The American Mainstream Media Needs to Be Confronted

The American legacy news media has become the single greatest blight on the nation’s progress and unity. They have terrorized the United States for years with their flagrantly partisan lies and the minute someone (President Trump) finally started fighting back, they stopped even pretending to hide their hatred for the half of the nation who supports him.

By Anonymous for The International Chronicles

These people are not honest.

They’re not “just reporting the facts.”

They’re a propaganda arm for the swamp operating with seething contempt for their audiences, and every elected Republican reading this knows exactly what the agreement has always been: if you play nice then they’ll reward you by waiting until an election to start aggressively lynching you and promoting your Democrat opponent. If you don’t play nice then the heyday is over and they’ll casually work to destroy you immediately without losing a wink of sleep for it.

Here’s the thing.

Those aren’t actually the rules.

They exist only in a bubble where the media still matters. Out here, in the real world, we’ve long seen the legacy news media for the disgraced, disgraceful, lying Democrat propagandists they are.

That is precisely who and what the legacy news media are.

And of his many, many accomplishments, President Trump’s greatest by far has been showing the rest of you that you can stand up to the media and not only maintain support but solidify and grow it.

And setting your political future aside, let’s also embrace the reality that not a single one of you slept through the last four years. You know damn well exactly what the media has done not only to President Trump, but to his 75,000,000+ voting supporters. They have put targets on our backs and in doing so stripped us of our most sacred First Amendment rights to free speech. They have normalized violence as an acceptable response to speech, as long as the person being attacked is a Trump supporter.

No they haven’t. Nobody condones violence, especially not in response to political speech or opinions.


It happens all day, every day, in every major American city. And if you want to play the gaslight game where you pretend it doesn’t, then put someone you love in a MAGA hat and tell them to spend the day in any major U.S. city.

You won’t do it because you know they’ll be viciously assaulted before lunch.

The media created that environment.

And your stock answer, “Gosh golly gee they’re just hard on everyone and boy oh boy it’s a contact sport and holy hot tamale we ought not complain about that lest we appear weak or God forbid make them more mad,” no longer cuts it. At all. Your attempts at being dignified in the face of persistently ridiculous allegations and narratives does one thing: it gives legitimacy to stories that we all already know they picked solely to hurt you, your party and your supporters. And you know that’s never a two-way street where, for example, Republicans behave badly but the real story per the media ends up being about “Democrats pouncing.” It never happens. All of their mistakes, all of their partisanship, every time they’re caught red-handed, it’s all always in service to Democrats and at the expense of Republicans. And now the media’s activism, so flagrant and alarmist and dishonest, is spilling into the streets where your supporters no longer have free speech without threats of violence for it. And when you “play nice” with the media, Lindsey and Mitch and Ben, you’re condoning all of it.

So stop doing it.

Every time a member of the national news media asks you anything, you say this:

Tell you what. I’ll answer your question. But first do me a favor. Are you able to access most of your work pretty quickly? Good. Pull out your phone and show me all of your reporting on Hunter Biden in the weeks before the election. Oh you don’t have any? Well here let’s take a look at the last 5 things you’ve written. Let’s see if there’s a theme to how you characterize things. Let’s take a minute and do that together so that before I answer your question, we can both be confident that you’re asking it in good faith.

And if you’re not interested in investigating the Biden Crime Family then pick another topic. Any topic. Because as we documented in May but you can go see for yourself any time, literally every story the legacy news media touch, and every report they file, and every narrative they shape and agenda they pursue — 100% of what your “friends” in the media do is designed to hurt you and your supporters.

So stop playing the game. Stop fueling the narrative. Fully half of this nation has now spent decades enduring the insufferable bullying, intolerance, anti-America hatred and contempt for Christianity that gets beamed into our lives and homes 24×7 thanks to a pervasive and threatening institutional left. Give us the break we deserve and free us from the America-hating media’s stranglehold on our national conversations.

I don’t ever want to see Lindsey Graham or Tom Cotton or Mitch McConnell or anyone else ever standing around talking to that 4-foot slob Manu Raju or any of the other leftist foot soldiers for CNN, NBC, WaPo, NYT, ABC, Fox News, CBS, NPR, PBS, AP etc.

Every one of them are committed to doing us dirty, and we know it, and we’re tired of it, and we need you to be tired of it with us and to actually do something about it for once.

These people are literally trying to get your supporters hurt or worse. They spent four years working diligently and transparently against your interests. This is not normal. This is not okay.

Stop pretending that it is, grow some guts and kick the legacy news media hacks directly in the teeth like they’ve long deserved.

They see you as weak, scared, pathetic Republican peons who are their bitches. They’ve always seen you as their bitches. So either snap out of it and stand up for yourselves and us, or get the hell out of the way because if you don’t then we’re at the point where we’ll gladly scalp and destroy you ourselves. Because nothing the media says or does actually matters to those of us in the real world, and the only reason anyone thinks it does is because you constantly dignify it.

Stop it already.

We’ve been pushed around and battered long enough. We just watched these criminals steal an election while their scumbag base left the Democrat plantation just long enough to violently assault a bunch of Trump-supporting families and seniors.

Your “friends” in the media created this environment but don’t say a word about it because they like it, and they’re too busy trying to come up with new useless and dishonest narratives to hurt you and your supporters some more. If we have to swallow hard and accept that they cheated at the top of the 2020 ticket, then you better damn well start doing your jobs for us or it’s going to get very ugly for you personally and our nation more broadly. If you think the media gets to run this psychological gaslighting operation coast-to-coast — inciting hatred for and violence against Trump supporters while tagging them as being hateful and violent, characterizing literally every story in ways that demonize the right and deify the left, colluding with foreign governments to meddle in our elections, selecting and pursuing stories based solely on the ability to hurt the right and help the left, and then looking us all dead in the eye and saying with a straight face “We’re just reporting the facts, honestly” — if you think they get to do this to us and there won’t be a monumental and terrifying response from the grassroots absent you assholes finally standing up for us, you’re dead wrong.

Dead wrong.

Go do your damn jobs. Turn off the media. Stop talking to them at all. When they ask you questions, you ask them questions back. Hold them to account for their flagrant partisanship. Make them the story for at least a few years until they correct their course because whether you lazy assholes realize it or not, the media more than anyone or anything else are tearing this nation apart. Donald Trump got in their way and so they did everything they could to destroy him.

They failed.

He, and we, are still here. And if you have an “R” next to your name then you need us a lot more than we need you.

So click around some of my other pieces on this if you want to get a sense of my broader proposal for actually beating the media in a lasting, substantive way. But going back to the way things were between the media and GOP before Trump, or anything remotely close to it, is entirely unacceptable at this point. Every Trump supporter in the country is watching and not a single one of them respects the legacy news media that you so fear. As both a politically strategic and morally accountable move, it’s time for you boys and girls to start acting like adults and stop coddling the media that appears exponentially bigger from inside your bubble than they actually are to the rest of us.

We want to start seeing clips all over the place of you guys pushing back on the media and holding them to account. Ignore whatever they ask you, and you do the questioning for a while. We don’t need any of them or their staged controversies. We can get the news that matters to us from a variety of other excellent sources. It’s time for you to make the legacy news media — the most powerful, dangerous and dishonest messaging machine in our nation — account for their bad behavior, and that of their industry peers. This is a systemic problem all across the legacy news media and it will require a systemic solution.

Go be the solution, or we’ll fire you for someone who will.