‘The Rise of Jordan Peterson’—A Review

Now that that regime power and legitimacy is under challenge, not least at the hands of characters like Jordan Peterson, the Cultural, Political, Financial, Entertainment, and Academic “Elite” is behaving just like any other status quo ‘Establishment’, by declaring its canon to be an orthodoxy, its dogma ‘infallible’, objections to it heresy and starting to hunt it down with an increasing energy and vitriol that is almost bound to end in wars of toleration, just like it did at the outbreak of The Reformation, whose atmosphere now leaks through the decadent and rotting foundations of modern life and thought, like the gas from melting permafrost…

by Carol Horton for Quillette

Given today’s downward cultural spiral, it’s disturbing but not surprising that the makers of a thoughtful new documentary about Jordan Peterson are having a hard time finding somewhere to show their film. Many mainstream and independent cinemas have refused to screen it because they’re “fearful of controversy” or “morally concerned.” One theater in Toronto cancelled a week-long showing after some of the staff “took issue with it.” A theater in Brooklyn cancelled a second screening, despite the fact that the first sold out and received good reviews, “because some staff were offended . . . and felt uncomfortable.”



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