The 2020s Will Be A Perfect Storm of Crises and Turmoil

In the 2020’s the Perfect Storm that has been gathering in the West for the last decades will finally play out. The confluence of the broken financial system, massive unfunded liabilities, several debt crises and asset bubbles, will join the pressures created by the ever growing income inequality within society and the eradication of the middle class. This in turn will feed the ever-increasing radicalization and polarization within society as the transformation of the West via mass migration will no longer be theoretical or be able to be ignored… and none of this takes into account the dwindling amount of non-renewable resources, environmental pressures, and the continued population explosion in the developing world, as well as other factors that will add more pressure and more tension on an already combustible civilization. How will this Perfect Storm be dealt with? Will the current form of globalization, which has brought many of these crises to a head, be continued in its current form, or will the nationalist stirrings being expressed throughout the Western world today come to the forefront in the 2020’s?

By Felix Rex