Step by Step Dissection of the BLM/ANTIFA Victimology Clown Show in the USA

The BLM / ANTIFA “peaceful protests” in the USA are a Clown Show of lies, misinformation, propaganda, and deceit… and the “triggering events”, the “victims”, the “perpetrators”, and the consequences all follow a very predictable route. It is a formulaic civil war.

By Delroy P. Pusser for The International Chronicles

  1. homeboiy (hb) with an extensive criminal record is back at it again, police are called to the scene
  2. two under-trained caucasian policemen show up, try and arrest hb
  3. hb resists arrest and manhandles the soft policemen (demonstrating to me what i’ve noticed ever since the lamentable post 9/11 creation of the dept. of homeland security… many of these policemen are effectively playing G.I. Joe with their misappropriated tax dollar-financed hyperbolic SWAT gear; i suggest we don’t defund police but de-militarize it, and take the saved funds from all the overwrought materiel and reinvest it in police close quarters/hand-to-hand training so that these guys don’t get routinely rolled by drugged up homies)
  4. feeble, under-trained and over-equipped police officers use Taser technology to blast unruly and uncooperative hb… hb shakes it off and disregards further instructions to stop resisting arrest
  5. hb tries to flee the scene or access something in his car, disregards repeated police instruction to relent
  6. police discharge weapon and finally bring hb down with lead
  7. municipal authorities curiously refuse to release forensic evidence from the scene (q: what was hb reaching for in his car?)
  8. mass media is provided a vacuum of information and context as an opportunity with which to frame the ‘structurally racist’ narrative, despite the fact that all eventually public evidence contradicts the received media rendition — i.e. hb in question was a fucking recidivist felon, more than resisting arrest, typically ozoned out on some lysergic substance
  9. Soros-financed BLM/Antifa cultural Marxists and anarchists take up the ‘structural racism’ canard/baton, showing up next day to foment crowd comprised of [1] hb looters, [2] college (mis)educated soy limpwrists and [3] sexually confused femagitators
  10. democrat municipal and state authorities issue ‘stand down’ orders to police, and refuse federal entreaties to accept national guard assistance — political optics are such that democrat municipal doyens prefer their cities burn into war-torn 3rd-world status than be seen accepting federal law+order assistance from cheetoz warrior (i.e. Donald Trump)
  11. municipalities in question subsequent looted, burned, destroyed
  12. mass media tortures logic and somehow transmogrifies the whole fiasco into ipso facto proof of cheetoz-warrior-espoused structural racism and authoritarianism
  13. Democrat Party and mass media impoverish language and logic further by calling looters/rioters ‘largely peaceful social change protesters’, attempting to conflate critical theory anarchists with civil rights civil disobedients of yesteryear
  14. GOP, with among its ranks only a few dissenters, demonstrate what unprincipled, compromised and Faustian pussies they are, refusing to take a prominent stand against the democrat-engendered anarchy; this prominently includes senior DOJ officials who have yet to identify and incarcerate what are irrefutably left-led domestic terrorists
  15. all of the above, a loosely orchestrated campaign targeting a sought-after defeat of cheetoz-warrior on 11/3, the theory being that if you inundate polity with enough chaos, it’ll ‘vote for change’, (Cloward / Piven Strategy) if for no other reason than a lamebrain hope that a ‘progressive’ vote will pacify the agitators, allowing john q. citizen to go back to his consumerist, ahistorical, debt-ridden, thoroughly zombified status quo ante.
  16. all actual empirical data on police arrests — i.e. that the FAILED black community is disproportionately responsible for violent crime, and yet is disproportionately under-represented in arrests and deaths at hands of police — is entirely ignored. And those brave few who call attention to this documented, empirical fact (Jason Reilly, Elizabeth MacDonald) are pilloried in the press as crypto-racists and eliminated from the arena by digital media monopolies
  17. 2nd-amendment enshrined self-defense contingent — you know, what 99.9% of this country used to be as recently as 50 years ago — finally take up arms to defend what state and municipal authorities, in dereliction of their first duty, will not
  18. some lefty delusionists get their decadent asses popped as they attempt to loot. More necessary, more on the way

    It’s a formulaic civil war.

    Addendum on latest “civil disturbance” in the USA due to “systemic police racism”:
Like nearly ever other homeboiy who has been lionized as a referent during these mob riots, Kenosha Wisconsin homeboiy served time in the pen for:
* multiple domestic abuse [i.e. battering women]
* sexual assualt [i.e. rape]
* criminal trespass [i.e. home invasion]
* night of incident, police summomned to house where he was criminally trespassing again and had engaged in theft
* after wrestling with police he opened car door where, now it has been revealed, a knife was on the floor… but msnbc/cnn/dnc/nyt/wp/LAT would have you believe kenosha homie was a loving family man and aspiring pillar to his community.
the reality — this phucker, like so many of the other hb ‘victims’, was a societal cancer borne of the public [mis]education system and the ‘great society’ plantation legislation which has, in a scant 60 years, denuded the black community of responsible fathers and the nuclear family unit. kenosha hb was a creature of the pedagogy, the media, and the corporate crony cartel. 
another reality — some krav maga or kempo training, putting the police officers in shape and training them in how to subdue a zipped-up homeboiy, would serve much more effectively as a deterrent to most of these fiascos. notice how most of these incidents occur because the police are incapable of subduing the perp., wrestling with them like [tragi]comedy mud-wrestlers.