The Other Invasion of Ukraine: As Bad Or Worse Than Russia’s?

Ukraine’s debt to the West for military, humanitarian, and rebuilding aid will be paid off with the surrender of the country’s autonomy, national character, and natural resources. In return for being “saved,” Ukraine will become the poster child for the WEF’s Great Reset. This is why the West will continue to dump unlimited resources into the conflict until Russia is defeated — the contracts have already been signed, and the West’s investors and politicians are merely protecting their investments. Ukraine’s future will be complete submission to WEF, EU, US, UN, and Blackrock schemes. 


Invasions just aren’t what they used to be. Nowadays, they’re mostly conducted through the technically peaceful political imposition of the invader’s will, such as in the open-borders policies of the Left in the EU and the United States. This is a main reason why Russia’s old-school military attack on Ukraine has so shocked the West — the First World never sees that sort of thing anymore.The purpose of an invasion is to gain control over a geographic location, its people, and its resources. But even as Russia has been busy with its outdated bloody invasion of Ukraine, it has been unwittingly handing over the prize to a much more polished and insidious conqueror. You see, every building Russia shells, every pipeline and power plant it blows up, and every road and bridge it destroys will need to be rebuilt. And rebuilding infrastructure costs money — lots of money. Where will Ukraine turn?

Luckily for Ukraine, investors are already lining up to “help.” Between Christmas and New Year’s, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office announced that the leader had been collaborating with the ESG-zealots at BlackRock, Inc. since last fall:

In accordance with the preliminary agreements struck earlier this year between the Head of State and Larry Fink, the BlackRock team has been working for several months on a project to advise the Ukrainian government on how to structure the country’s reconstruction funds.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Larry Fink agreed to focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channelling investment into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

With globalist monetary titan Fink in control of who gets a piece of post-war Ukraine, we can be sure that only the right investors will be considered. His pals at the World Economic Forum (WEF) have been rubbing their hands together in gleeful anticipation. In a piece called “Ukraine’s reconstruction must be green, inclusive and technology-driven,” WEF spells out what the new, improved Ukraine will look like:

In the long run, Ukraine has the potential to transform into a new, technological and green economy…

Having abundant natural resources, Ukraine can support the green transition of Europe and bolster the continent’s energy security. In particular, the country can supply solar, wind and hydroelectric energy, as well as hydrogen green steel and batteries, while also producing safe and high-quality agricultural products that would strengthen Europe’s food security.

It is imperative to ensure that the Ukrainian economy remains competitive. This means reducing its carbon footprint and cutting pollution while nurturing its energy independence. It also means rebuilding the required production facilities with energy-science technologies, developing clean transport and ensuring the availability of charging infrastructure. We also need to responsibly utilise natural resource potential and provide Europe with the commodities required for the green transition — including lithium, cobalt, titanium and more, all of which Ukraine has at its disposal. Finally, it is crucial to integrate European food, energy and industrial value chains in the new green economy.

There’s more, but suffice it to say that Ukraine’s future will be complete submission to EU and UN pieties. The word “green” appears 15 times in the article, for example. The proud nation will be carved up, sold for parts, and converted into an industrial hub. (And no doubt, there will be plentiful boards on which to seat the Hunter Bidens of elite Western families.)

The article’s author, Nataliya Katser-Buchkovska, is an environmental activist and former member of the Ukrainian parliament. As Co-founder and CEO of something called the Ukrainian Sustainable Fund, she is solidly positioned to become one of Ukraine’s new ruling elites. The article reads as though she also loves her country, but she’s kidding herself if she thinks Ukraine will remain autonomous after her pals are done with it.

Instead, we can expect that Fink, WEF founder Klaus Schwab, and the rest of the globalist Left will trot out Zelenskyy (or someone almost as high up) at Davos later this month, all decked out like a proper little show pony.

Slavery’s sister, indenture, works by signing desperate people onto debt they can never pay off, thus conscripting them to a life of service and obedience to their “benefactor.” For example, in the United States, both historically and today, immigrants are imported into the country in exchange for a crushing fee, indebting them to their patron or smuggler, as the case may be. In the past, as today, immigrants paid off their debt either by handing over their meager wages or with outright bodily slavery via drudgery or sexual trafficking.

In Ukraine’s case, the debt will be paid off with the surrender of the country’s autonomy, national character, and natural resources. In return for being “saved,” Ukraine will become the poster child for the Great Reset. This is why the West will continue to dump unlimited resources into the conflict until Russia is defeated — the contracts have already been signed, and they are merely protecting their investment. Like pre-approval COVID vaccine research, the project is as good as done and will not be permitted to fail.

By the time the fighting finally stops, Ukraine will be fully owned and operated by the likes of Fink, Schwab, and the rest of the globalists. It will be rebuilt from the ground up as the first-ever post-national region, nothing more than a location on the map of the People’s Global Republic, with nominal local governance that can say “no” to none of its masters.

No matter who is ultimately declared the winner of the conflict, Ukraine is already lost.

Athena Thorne is an award-winning author, coastal conservative, and Americanist who loves to spot patterns in the big picture. Email tips and comments: Follow Athena on Twitter: @Athena_Thorne