The West’s response to COVID: Tyranny, “Reset”, and Submission

The Great Reset barrels ahead in the West at a blistering pace. The damage already done is incalculable, and yet to come is much, much more because we have of course been promised much more. All the while the Sheeple sleep, sound in the belief their leaders are protecting them and keeping them safe. 

By The International Chronicles

Some have said that the Western governments have lost the plot. No, they haven’t. Suggesting that provides a plausibility to their actions. There is none. It is not possible to implement such far-reaching, damaging rules and regulations by merely being incompetent, and certainly not for such a length of time, where the evidence piles high that highlight the ineffectiveness of the experimental gene therapies, constantly changing protocols and mandates (no mask, one mask, two masks, etc.), and control groups such as Sweden, which instead of being used as a proof of evidence are chastised and ignored, or where the country sporting the greatest deaths per capita is simultaneously the country most vaccinated: Israel.

No, only an idiot would look at all of this and conclude that it is mere incompetence. Only an idiot would look at this and conclude that it is being done in good faith.


No this is planned. It is “the great reset” that the global elites drool over. Davos man has been hard at work. And you may say, “Well, they have no real power. I mean, they don’t pass these laws.” True. They don’t need to. Instead, like a mob boss who never brings out the baseball bat to beat the victim, relying instead on his henchman, today it is gutless invertebrates that out of sheer cowardice follow them.

Corporates, CEOs, governors, local elected officials. And, of course, there is the media — the poisoned chalice that never stops giving. Driving the hysteria, and boy has it worked. More clicks, more eyeballs. Then, of course, there is the fact that the revenue model for media has flipped to one of advertising. And so it is that the advertisers pull the strings.

For context, Bill Gates, via various structures, owns 113 media outlets.

And then there are the Ruling Caste’s “fact-checkers.” These are the supposedly brilliant journalists, bloggers, and Big Tech cretins telling Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier (whose field of expertise is virology) to stand down and stop spreading “misinformation.” These are the same wannabe Overlords and Wisemen telling us that the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he yells from the rooftops that we’re in the process of committing a slow-motion global genocide.

It is surreal. I understand that, but just because it’s surreal doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Yet l look at the evidence, such as this.


But when we look around us the outcomes of this evidence are nowhere to be found. Everyone dutifully scans into shops, dons a useless, dirty mask ensuring they breathe their own carbon dioxide back into their body along with the chemicals from the mask.

A father and his daughter in a park. Their crime? Unmasked.


This is a colossal deception based on fraud and lies. The fact is that the governments of Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, all those in the European Union, and the UK have borrowed sums of money that will never ever be paid back – and this Chinese COVID Pandemic will conveniently be weaponized to bring about The Great Reset (“You will own nothing and be happy”) as a way to eliminate that debt and start again Tabula Rasa. The collapse of the economy, the Greater Depression, won’t be blamed on central banking, inflation, and the State and the Sheeple will willingly march along and do as they are told. Sadly, one can see exactly where this is all headed. Most everyone knows exactly what Auschwitz and the numerous “facilities” like it were. We also know that many of the victims actually willingly went to these camps, and some paid the rail fare to get there, such was the power of the propaganda.

And yet it is hard to imagine anything like this happening again, which is, of course, why it happens. It is why history repeats itself.

When you are confronted with something so dark, so sinister, so dystopian that it makes you feel physically ill, and at the same time nobody around you seems to think it an issue it is only normal to think to yourself… well, it must be me that is mad. But you are not mad. You are the rational one. Just because you are in the minority does not mean you are wrong. It just means that you are in the minority.

Here is the new Alice Springs, Australia “quarantine” facility.


Not at all like, you know, a prison. And here are the rules.


That this has as much to do with “public health” as a donkey has to do with cryptography should be obvious to all. So what comes next?