Sweden has Died – How a Suicidal Immigration Policy Will Destroy Freedom, Prosperity and Equality

Mass-immigration of conservative non-Europeans, predominantly reactionary Muslims, are destroying the values that the Swedish left, the social democrats, worked so hard to establish. Why did they want this to happen?

The establishment left and right have successfully transformed Sweden in to an unsafe place where traditional left-liberal values of freedom and equality are abolished. By replacing the native population with a foreign population which do not always share liberal values, they have turned back the clock to a more illiberal time. Women and gays will see their rights threatened. Deep inequalities will arise between those that can afford to escape the worst effects of immigration and those that cannot.

In order to succeed with the destruction of an equal and just society they have created a fascist attitude to freedom of speech; anyone questioning the wisdom of the extremist multiculturalist experiment is harassed, fired from their work and even threatened with fines.

All this has been known by independent commentators for decades, but the question remains: WHY do the left and the right in Sweden want to jeopardize a country which worked so well? Why do they want to saw off the branch they are sitting on?

This video provides a few important answers to this question. They are not the complete story, but a starting point. It is still puzzling and bizarre that people, particularly those on the left, are in favor of an immigration policy that undermines their values.