a book called Law v. Life (1995) by Walt Bachman. One thing that stuck out in that book was the concept of Assholes Per Capita in respect to people and their jobs. It appeared, to Walt, that no matter a person’s profession, there are routinely the same distribution of assholes in that profession as in any other. I disagree. I firmly believe that power and positional authority hides a greater prevalence of psychopaths than in other positions. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist in all professions or duties; just that these folks are more dangerous in certain professions with titles.

Martha Stout wrote about this as well. Noted one such instance (involving a psychiatrist) as I can recall from The Sociopath Next Door. (Realize her personal analysis of others (Bush) can be as flawed or spot on as mine.) In her work, this is generally cited:

Harvard psychologist Martha Stout reveals that a shocking 4 percent of ordinary people—one in twenty-five—has an often undetected mental disorder, the chief symptom of which is that that person possesses no conscience. [My emphasis.]

As one can guess, power is the ultimate honey trap to a pathological being. Power over people is an intoxicating desire that fills the void of boredom with Humanity itself. The need for stimulation against the backdrop of a hum drum day leads to these sorts to create chaos, act on their perversions, deploy their dutiful folks to create a narrative to get to an end result. Additionally, the Hare Test (revised), is predictive enough of such tendencies, if one scores above 30. (Robert developed this from the incarcerated.)

ENDS do justify their MEANS.

One will start with the non-P exceptions: Bankers (or Professional Financiers) and Scientists. These folks might ultimately be the most important to this whole game on Humanity. But one doesn’t notice them as much – and thus, these are routinely overlooked. Nevertheless, the usage of:
  • Politicians
  • Police
  • Psychologists
  • Prosecutors
  • Priests
  • Propagandists
  • Professors
  • Physicians

Will routinely provide the boots on the ground for the control of the entirety of the Masses. Stout et. al. noticed the high level of sociopathy within the political community. This of course is confirmed by the recent COVID Control of Humanity Pandemic that utilized a Rockefeller Lockstep model (based off China, annotated).

Police, if one bothered to notice, have their issues. In studying the WaPo shooting database on fatal shootings per year (under 1,000 average through 2019), 3.6% were of unarmed and not fleeing suspects (178/4,934). One therefore can assert the 4% percentage range applies well to law enforcement for sociopathy. In 2020, one did deep dives into crime statistics (not only FBI recorded, but 20 additional jurisdictions). This all can be found in Operation Virus.

Psychologists (& Psychiatrists) were highly influential in the Nazi pre-war operations as Peter Breggin noted in 1993. (Substack.) This fact was further written about in 2001. Lately, the APA (and now, through the Biden administration as well) has performed similar Fascistic-style feats in promoting transgenderism, demonizing masculinity and profiteering off the entirety of destructing gender roles for their own authoritarian and monetary gains. (Driven by elite parasitic forces, yet again.)

Prosecutors determine what constitutes any enforcement of the law. Filing charges, or not, is under their distinct purview. Without much debate, these folks can turn a city into a shithole and prosecute political enemies when it suits them. And it appears in the United States, financial forces have their own pet prosecutors at their beckon call.

Priests. As a once practicing Catholic (and I still believe in God), I have often wondered just how much evil has come into the churches. I also have a family history regarding this particular ploy: the exploitation of God to justify and dismiss one’s sins.

Propagandists and Professors. Both use their ability to contort discussions and create the narrative they want to pass on to their ill-attentive masses. Having large groups of souls that pay to watch one speak is a luxury of professors (and their kindred cousins: the K-12 teachers.)

Physicians. This popped as well under the Pandemic. These folks were suppose to understand science and biology and allay one’s fears. Instead, many took to the role of Propagandist and seemingly ignored their ethical role: First, do no harm. But they did harm to their professions – by engaging in militant psychological warfare on their local populations (like those quack doctors in the 3rd Reich.)

Psychopathic Sixes Rule Over the Stupid Masses

The pattern for destruction is pretty clear. The clearest Global parasitic provocateurs we can ALL see – the Gateses, the Soroses, the Schwabs, the Xi/Biden/Putin/Zelensky dynamic playing out – but the more sinister ones are in billionaire estates, charmingly pleased at the stupid masses that point their political fingers left-right or demonize those P groups mentioned. King Charles doesn’t get a pass. He and His brethren weren’t just idle parties to the recent events anymore than they were in the run up to World War II (and throughout it).

While I know calling people stupid infuriates folks, but hear me out: the last fifteen years, not just the last few years, were about ginning up numerous antipathies across the West. The banking cartel, of which all the key Central Banks worldwide participate in through the BIS, know keenly that Debt Servicing was no longer viable going ahead. That Europe is without the natural resources to support its population – and yet the leaders there won’t dare move to nuclear power, or even make peace with Russia, who would gladly supply the LNG/oil if malevolent people weren’t still fighting centuries old conflicts.

Bis Banks
114KB ∙ PDF File


One presents that as but one example. And I know some will be mad about any peace desire with Russia.

These Psychopathic Sixes (as we shall now call them) know that:

  • Demoralization, Destabilization & Crisis can lead to Normalization of their NWO.
  • De-educating the Masses is a must. If one bothered again, Gates is just as heavily involved in Education & Libraries as he was in “health” (really, vaccines, eugenics by stealth, and medical experimentation.) SAT scores are declining against weaker tests and institutions are ignoring them to admit anyone into these pricy diploma mills.
  • De-motivate the typical middle class. UBI. Stay at home. Bankrupt them through lockdowns. Provide the ways to become locked into a cage – by one’s own actions.
  • De-construct all institutions as filled with terrible people and always meant to divide and destruct. Problem-Reaction-Solution (Hegelian thinking.)
  • Use Science for Evil. Science is not neutral. It is bought by those who want to maintain power and control. Top Science people could gladly invent things to make life better, but if you aren’t in the special club(s), the authorities (police, politicians, prosecutors) will come after you for trying to create without their market approval. Thus while you might have a great scientific breakthrough, it will not be used for positive benefits. It will be perverted. All wars are won with the best science (not just bodies, or strategies, though logistics (which is a bit of science) matter) – ask what kept the British alive between May 1940 and May 1941 (19:00).
  • Acquire all the wealth into the hands of the controlling psychopaths & their 3-sigma minions that will guard and support this via the wealth largesse being meted out to their P-professions.

Psychopathic Sixes use anyone to achieve their goals. The smarter P-professions are bribed and positioned well and allowed to harness their lusts for power. The stupid ones are played off each other and many of those are highly sociopathic with direct violence as their unique bailiwick.