GLOBALISTS AND BANKS ARE QUIETLY PREPARING A SCARY FINANCIAL RESET TO KEEP THE SLAVES ON A CHAIN: Each person will have a designated social role the moment the SWIFT system is switched to a cryptographic blockchain coupled with a social credit correction mechanism. Total Control comes in the form of a bank social credit with a capped bank account that does not allow a larger amount to be credited per month than the ceiling allows.


In recent days, the American alternative has literally started to be shaken by the massive leak of a whistleblower called Gideon, who published on the website [ 1 ] Vietnam-based Oculum Labs an absolutely shocking leak of information that the world’s banks are quietly working on the preparation of a revolutionary banking software called the acronym CSRQ-SM, which is supposed to be the central operating software of the vast majority of banks around the world at the moment when there is a disconnection and transition from the SWIFT system to a cryptographic blockchain.

The software will implement a de facto global monetary reform, transforming bank accounts into cryptographic cashless entities. According to our information, Gideon could come from the circle of the Israeli secret service, similar to how Edward Snowden published information from the circle of the American secret service.

This is what the social credit mobile application in China already looks like in reality

Anglo-Saxon countries should use a cryptocurrency called USDR ( it has nothing to do with the already existing stable coin currency USDR ), but what the cryptographic blockchain will be called after the system is launched is not important now. According to our findings, the abbreviation CSRQ-SM stands for ” Common Social Role Quality – Social Management “, i.e. in translation  Social Management of the common quality of social roles . This strange name refers to the banking software that, as part of the Great Reset, is supposed to ensure monetary reform and the transformation of the population’s bank accounts into blockchain-based cryptographic accounts. The entire human population will be divided into 4 social castes marked by the letters C, S, R and Q.

Common Social Role Quality

The name of the system is a de facto English pun. The name of the  Common Social Role Quality software  is probably not coincidentally made up of the initial letters CSRQ, which are also the initial letters of the names of all 4 social castes, i.e.  C – Common, S – Sovereign, R – Restricted and Q – Quarantined . Apart from these 4 groups, there will also be a 5th group  SM – Social Management , which will be the group of administrators of the entire CSRQ system and apparently they will have the role of “Gods”, because they will be able to edit every individual on the planet to which group they belong, i.e. a person from the S groups will be able to destroy and move to the Q group, or vice versa, as a reward for traitors from the opposition, from the alternative, who will be moved from the Q class to the privileged S group for collaborating with the globalist enemy.

Screenshot from the CSRQ-SM banking application when previewed by an administrator from the SM group

This SM group will thus have all the power over the remaining 4 groups. Except for S and SM groups, all other castes will be limited to receive digital units in their account to a maximum of 1000 tokens.   Only the S caste will be a select elite caste that will not have any restrictions on the account. At this very moment, according to Gideon, banks are dividing the population into individual castes, so that after the system is launched, people will already be included in predetermined groups. Artificial intelligence (AI) takes care of the division, drawing data about all the people on the planet from social networks, the Internet, and public and private databases.

As a whistleblower, Gideon belongs to a group of people who define themselves as  White Hats , i.e. ethical hackers who break into globalist systems and extract information about their upcoming projects from their laboratories. The write-off of the US and Pax Americana is part of the process of transitioning the world economy from the old SWIFT system associated with printed paper money and coins to a system of a cashless world that will operate on the principle of a globalist managed blockchain, or of many blockchains, as individual parts of the world will have their own CSRQ-SM software systems.

Total Control in the form of a bank social credit with a capped bank account that does not allow a larger amount to be credited per month than the ceiling allows

Gideon has published two interviews about this Total Control tool on the Oculum Labs website, which we find here, because this information needs to be disseminated to reach as many people as possible. Our editors were alerted to this project by one of our very important readers from public life, who was really disturbed by this information. The global crises that we are witnessing, first the pandemic, then the war in Ukraine, and now, according to the latest information, the WHO has announced the next threat of a pandemic in the world, monkey pox, are not at all a coincidence.

It is a series of induced crises of the world economy to justify and accelerate the implementation of the Great Reset and the establishment of Total Control of the social system. A cryptographic system and a cashless society associated with capped accounts of the population has one other reason besides enslaving the population to obedience, and that is to prevent inflation.

CSRQ-SM groups. The percentage figure captures the percentage of the population of the planet Earth

By the fact that 99% of the population will never be able to earn more than a maximum of 1,000 units, inflation will be prevented because wages will never rise again, they will be permanently capped, or even reduced due to sanctions and fines against the individual. The only exception will be caste S – Sovereign, i.e. a group of sovereign elitists, whose CSRQ non-cash accounts will not have any limits. All other population groups will be limited to a maximum of 1,000 credits or less.

But only on the condition that they get themselves regularly vaccinated against various so-called viruses that the globalists will innovate and gradually release among the population from “caves”, i.e. from laboratories, as a scarecrow, as a pretext for injecting moderation substances into the population. Substances moderate reproduction, moderate behavior, moderate hormone production, reduce resistance, aggressiveness, the population becomes strongly apathetic to their surroundings after vaccination. Only group S will not need to be vaccinated. So let’s quote from the Oculum Labs website the details of this terrifying project.

What CSRQ-SM will mean for your life and future

CSRQ-SM (Social Management) software is a program that will be used by selected government and banking institutions around the world when the financial reset occurs. The financial reset will be a complete restructuring of the current system, eliminating all existing fiat currencies overnight. CSRQ-SM software captures all bank transactions, all credit and debit card transactions, and all known financial transactions within 3 to 5 days of system activation.

The planned currency is called USDR. For example, for those with a Japanese bank account, their yen will be converted to USDR overnight. The new system will be used by almost every country on Earth. The software is designed to centrally process all financial transactions and issue a social credit score for all users. Once the conversion is done, new information will appear when you log into your bank account, including screens showing your social credit score. The score will work on a scale of 1 to 1000, with 1000 being the highest score achievable and 1 being the lowest.

No bank account can hold more than $1,000 in USDR at any one time for Class C accounts (which includes 99% of the world).  Class C accounts receive 1000 USDR once at the beginning of each month. Separate accounts, known as Class S accounts, are reserved for government officials and the highest echelons of the wealthy and the world’s elite. Class S accounts can hold unlimited USDR funds and have additional privileges. All must comply with the new system immediately. Those who fight back, who protest or complain online will receive instant fines and deductions from their score and account.

It is expected that in the first month about 20% of the human population will be reduced to almost zero due to “bad behavior”, but that by the second month this behavior will be “corrected”. According to the software’s documentation, once people realize they can’t have more than $1,000 and can easily lose it through unsanctioned behavior, they will change their behavior and comply.

Facts about individual CSRQ-SM classes

Each class in the CSRQ-SM software application has specific parameters. Each class contains dozens of metrics and variables. Below are the most basic ones that appear in your account profile when you queue.

C – Regular class

  • Number of accounts: (approx) 7.1 billion, i.e. 95.5% of people.
  • Required vaccination against Covid: Yes
  • Required booster shots: Yes (2 or more)
  • USDR monthly stipend: $1,000.00
  • Asset Limits: Yes (net assets cannot exceed $5,000 at any given time).
  • Account limit: Yes (no more than 1000 USD in bank account).
  • Carbon Score: Yes (limits travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

S – Sovereign class

  • Number of accounts: (approx) 7-8 million or 0.1% of people.
  • Vaccination against Covid required: No
  • Booster vaccination required: No
  • Monthly USDR Stipend: NOT APPLICABLE
  • Asset Limits: No (no maximum or cap on total net worth)
  • Account limit: No (bank account has no limit)
  • Carbon Score: No (no score is calculated or enforced)

R – Restricted class

  • Number of accounts: 250 million or 3.36% of people (approx).
  • Vaccination against Covid required: Yes
  • Booster vaccination required: Yes (3 or more)
  • USDR monthly stipend: $500.00
  • Asset Limits: Yes (net assets cannot exceed $1,000 at any given time).
  • Account Limits: Yes (must not have more than $500 USD in bank account).
  • Carbon Score: Yes (limits travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

Q – In quarantine

  • Number of accounts: (approx) 75 million or 1% of people.
  • Vaccination against Covid required: Yes
  • Required booster shots: Yes (5 or more)
  • Monthly USDR per month: $250.00
  • Asset Limits: Yes (Net worth of assets cannot exceed $500 at any given time).
  • Account limit: Yes (no more than 250 USD in bank account).
  • Carbon Score: Yes (limits travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

Each class also includes separate tabs in the app for fines, demerits, punishments, etc., as well as a section for good behavior rewards.

Sovereign accounts do not have these variables, although they do appear to include a separate module for certain benefits such as vacations, golf club membership, etc.

Interview with  white hat  whistleblower Gideon

Gideon answers questions about the financial reset and social credit software that will be used under the name CSRQ-SM.

*This Q&A was compiled and edited from messages sent between January and June 2022. The USDR discussed below has nothing to do with existing USDR tokens, it is just a name match. According to this information, the abbreviation USDR stands for ” Universal Social Distribution Rate  and the terms SDR and XDR were also seen in the hackers’ documentation.

Bill: Who are you and why do you call yourself “Gideon”?

Gideon: “I have experience in counterintelligence and logistics operations. It is not possible for me to reveal anything more. My name is Gideon, you can call me, and it’s a name from the Bible that carries with it a special meaning for me.”

Bill: Who are the hackers?

Gideon: “They are IT professionals hired by European governments to perform stress tests on government servers and software. This is called white hat hacking. We call them white hat hackers. I call them my people. They are good hackers hired to stop bad hackers and make sure the software is secure before it is released.”

Bill: How did you get in touch with them? Or how or why they contacted you?

Gideon: “A friend introduced us. I don’t need to say more. Their protection is my absolute number one priority above all else.”

Bill: That’s fair. So right now do you feel like you and your resources are safe? Are there no leaks? Haven’t they figured you out yet?

Gideon: “They haven’t put it together yet. They probably haven’t even built and compiled it yet. What they’ll do when it all comes out is they’ll ignore it, and if it reaches a certain number of views or interactions, they’ll escalate it and have their agents attack it. If it gets too big, it will reach some higher level, and then they will notice.

Everything else is bulletproof in our opinion. Not a single piece of critical communication ever left our closed, encrypted loop. Hundreds of white hat hackers around the world are working on this system. Without any evidence, they won’t be able to determine who the leaker is unless they want to interrogate or fire them all. They don’t have time for that. They do it quickly.”

Bill: What does the CSRQ software do? Why is it so important?

Gideon: “It is a software suite that will transfer all financial transactions from the current SWIFT banking system to a new blockchain-based system. This is expected to happen anytime within 3-5 days in the future when the system goes online. It will also bring with it a very robust social credit and tracking system.

Bill: I saw some of the screenshots you showed me. Is this real software? Can you explain more about it?

Gideon: “They call it apps. It works on both mobile and desktop. It is designed as a back-end, web-based user interface that can be used by government officials and bankers. It’s still evolving so we’ve seen a few different generations so far, one week they’ll add something, and the next week they’ll remove it. The color scheme has changed twice so far, so they are busy improving the user interface. Overall, its functionality is straightforward.

It’s very similar to the banking app you use when you log into your bank, plus the social credit aspect, except it’s a background app that’s not for public use. The public will eventually have something similar, they are going to release an app for the public as well and also each bank will be updating their own apps to reflect all these new changes. The public name will not be CSRQ-SM.

The main interface contains all the information and can be accessed from it. We can load profiles, see people’s class status, restrictions, fines, credits, everything.”

Bill: Interesting. Do white hat hackers still have access to the software?

Gideon: “Yes. They can log into the software every day because it’s part of their job and contract.”

Bill: I heard people only get $1000 a month, is that true?

Gideon: “It will probably not be dollars, but units, credits, points, tokens. Dollars are used now during app development to give developers the idea that it is a currency. But when it launches, the current dollar will no longer exist. It will just be that amount. Your bank account must never exceed this amount. The salary, generally speaking, will no longer exist and could not exceed 1,000 “dollars” per month regardless. There will be no cash, so no gray or underground economy, no barter will be allowed! It will be strictly prohibited to trade outside the CSRQ system.

Right now they’re testing and updating and tinkering with everything, so there might be some changes when it finally goes online. But it’s clear to everyone that they set it at a low amount that most people can barely get by on, and they take everything else away from you or put a limit or restriction on what you can have.

Also, one of the things you will see is high-profile people and celebrities starting to talk about UBI or Universal Basic Income. I’ve already seen celebrities talk about it, expect more as we get closer. These are the speakers who have been tasked with normalizing and popularizing this idea. They also got people on the alternative to this idea. Of course, some cities are openly testing it, like Los Angeles. It’s part of a pilot program that goes into all of this.”

Bill: So everyone gets free money. Will they still have to work?

Gideon: “Initially, people will still have to work, and they will have to go about their work normally so that the current system does not collapse. But gradually, jobs will begin to disappear, due to autonomous machines, robots, drones, and, above all, massive inflation and factory closings around the world. New jobs and functions will also be issued centrally by the government. If you are a lawyer, you will work for the regime. If you are a housewife, you will work for an S class family.

If you don’t work, if you don’t follow the new social credit guidelines, and if you protest or criticize in any way, you’ll be immediately charged with points, fines or deductions ranging from $5 to $800 depending on the offense. It’s all in this software, we see it.

There is also a lot of documentation that my people found. Documentation that is currently undergoing testing and details how the system works. The simulations showed that in the first month many people had their accounts drained to almost zero due to “bad behavior”, but in the second month their behavior had radically adjusted to the point where they received virtually no demerits or deductions. In other words, people formed and began to follow the program. They quickly learn that following the rules means food in their bellies.

Failure to comply means pain, hunger and winter in areas further north of the equator. No money, no friends, and you end up stuck in a red tape queue for all your transgressions and have to jump through the hoops of correctional programs to fix your mistakes, or worse, just end up in one of their special re-education “camps”. Yes, they do plan and have been in China for decades.”

Bill: Will this amount be universal for all countries?

Gideon: “We don’t know for sure, but probably not. My people are working on an application that is deployed in the US, Canada, most of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, the countries of the so-called collective West. Everything is in English. There are other teams working on separate versions for dozens of other languages, so we speculated that the amount of monthly “stipends” in terms of unconditional income may vary.

Based on the documentation we have obtained, there is a long-term vision for the entire world to be governed by one system, one currency, and probably one monthly stipend amount, which appears to be around $1,000, but may take several years , before they balance everything globally and especially impoverish Europe and the USA. We think it is possible that this system will be of some benefit to the third world countries who will improve themselves a bit, while in the first world countries the CSRQ system will cause financial devastation. In any case, it won’t matter where you live, you will be enslaved anyway.”

Bill: What are some other restrictions on these lower classes? Are you telling me that if you own property, they will take it from you?

Gideon: “No doubt they will. It’s a massive wealth redistribution plan, except it doesn’t actually take any wealth from the super-rich, it just makes them richer. It’s a middle-class destroyer. It is an upper-middle-class destroyer. It puts everyone on a low level where you have to behave in order to get a few extra crumbs every month.

Nothing I’m telling you is my opinion, Bill. It’s straight from white hat hackers. It’s from the documentation they reviewed and had to review. When they came into this job, they had to go through face-to-face and, I guess you’d say skype calls or something, where the whole program and system was thoroughly introduced to them, so they were fully informed of what they were going to be testing.

They want to modify people’s behavior patterns, so you are strictly controlled, monitored, and given small rewards and freedoms for good behavior. You’re good, you don’t need to wear a mask. If you are vaccinated, you can go to the subway or to school. They also think it’s doable because China has proven it can work with 1 billion people, and because they’re drastically depopulating the Earth with vaccines, they’re looking for a smaller population to handle.”

Bill: Will all rich people be classified as Sovereignty?

Gideon: “Based on what we know, most people with a net worth of up to $10 million and an annual income of up to $2.5 million will have to comply with the new rules. They will be reclassified as Class C. Their funds and private property will be confiscated and redistributed. But it will not be a form of nationalization, no, it will be done through draconian taxation, which will work out at once, but there will be almost no opposition to it. Rich people are afraid to publicly criticize high taxation, they are afraid that poor people will start hating them and killing them.

You have to realize something, there are only about 7 or 8 million people in the whole world who are S class or sovereign. This will include government officials, media figures, the super-rich, and celebrities. When we break it down, it’s a very small number, and a ton of people who most of us would consider “rich” will be removed and put into the C-class category. We think it’s because a lot of rich people are just normal” rich” who get rich with honest work, successful people and are not part of this association around the Great Reset. They will suffer just like the rest of us unless they are S class.

We also see evidence of large capital inflows into S-class accounts. Almost all of these inflows are in cryptocurrencies, but we also see wire transfers and other instruments being transferred as well, it was just surprising how much crypto was being used. It seems like it’s just an efficient method for them or something.

The conversion is currently being offered at an extremely favorable rate of 1:43 and seems to be hovering around that figure, going up and down by the day. We speculate that this is a method used by the world’s rich and elite to quietly and unnoticed convert their wealth into USDR. There are tons of rich people sitting with stocks, gold, silver, bonds, and crypto who have no idea this is happening. When they confiscate and erase it all, they’re in for the shock of their lives. If you’re not an S class, you’re done.”

Bill: Is XRP used in this new system? Won’t it be worth much more?

Gideon: “As far as we know, all cryptocurrencies including XRP will be worthless after the transition. How can you trade cryptocurrencies when there is only one tightly controlled currency, the USDR, and trading is not allowed? You can’t. They will simply suffocate crypto-currencies, and if it doesn’t work completely, they will also issue outright bans. Cryptocurrencies will continue to exist, but you won’t be able to pay with them anywhere. Merchants will be prohibited from accepting them. Laws will be passed that will put the acceptance of payment in crypto on the same level as the financing of terrorism.

I personally think that Tether will be exposed as insolvent, as planned, at some point in the future, and that will precipitate a major crypto collapse along with everything else.

If you have XRP it would like to get them to USDR. That’s what we see every day in this software, all these in-flows. But the common man has no idea about it, he thinks that XRP is an investment for the future. Little do they know about it! Now this is not to say that Ripple technology will not be used, it seems to us that it will, but that is separate from the idea of ​​XRP as an investment vehicle. It is not. It is a tool to transfer assets from Class S accounts to USDR, nothing more.”

Bill: But you said they also use Bitcoin. Will it still exist?

Gideon: “No. No crypto will exist or be traded once CSRQ is online unless they create some separate capital-driven BTC market under their control. Which is possible! But if you don’t have an S-class account, you won’t be able to trade with it. It is irrelevant to speculate about it at all. Unless you are a member of the Sovereign class, there is no point in trading the asset as you will not be able to touch it or use it to make purchases.

Unless you’re a Sovereign class, you literally can’t have more than probably $1,000 in total net worth, which is your bank account and the money they give you and some basic things you own. You cannot own a house, real estate, or a car. Everything will be borrowed, rented, and shared, meaning owned by someone else, namely the S class person or persons and their company, which these persons will set up and rent out to the C class products and services, from housing to domestic washing machines. There won’t be normal funding, but there will be a type of funding linked to your social score and good behavior. People will accumulate debt and some assets this way, but it will be limited. From what we can see, it won’t be possible to get much more than a few grand in assets.

Everything will be confiscated by the state and private companies will market themselves as conservators, trustees, and charities of a public fund and trust. It will be utter nonsense, but it will be sold as a model of wealth distribution to make everything “fairer” for humanity. I expect many people of centrist and liberal political orientation will fall into this trap and support it, even if some of their own property is taken from them!” It also wraps everything in the ‘good for the earth’ mantra.”

Bill: Okay, but I still don’t see how people will take it. Won’t that lead to riots and riots?

Gideon: “Bill, you have to realize that it’s not coming online right now. It doesn’t come online in relatively good times or even times of recession. It will come online when they collapse the entire world, which they are gradually doing right now. They need a crisis to implement this system. A huge super crisis of everything. You only have to open your eyes to see all the idiotic things they are doing to destroy their own economy! As if on command. And the politicians who do it are promised S status, but not all of them get it. It is an organized betrayal of their own people by the current political set.

Once the world is in a severe economic depression, this system will be put into operation and is expected to be accepted by the majority. It will be seen as a “relief plan” and widely praised by the media. CEOs and top so-called capitalists who are all secretly in favor of this communist-style plan will praise him. Just like they praised the vaccine, they will praise this, and people will say, “Oh, the TV and the government say it’s good, so it must be good.” This is for them as for humans.

I keep saying it, the rich are actually going to get a lot richer with this plan of theirs. It’s brave. In fact, they will sell it as the opposite, as a redistribution of wealth for the “little man”, even though it is not. But a lot of people will jump on this propaganda, they will see it as relief from economic pain and “free money” and so on.

They will also revel in the fact that their rich friends are all on the same terms as them! Don’t forget that a lot of rich people will be classified as C and all their assets will be confiscated. It’s an incredible trick they pull to convince everyone that it’s a better and fairer system when it’s the other way around.

The poor and lower classes, even the middle classes, watching the upper middle class and lower level rich people lower themselves to their level is a big selling point, a big part of the propaganda! Don’t underestimate how powerful it will be! The masses will enjoy watching it and think of it as this new, fair system of wealth redistribution, which it is not at all.

Also, a few token super-rich people don’t like them and will be reassigned to C class or ordinary class. It will be in the news, these people will be trolled, and some of them will be brought out of their mansions crying. But they will all be white! Rich blacks or Asians will not be affected. While this is going on, the public won’t bother asking why it hasn’t happened to other rich people or celebrities. It doesn’t matter! Operation Covid proved that the public will believe anything presented to them, absolutely anything. All they have to do is say it on TV and have some expert in a cloak confirm it. And those who protested against mandatory vaxxing in the streets were “explained” to them by “experts” in uniform at the police station.

We also think that some celebrities will pretend to be C or Common, we think they will make TV shows about it. It’s going to be a big deal. But they’ll just straight up lie, they won’t really be Common. They will be “slanderers” and they will get paid for their lies.

They expect the greatest resistance from patriotic groups and the upper middle class and upper-income groups. They’ve been doing psychological profiles, artificial intelligence simulations, all of that for years and years, they’ve got it all figured out. They know who, how, when and where they will react and how to react to it. Of course, their biggest concern is the gun-toting preppers in the US, but I’ve seen how they plan to deal with them, and those people will pose almost zero threat to the execution of that plan.”

Bill: Let’s go back to this change. How is it even possible to implement it? Logistically it seems impossible. You are talking about a literal reset of everything we know.

Gideon: “Many things have happened in recent history that would seem fantastical or surreal if told to someone in the past. This plan seems completely insane, unsustainable, it’s literally a total reset, but you have to realize that they’ve spent decades tinkering and planning on this, decades. The amount of time and planning is overwhelming to me. It is the culmination of something that has been in the works for a hundred years. Would you think in 2019 that people all over the world would voluntarily have their own children injected with experimental solutions? Neither did I. But the media hysteria brainwashed people, reprogrammed them, masks and respirators taught people obedience, needles and absolute blind trust in health workers, who became the same victim, but financially corrupt because in the crisis hospitals, doctors,

We are entering a new era where economic freedom will become a rare luxury as part of the so-called “Great Reset” that is being planned. Much of this is based on Marxist, Leninist, and Communist policies secretly espoused by the world’s elite. Everyone agreed that capitalism “must go” because it gave ordinary people too much freedom, and the collapse was inevitable anyway, and a new system needed to be put in place. That is what they intend to achieve.”

Bill: What is your goal?

Gideon: “I have more goals, Bill. First, I want to reveal to the world what they are doing. We don’t have much time for that. I’m also looking into the possibility of whether we can wipe the data of a lot of the good people out there and get them into the Sovereign class. I’m looking at what happens after this transition, which I think is inevitable, what can we do to break it from the inside when it comes online.”

Bill: Have you been able to use the software to change your own social profile?

Gideon: “Yes, I am sovereign now. I was a Commoner before, even though I had served my country for years. That shocked and upset me by the way, but I’m grateful that they were able to change me.

Profiles can be changed. My guys have some kind of administrative authority for their job where they can completely delete or change a person’s social media and voting data. This means that if the system considers you to be a threat, a “person of interest” or part of an undesirable political direction, we can simply delete or change it. For example, we can adjust some parameters to make it look like you have a Democratic voting history, rather than a Republican one. From this point it is easy to reclassify someone as a Sovereign.”

Bill: What else can change about the social credit system when you change your class?

Gideon: “The tick boxes seem to include many options such as free memberships to spas or golf clubs, allocated holidays, expensive cars, and vouchers that give one access to quality food. These privileges are only available to Sovereign-class accounts.”

Bill: What do they plan to do with the food system?

Gideon: “He will be dramatically changed and transformed. The meat of cows and fowls will be forbidden, except for those who are freed, those who are Sovereign. New farms will be built for crickets, worms and other types of bugs to be harvested for the masses. These protein sources will be transformed into familiar food types, but they will not look or taste the same.

By the way, huge bug farms are being built now, some above ground, many underground. Some of this is being done by Elon Musk’s company (The Boring Company), which deals with tunnel boring. None of this is in the news. Maybe it will show up later. They do it at a slow pace. All these things are slowly coming out. Are you paying attention? I hope so. Some of today’s articles would have seemed like satire or science fiction ten years ago. So they let people know about the bug factories, but not how many bug factories they actually built a long time ago and are now building more.

Those who refuse to eat, who resist or complain about new types of food quickly deplete their account due to precipitation and degradation.

In the documents my boys saw, it was revealed that they had plans for a certain percentage of people to voluntarily starve to death and the cleanup operations needed to dispose of their bodies. The documents stated that about 1-2% of the population might choose to starve instead of complying, which was considered a positive outcome. So they believe it is positive for people to starve themselves. These people are demons in human form.”

Bill: Are you going to open it up to the public so more people can have their social profiles changed?

Gideon: “It’s none of my business. It depends on my people, who have access. I talked to them briefly about it and they seemed open to it, but the changes can’t be made on a mass scale. It must be done individually and carefully. It’s risky for them to do that.”

Bill: Will there be any other way to change your social credit score or change your account?

Gideon: “We don’t think there is any other way than using CSRQ back-end software. I don’t know how you could do it any other way.”

Bill: What if these so-called elites find out about you, and come after you?

Gideon: “I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know where we stand. We are currently a low priority. First, we have security measures in place that make it impossible for them to monitor, let alone actually read, our encrypted messages and communications. It’s literally bulletproof. The NSA can’t hack into them.

And my people were able to successfully change accounts from class C to class S and transfer money without any problems. This is because it’s part of their job, so when they make these changes, the system doesn’t see it as unusual. but they told me they thought it would raise the alarm if they did some kind of mass editing of thousands or tens of thousands of accounts, so they won’t try. Making a few random accounts here and there is not a problem.

They also told me that a lot of changes have to be done manually on tons of accounts. We are of course talking about billions of accounts, it is the human population of the planet. There are errors in the system and people are not classified correctly. So when they make these changes, it looks “normal” to the system itself.

We plan to continue to use this option and will do everything we can to protect our operations at all costs. That means I won’t show up and say who I am, and I’ll help you be careful and not do anything wrong either. You’re in for a few attacks from their paid agents, so I’ll prepare you for that. You may see some accounts deleted, so we’ll need backups. We will need other groups to help us. All of that. We can’t do it alone, we don’t have enough firepower.

We need a lot of people to coordinate it to get it out so they can’t blow it up right away. We also need to post some red herrings. For example, I might come out and say that I think JFK Jr. is alive and will be president. See what I did? I said something wild, and now everything else I said seems suspicious or questionable. And who knows, maybe he’s alive! I hope so!

These are cointelpro techniques. To the average person, it seems way beyond the limit. Sometimes it is necessary. We’ll see how it goes, if it’s needed or not. Some of the lower-level agents who monitor this stuff are morons, so I can manipulate them, but if it escalates to a higher department, we’re going to have a war.”

Bill: When do you want to go public with this?

Gideon: “As soon as we get the ducks in order. I am sending you a list of things to do to prepare. There isn’t much time. We have maybe this year, maybe six months. By the way, you must follow my instructions perfectly. No room for error. If I ask you for something special, just do it, I’ll have my reasons.”

Bill: “It’s okay, I want to help as much as I can. Do you think your guys can damage the system now while they are working on it? Maybe put some virus in there or something?

Gideon: “That’s a good question. Yes, we’ve talked about it a lot and it’s really not possible.” Well, I shouldn’t say that. It is possible, but with high risk and little chance of it working.

The system is equipped with reliable anti-virus and anti-malware protection. They could infect parts of it, but those would be quickly sealed off, much like an airlock on a space station. When a fire occurs, it closes to protect the rest of the station. My people concluded that yes, they could do some damage, but not enough, and they would very likely be caught.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better if they just use what the system already allows them and expects them to do to our advantage.”

Bill: Can you describe what happens when the financial reset happens?

Gideon: “The transition will occur within days of the collapse period. One day you log into your bank account and see that you have 708 US dollars. It is so? That’s not going to buy you much because milk is $50, gas is $40 a gallon, and your rent just went up by double digits.

Then the next day you log in and there’s a thing called USDR in your account, a new section for your social score, you’re like, “What’s that?” and you see you have $1000. You go outside and see on the street that gas prices are now set at $1 a gallon. You go to the store and milk costs $2. The world has changed.

You go to the Internet and to your prepper group and say, “This is communism, we must fight against it!” And in a few seconds, $25 will be deducted from your bank account and you will receive a notification about your behavior on the Internet with useful articles on how to correct it and avoid future fines.”

Bill: Okay, but a lot of people are going to be anonymous, right? Prepper groups are pretty smart about this, so how will the bank know you said it?

Gideon: “If you’re paying attention at all, know that a lot of VPN companies are merging. They want to make sure that when that happens there are only a few left and they all keep records. So they will have direct access to your real IP. They’re also going to do a lot of things in terms of restructuring the internet while this collapse happens, so it’s going to be a lot less free on the other side.

This also ties in with their AI systems that can link writing styles to personal profiles. Because they have years and years of your real data online, they can see that you’re writing anonymously too. Virtually no person uses the Internet in their lifetime 100% anonymously, so there are always writing samples associated with you. Artificial intelligence can then, based on your unique style, almost like a fingerprint, find that you are writing somewhere under an anonymous account. It can be tricked, but you have to be aware that this technology exists. Is anyone talking about it? No, they don’t realize it.

That’s why erasing your social and personal data under CSRQ-SM is so important.

Bill, since you, me and your team are sovereign now, we can take a breather and relax a bit. What my people do is replace our old profiles with a ton of writing samples of a random democrat or liberal, maybe their Reddit comments over the years, and make random changes. And that’s us. This is our writing sample.

You and I now writing or speaking will not be associated with him because we are not writing anything like that forged specimen. Now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use security measures, of course we do. Having Michael edit it all is key, he comes in and cleans it up.”

Bill: Okay, okay, stop it. Wait. I know a lot, but if we’re ever going to put this into article form, let’s slow down. People reading this will be confused. Let’s go through those writing samples step by step.

Gideon: “So for those reading the article, Bill, myself and a few others involved have all had our data wiped and have all been upgraded to Sovereign status as of this point.

The system thinks we’re a bunch of vaccinated Democrats. That’s the data my people put in there and falsified it so the system thinks it’s us. The system loves us.

When we write freely like we do now, bash Reset and speak our minds, it’s okay. AI is not yet able to connect us to our sovereign account. It cannot connect us to our old, real data because it is deleted.

After the Reset, if we talk like we do now, it can! He looks back and sees our old write-ups and says, “These Sovereigns here sound exactly like the people complaining about the Reset at Oculum Labs. Then they get us.

We avoid this by adjusting the writing style after Reset. In this case, we made the changes before the Reset so that we could return to our natural writing style after it. Of course, we won’t say anything that would mark us after the Reset, but at least we can be ourselves again.

Did I close it better?”

Bill: “Yes, thanks. I just felt like it needed to be explained because it’s a bunch of concepts wrapped together.

Gideon: “Sure, there’s a lot.”

Bill: For the alt folks who are restricted (R) or quarantined (Q) right now, are you saying they don’t have to do anything about their writing style right now?

Gideon: “Well, it won’t matter. They are already in the wrong class. I guess if you think you’re Restricted and don’t want to go Quarantined, you might as well keep your mouth shut? But it just doesn’t matter, it doesn’t. After all, you’re already in their system and they know your political views.

But it’s different after the reset, if you’re trying to be online and anonymous, you’ll run into problems. It will be much harder to be anonymous and their AI writing technique will be able to catch you. It will be able to connect you to your identity. You can discard the idea that you can coordinate anonymously after the Reset unless your technical skills are NSA level.

That’s why I say if this Reset goes through, they have all the bases covered, Bill. All these groups will connect to the internet under fake or anonymous accounts after it is done, maybe using a VPN, maybe not, and to their surprise and shock they will be caught immediately.”

Bill: You’re right, it won’t be as easy as it is now.

Gideon: “It’s not easy even now. They keep following people because of their unique writing style. A lot more people go online now with anonymous accounts, but that’s okay. The way you typed when you weren’t anonymous is the same as the way you type when you’re anonymous, and AI can pick that up.”

Bill: This sounds bad to me, but I know you’re right. Anyway, continue with your thought. You described what happens during the Reset.

Gideon: “In any case, yes. Welcome to your new world. This is life now. You have USDR. Prices are lower. You’re broke, but you have enough money to survive. You are not happy about it because you know it is slavery.

What can you do? You can complain, protest, drain your USDR account to zero, and in the process lose friends and family who, by being associated with you, have an impact on their social score, it goes down. See how that works, Bill? Think about it.”

Bill: It’s total control. Families against families. Like the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, but ten times worse.

Gideon: “Yes. It’s total control. It will turn your closest friend against you. If your beliefs don’t match the new system and you voice them, not only will you get fined and lose the few USDRs they give you, but you’ll affect the social scores of those around you. They quickly distance themselves from you.

Small groups of people who are against it will form. Their algorithms show that within a month most of these people will begin to submit. There will be few reticent. Preppers realize how difficult it is to completely quit, so some begin to submit. But everyone will have to get vaccinated!

Others will not comply, they will stubbornly resist and try to survive without the USDR. The city shuts off their electricity, water, and sewer unless they are completely off-grid, as their social score is now around 0 and everyone is now Quarantine class, if they weren’t already.

The local police will visit them, then it will go even higher, the National Guard will visit them for a “check”. These visits will not usually be hostile as they are locals, they will be instructed not to be aggressive. There will be a lot of back and forth: “Please sign this, Mr. Brown, please agree to the inspection, Mr. Brown”. It goes on like this and escalates without any progress, just as I use the term for this online stuff, they use the same system for this.

Now with escalation, a military group appears or drones are deployed. No mercy. They can issue one warning over the loudspeaker, and if they don’t comply quickly, they will be neutralized.

They’ll use gas or darts that won’t kill you but knock you unconscious, and then the drone will inject you with the vaccine.

Then they leave. You are now inoculated with a hydra parasite and nanotechnology. They believe that your behavior will change, then you will start to comply because of the vaccine in you, but not everyone. The ones it doesn’t apply to are the ones who are eventually marked for either elimination or placement in the camp.

Keep in mind that if a single round from a single firearm is fired at a police officer, National Guardsman, or drone, the protocol is immediate elimination by all means, be it lethal poison gas, darts, lasers, and eventually DEW, rockets, mortars, or high impact ammunition , which blows the whole house to pieces.

If a patriot plans to use a firearm, he will not have access to more than a few rounds.”

Bill: When I spend time in my prepper groups, the consensus is that we will fight and not back down. Does this clique realize we will never give in?

Gideon: “They’ve deployed state-of-the-art artificial intelligence computer programs to analyze this issue, they have teams of trained analysts and of course entire armies of paid agents and disinformation sleuths working around the clock to infiltrate these groups. So it is an issue that they are very focused on and that they believe they have control over.

And that’s not considering the technologies they have available and can deploy. The biggest advances are in the field of drones and robotic technologies, which are not shown to the public.”

Bill: What kind of technology exactly?

Gideon: Which one? “The military has drones the size of a bee and they have extremely robust and fast drones that you would say are the size of a raven or a bird. They are equipped with various weapons, whether they are sound weapons, gas or chemical weapons, or lasers. They also deliver vaccines.

Now, Bill, I want you to imagine one such drone in your mind and then multiply it by two hundred or five hundred. Now imagine a swarm of these weapons of this size descending on your homestead. The weapon will not give you any protection. Drones can perform dynamic maneuvers. They can block a dwelling, they can drill holes in it, they can diffuse gases into it, they can shoot lasers or small projectiles. It doesn’t take a bunch of military guys with AR-15 rifles and a Humvee to do these extractions.”

Bill: That’s bloody scary. So there is no defense? There must be something that can stop them.

Gideon: “I don’t know what. The technology is too powerful. Maybe you could make a homemade EMP device that could knock out drones. When you do, they’ll simply fire a couple of rockets at your house, vaporizing an area the size of a city block, leaving only a fifty meter wide crater.

I’m not exaggerating. My people have seen the documents that describe it. It is not clear cut. It’s in legalese. But it is actually a license to liquidate detainees by any means.”

Bill: Who’s going to agree to that? The US military won’t do that.

Gideon: “They will. For many reasons. The top leadership of the US military is totally corrupt, I would go so far as to say it is controlled and certainly blackmailed. People in the service who are not vaccinated are being purged and will not be in the military for long. They are the ones who will not shoot at the Americans, so they will be removed. They have teams of drone operators who have been shooting at targets and civilians in Afghanistan for years. They are highly skilled and highly desensitized.

In addition, they have artificial intelligence and computer programs that can control drones with high efficiency, but these require a small team of technicians to oversee them. If they need Chinese military personnel, they will use them.”

Bill: Won’t the patriots be able to coordinate and gather and form communities and fight back? I still try to think positively.

Gideon: “Again, it comes back to what is feasible. We know they have plans for this, we know they are ready to use drone armies, so we are left with few options.

Coordinating and gathering together leads to discovery. Going underground is difficult because just going up or out of a bunker can be detected by thousands of satellites above us. We have almost no options, Bill. even if you’re an Earthling, you know there’s a dome up there and they’ve got things taped to it to watch us!”

Bill: That’s right! Flat or round Earth, there is no escape. What about in Canada when the truck drivers protested? They didn’t seem to do much to bring them to their knees.

Gideon: “No, they’re not deploying it now. It will only be done after the collapse. It wouldn’t make sense to do it now. It would expose the technology, it would be widely talked about. They don’t need to do that. They allow small rebellions.

They know what’s coming. The economic collapse renders all this pointless. It means nothing. Every protest, all the Internet buzz, all the people waking up mean nothing, because when you pull the economic rug out from under the 1st world, it’s over.

The people who run this world are not the least bit concerned about people rising up. It’s unbelievable, but they expect and want to see mass protests. Klaus Schwab spoke openly about the “wrath” to come.

Then they offer their “solution” that fixes everything. They want people to experience some pain, economic pain, so that they are ready to accept whatever is offered to them. Very similar to when the world was haunted by Covid for half a year or a year before a “vaccination” solution was offered. This economic situation is actually going to be scarier for people than Covid, if you believed the Covid narrative at the time.”

Bill: Okay, but what if enough people rebel, can we burn their institutions to the ground? We can have a French-style revolution.

Gideon: “The people will be too weakened from the economic and food collapse to put up any major fight. Americans have almost no fight in them, between vaccines, food poisons, chronic obesity, stolen elections, pollution from electromagnetic devices, and brainwashing from their televisions that they worship, the threat of rebellion is minimal.

America’s elections were obviously rigged and their own leader forced a deadly vaccine on them, yet there was almost no protest. Americans are completely demoralized, broken and mesmerized by online distraction. Even patriotic groups lack solid coordination, most of them confused in political arguments.

The fact is, it’s too late. America is no longer America. It is not a constitutional republic. Its government is not based in Washington DC, and the powers that control it do not recognize or follow any human laws. I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but Canada can show more fight.”

Bill: People are not going to like what you just said, and I think the American people are going to fight for their lives. Let’s move on to another topic. What role does metaversion play in this?

Gideon: “It’s an extremely important part of their plans. Their long-term vision is that people will live in big cities, in small apartments or cubicles, eat a diet based on bugs and spend most of the day in a virtual world.

They have comprehensive social data at their disposal and found that they want the vast majority of people with higher intelligence to be addicted to this virtual world. People with lower intelligence will do the mundane jobs that keep the planet going, such as manufacturing and infrastructure jobs.

This is partly why the vaccine has not gained much traction in the Third World. They don’t want to kill all these people, apparently they have other plans for them.”

Bill: The more I look into it, the more I see how these class systems will work. If almost everyone is Common class but connected to this Metaverse, they won’t need much, right?

Gideon: That goes back to the idea, “You will own nothing and be happy.” That is their vision. The class system works according to this vision.

Right now people are looking out and thinking, ‘This is not going to change, people have houses, cars, freedom, they won’t accept anything less’. But they will accept it.

When you peel back the veil and tinsel of the modern civilized world, you find degenerate behavior, mental illness, depression, disruption, family breakdown, drastically low IQs over the years, incredible substance abuse problems, and addiction to digital devices. The transition of this world into their new vision will be smoother than you think.”

Bill: What do you say to people who say you’re just demoralizing them with these things? Because if my prepper groups read this, they’ll say you’re just trying to bring us to our knees.

Gideon: “No, but if prepper groups are so fragile, then Bill, you can see we’re in a bad place, can’t you?” “They can’t cope with reality or with another view of the matter.”

Bill: That’s right, a lot of those people look pretty frail. Most of them are Q people, they get defensive when you criticize Trump or suggest we’re not going to win.

Gideon: “Then they’re not mentally prepared for anything, let alone a life-threatening situation.

I’m not saying that preparation is bad, I’m just stating the reality that I know. I am fully aware that most people who fashionably call themselves patriots don’t mind making the proverbial “last stand” with their guns, and some look forward to it! I’m talking about the reality of what happens.

The country was lost a long time ago and the patriot movement was co-opted long ago, so no real progress has been made to meaningfully bring the country back. And their leaders? Their alternative media and conservative leaders are all corrupt, Bill, almost all of them are sovereigns and don’t show it. We know that, I showed you all their accounts.”

Bill: True, so many of them are Sovereigns and fill their accounts with tens of millions in USDR. Mainstream conservatives. But you’re probably not talking about what we’re talking about, are you?

Gideon: “No, he’s not talking. That is why they are there and will ignore us. Has anyone written you back yet?”

Bill: No.

Gideon: “You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would touch it. It’s definitely not going to be anyone with a huge following. Keep going, don’t give up, they’re not all bad, Bill. We just have to find the non-Sovereign ones, those are the good ones.”

Bill: I won’t give up. So what do you say to those who say that behind the scenes in the US the military rules?

Gideon: “If the military really ruled, Bill, the entire Congress, the FBI, the IRS, the Feds would all be arrested. Biden would be arrested. Hillary would grumble. Nancy Pelosi would grumble with her. The heads of the vaccine companies would be arrested. Bourla from Pfizer would grumble.

The military would flood Washington after the arrest and police everything. That would be a military coup. They’re not always bad, did you know that?”

Bill: I know that. There have been good military coups in the past. America could use one.

Gideon: “Yes, that would be fine, but that’s how you know the army is either corrupt or useless because it doesn’t do anything. They had twenty or thirty years to purge America’s elites, but they did nothing.

Bill: What about Patel Patriot and Devolution? Or GESARA? There is a lot of talk about these two things because they are very promising.

Gideon: “Both are complete nonsense. These psychological operations are meant to give people hope that there are good actors behind the scene pulling the strings and bringing justice. It’s not even a distant glimpse of actual reality. These psy-ops are intended for people who cannot cope with their own reality, so they are very attractive to these people. Their predictions also fail time and time again, people always wait a few more weeks for something and nothing happens. And then another promise. And again nothing. And more. And nothing. And more. And more.

Bill, you can open your eyes right now and see that the Great Reset is happening. We can all see it. We don’t need any predictions for that. It’s happening right now. This is what is real. CSRQ-SM is real. Their nonsense is just fiction.”

Bill: Yes, it is, but you’re going to piss people off with these statements about GESARA, you know that? We want people to focus on this CSRQ software and how bad it is. Do you think your opinions will get in the way?

Gideon: “I think we could avoid being overly opinionated in the videos we put out. I will avoid that. But I will be honest in these discussions. It’s called tough love. People need to hear the hard truth. We are in a very bad position, we are losing, we are behind, we hardly have a chance.”

Bill: That goes back to what we were talking about with Sovereigns. We really felt that ok, let’s take it and do something with it on the other side. Sabotage?

Gideon: “It’s our only chance. To become sovereign. Fight from within until this mess is over and they establish their new order. We can’t do anything if we’re Common, Restricted or Quarantined. We literally have zero power. Every patriot will have zero power to do anything.”

Bill: Okay, but some people will think that being sovereign is like taking the mark of the beast. And what about it?

Gideon: “For some reason this cabal brought the status of the Sovereign into line with libertarian principles. It doesn’t even transfer anything to a person, it simply has no limitations. There is no implant to pass, no vaccination, no oath, no promise to Satan or Lucifer, none that we can find. There is this biometric ID, but nowhere have we seen that the sovereign has to submit a blood or DNA sample. We can just spoof the data and it works.

Why it’s done this way I don’t know, but the public should never, ever know about it. Never. It’s top secret. They keep it for themselves, while the public is given a mark, an injection of poison, a marker under the skin, even children, toddlers, they mark us like cattle, from the age of calves. Because those other accounts require submission, allegiance, compliance and vaccination.”

Bill: Well, I got renamed Sovereign for all of this, I’m relieved to know that. But what if we can stop it before it happens? Couldn’t mass awareness stop it?

Gideon: “It could. If 50 million people see the video we’re about to release, it might. It’s a tough fight.”

Bill: Now, before we move on to another topic, can you give me the absolute best way for a person to survive this, the exact steps. What should they do?

Gideon: Gideon: “You have to be as undemanding as possible. You need to be deep in the woods, near a small water source, with some sort of cover that is completely shaded and looks like the surroundings. Something in a small cave or something buried in the ground and covered with leaves is ideal. Absolutely nothing must be colorful or look modern or out of step with the natural environment.

If you can do it and survive, you’ll be around for a while. However, they plan to fly drones over these areas. They do a lot of testing in a lot of places. They did something in Colorado and people saw it, the drones. Mostly done in Nevada. They have drone fleets of literally millions of bird-sized ones and sixty to eighty million of bee-sized ones, those are the numbers I know of.” It’s hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes that DARPA got over 40 years, that’s the result.”

Bill: Yes, the budget for black projects is huge. Let’s focus on vaccines, since we haven’t written much about it yet. What is your view on what they are doing?

Gideon: What is your opinion on vaccines? “None of the vaccines have any health benefits at all, and all are harmful, except for the saline and to some extent the nanohydra vaccines that aren’t supposed to kill you, but they do anyway.

Some received a low dose, others a medium dose, another a high dose. However, I would say that any dose will reduce life expectancy no matter what it is, so even if someone got a low dose they lost at least 10 to 20 years off their life expectancy. And others have been given experimental parasites and nanotechnology, part living tissue, part machine, that will be important in integrating these people into the future Metaverse. Vaccination will authorize turning on a computer, mobile phone, access to a bank account in a virtual reality environment. Instead of fingerprints, the radio frequency response of nanobots in the human body will be used. You can get them into your body only with vaccines, no other way. Without the vaccine, you can’t even open the door to your own car or apartment.”

Bill: “How many people will die from this, what are the prognoses? The United Nations recently announced that the Earth’s population is approaching 8 billion. You said it was false and it was published as disinformation because the population is rapidly declining.

Gideon: “I don’t have any exact numbers. I’m sure we can make a good guess. Billions of people will die by 2030, but the media won’t even report it. The birth rate will decrease. But I don’t see us reaching 500 million inhabitants of the planet. By 2030, we could get to 2.5 billion at the very low end and 5 billion at the high end.”

Bill: So the plan is: kill a lot of people, but also inject a lot of them with nanotrash. Now, for all the common, limited, and quarantine classes, you’re saying they want to give them the nano vaccines and not the lethal ones?

Gideon: “Right. They don’t want to kill them, they want to put nanotechnology into them so they can connect them to their Metaverse. It’s part of their delusional power trip to somehow turn these people who are mad at them and make them their own puppets or something. To lose their own will, to lose their resistance to authority in a cloak or uniform.

Can it work? Unfortunately, it can. Nanotechnology vaccines seem to change people, but not everyone. If you somehow avoid vaccination, you’re now in the woods running for your life from drones that can kill you at three hundred meters and being watched by thousands of Elon’s Starlink satellites, which the world public still thinks is some charity for providing Internet access to the world’s poorest areas. At the same time, it is a worldwide communication network for networking the entire population on the surface of the planet. And that network will initially be presented as consumer and commercial, but later on it will connect governments, authorities, the transportation system, surveillance drones, tracking autonomous battery-powered cars around the planet, everything. They’ve got us, Bill, they have.”

Bill: God help us. That is evil.

The super crisis of the global economy collapsed at the behest of the political representatives of Western countries is a signal to push the conditions for the introduction of Total Control and CSRQ

So as you can see from a compilation of two interviews between Bill Sweet, the founder of Oculum Labs, and an ethical hacker named Gideon, the process of rolling out Total Control is much further along than anyone has ever imagined. You can see from the text that the Supercrisis process in the global economy is a deliberate intention to accelerate the implementation of the Great Reset and the anchoring of the Total Control system.  I will add a few contexts to the text of Gideon. Changing the population’s diet from biological food from animals to laboratory proteins from worms and insects is introduced due to unconditional intake, since insects and worms have virtually no input production costs.

China’s social credit system identifies a man who crossed a red light intersection

So digital money can be issued and distributed to the population, who will exchange these digital credits for food produced at virtually no cost. In this way, fiscal inflation will not be created, and due to the capping of accounts, there will be no inflation in the consumer market either.  The population will become complete slaves, but they will not know it, because the vaccines will deprive them of the instinct of self-preservation and induce in them a social apathy leading to absurd situations where people will chant with enthusiasm for their own liquidation, death, oppression, impoverishment, or being sent to the front to the carnage of war.

The obedience of the population induced by vaccination solutions will gradually turn into slavish servility of people without resistance and of their own will

Vaccines deprive the population of absolutely all will of their own, and on the contrary, these persons take over their will from a superior authority in a cloak, in uniform or on the screen in the role of a celebrity. Think about why banks suddenly started introducing bank identities, why large news servers suddenly offer people the opportunity to log into accounts with a bank identity, why COOP and others are introducing stores in the Czech Republic without human service,  only for digital identity and electronic entry systems.

China’s social credit system identifies illegal parking

Why drones, electronic wireless inputs to the chip are being introduced everywhere, why even documents are starting to move to mobile phones in the first phase and later to chips, but no longer under the skin, as previously thought, but in the form of nanobots directly in the bloodstream, which react to a radio frequency stimulus and returns a unique identifier in response? It is not a coincidence. It’s part of the plan and the process.  According to Gideon, the CSRQ-SM program is still in development, but the global super-crisis on its implementation appears to have already erupted.  At a time when inflation is killing economies and politicians as traitors are helping this destruction by imposing sanctions under the pretext of Russia, but in reality against their own Western nations, it is already clear that the globalists are really preparing a reset with everything.