Planet of the Humans is an environmental documentary film written, directed, and produced by Jeff Gibbs. It is backed and promoted by hard-Left activist film director Michael Moore, who served as the executive producer. Yet, surprisingly a conclusion of the film is that green energy cannot solve the problem of society’s expanding resource depletion without less consumption, which is by definition unsustainable given that the Earth is finite. The film argues that renewable energy sources, including biomass energy, wind power, and solar energy, are not as renewable as they are portrayed to be.

One example of the films exposé of the hard Left’s misleading representation of “Green” energy is during the launch of a General Motors electric vehicle, when an interviewer discovers that the car being recharged to demonstrate how electric cars are recharged, is being powered from a grid which uses 95% coal. A pie chart is shown in the film with total battery storage compared to yearly energy use, which is a factor of a thousand higher. The filmmakers suggest that this amount of energy storage is needed to make sure the intermittency of renewables does not lead to power outages. The film claims the carbon footprint of renewable energy is comparable to fossil fuels when taking into account all different stages of their production.

The film has generated controversy and was temporarily taken down from YouTube. The takedown was challenged and, twelve days later, YouTube removed the restriction, allowing the film to be viewed again.