The Mystique of Authority and Propaganda in America

Government can best rule a dependent people. The more dependent people are, the easier they are ruled. Therefore the government has a psychological and a political plan to create a dependent population.

By Bob Livingston for The Bob Livingston Letter

There have been more than 40 million people on the government food stamp, or SNAP program, for over 8 years now. Instead of health freedom, we have the government/insurance corpocracy of Obamacare that makes people turn to the government. The people now clamor for “federal laws” to outlaw this or promote that, instead of looking to the individual states. And by now I’m sure you’ve seen the push for a “universal basic income” to American citizens — a paycheck from the government each month.

The psychological plan to create dependency is to create interdependency. Here is how they do it. They use the media, the public school system and fraternal organizations and religious cults to subvert individualism into group consciousness. The more we can be lead to think of the group before ourselves as individuals, the closer we come to a manipulated crowd.

All propaganda is designed to diminish the individual into the group and then the many groups into a mass or nation state. Individuals can’t be manipulated anywhere near as easily as groups can. The mystique of authority appeals to the mass mind but has little influence on the individualistic person.

Self-denial is a weapon against you

If a person has been converted to group consciousness, it is much easier to use psychological terms to extract from him his labor and substance. He has programmed (unconscious) desire to act in the name of humanitarianism. He is lead to feel a responsibility to share his means for the good of all. Altruism is defined as an unselfish concern for the welfare of others to the denial of self. The concept of altruism and self-denial is a potent subtle psychological weapon in the hands of authority.

If authority can develop benevolence and altruism in the public mind, it rules over docility rather than rebellion. Very few people outside of the inner elite have come to understand the control of the mass mind with altruism.

A population that has been brainwashed into group consciousness and altruism relieves authority of the expense of a police state. In other words, rule the mind that rules the body and in that order.

Words and phrases that trigger the mass mind to respond to authority are brotherhood, community chest, the Red Cross, fellowman, the less fortunate, etc.

The political plan to develop group consciousness and authoritarian control is a code language used by bureaucrats and politicians. Certain words and phrases are hammered into the public mind over and over. Examples would be “in the public interest,” “in the national interest,” democracy (peace, freedom and democracy), liberty, equality and fraternity.

The manipulation of the human mind automatically manipulates human action. Modern warfare is mostly psychological warfare that governments use on their own people. It is a word system that creates eternal conflict between the government dependent group and individuals.

The manipulated group or the manipulated crowd against the individual is the basis of all psychological warfare in all countries. It is the foundation upon which the New World Order is built.

They fear you

Politicians and bureaucrats, without exception, promote the group over the sovereign individual. Once this is observed consistently, the pattern of crowd control begins to come into focus. Politicians and bureaucrats despise the individual and fear him because of their inability to manipulate him.

Politicians and bureaucrats are inferior parasites. The only way that they can feel secure is in their ability to create the mass mind and manipulate the crowd against any remnants of individualism.

Politicians often fain appeal to individualism to attract certain political support. Then they, at the same time, cancel and neutralize their appeal to the individual with code words like democracy. The word democracy is actually a word of conformity just the opposite of individualism. Very few people suspect this. Decoding the “politically correct” word system would be a dagger thrust into the heart of criminal politics. It would make visible and invisible conspiracy against the sovereignty of the individual and human liberty. The only human liberty there is or can be is through the preservation of individual sovereignty over against manipulation of the crowd.

There is not now and never will be any compromise between the political forces that control the manipulated masses and sovereign individuals. To compromise is to give up political power which lies at the heart of esoteric control and manipulation of populations.

The political elite cannot even afford to allow public knowledge or public awareness that there is eternal conflict between the manipulated masses and individuals. They know that awareness alone exposes just how they create wars, conflicts, mass medication, and mass murder for the benefit of the ruling elite and their New World Order.

It is foolish and even childish to appeal to constitutional guarantees for the restoration of liberty for individualism in America. Any thinking person should conclude that so-called constitutional guarantees have theoretically existed all the time, while we have been manipulated into a soulless mass.

The recognition of the use of words in the manipulation of the crowd and the building of political power is essential if we are to recognize the blueprint of world revolution. It began with the French Revolution. When it expanded to America, hailed as the birth of a new nation based on liberty, equality, and fraternity, it was a disguised extension of the perpetual war between the manipulate masses and individual sovereignty and freedom.

Unless and until we can weave our way through the propaganda of words, we can never have a personal perception of reality. It is impossible to pursue human liberty unless based on individualism and responsibility.

‘Intolerance’ is the key?

We must be intolerant when the change agents operating on behalf of those in power try to change our perceptions with words and phrases intended to deceive. Have you noticed how all manner of sinful and abusive behavior are labeled “lifestyle choices”? Do you see how “the greater good” means surrendering your liberty to group control by the state?

• Fight the growing attempts to medically control your body with fake processed foods, vaccines, drugs, and unnecessary tests, procedures and surgeries recommended by unwitting establishment doctors.

• You must not allow yourself to be dumbed down by “public education” designed to control the public mind, confuse, and make people forget history, and what their rights are — and that they come from God, not the state.

• It’s imperative to protect yourself and your loved ones from plunder — that’s physical harm and wealth seizure through taxation and other forms of financial manipulation by the powers that be.

Those who do not will have surrendered their mind and body over to the tyranny of the collectivists.