Victory for the American System

Alexander Ackley has presented a brilliant case for a conservative, Republican, victory in the US 2012 election. Unfortunately Mitt Romney was not as well suited for the debate as Mr. Alexander Ackley.

In spite of Mitt Romney´s shortcomings, he gave the incumbent an honest run for the White House and he brought out the best in our President as he defended his claim to a second term. Perhaps neither candidate was ideal for the demands of this most-demanding-of-all jobs. However, given the choice of Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, the better man won the race. The result is a victory for the system. Mitt was not quite up to defeating Barack Obama, yet during the race, Mitt forced Barack to consider his position and learn from past mistakes. Obama will be a better president thanks to the demanding qualities of Mitt Romney. For this reason the cost of the election was worth it. The American System of testing incumbent politicians through elections, held up and brought the better man forward to lead our country.

How much better for the country is Barack Obama than Mitt Romney?

Please consider the following:

1. Obama has four years experience in this demanding office, no time for “working in” is required.

2. Obama will give the country four years of service, because he will not lose a years working into the job and he won´t spend his last year in office campaigning for re-election. By contrast, Romney would give the country two years of service, plus?

3. Obama´s international acceptance is overwhelming and it is good for American business, diplomacy, relations and moving the world forward on an even keel.

4. Obama and Romney have exceptional educational backgrounds, yet the challenges in life, which Barack Obama faced and overcame, from childhood through this election and its debates, reveal that he is in possession of a very unique intellect and personality. Mitt Romney could not compete at this level. Intelligence is not the only measure for success, however, to learn from mistakes, to analyze abstract situations and conclude the best-path for success, is a very desirable quality for leadership. America can be happy that such a brilliant young man will continue at its helm. The American people can be congratulated for their choice.

5. Obama´s campaign for re-election has forced him to study the Republicans´ position on every issue. He is now in a better position to work with and understand the Republican motivation for change and better bridge the gap between the two parties.

6. Obama is better qualified to integrate the country, the two opposing parties and the country in the world of international relations. Romney would polarize while Obama integrates.

7. Obama projects a peaceful national policy for international relations. Adding more spending for “national defense”, while the US already spends more than all ten of the next defense-oriented countries of the world (including China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, UK and France), would be wrong and was one of Romney´s major campaign mistakes.

8. Although it is true that raising taxes on the rich would be less than productive and unnecessary, the middle class in America is on the wane. Obama will contribute to strengthening that middle class more than Romney might have.

9. Obama took over a tough job in 2009. He is already on a new path to strengthen the country, now augmented with lessons learned from the campaign of 2012. He will work with Republicans to reduce the national debt, much to the surprise of many Republicans. I think we can look forward to a future of growth and prosperity with Barack Obama.

In the final analysis, the American System has brought us the best solution. The peaceful transition of power, which is one of American´s great assets with our Democracy, has been tested and confirmed. The world is satisfied with our results. We can be very happy that the System succeeded for us, again.

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commented 2012-11-14 22:04:39 -0500 · Flag
Jim G. writes:

Obama won so I’ll support him—within reason. Below are a few once only musings covering your comments along with my take on why basically 50 % of America is fed up with the direction the country is taking. This is it. No additions—no replies-rebuttals or ongoing arguments. Life is too short and I need to get back to my single malt scotch, kayaking, and other pursuits that make my quality of life pretty damn satisfying.
1. You mention that your ability to judge character is pretty good—-so is mine. My judgment says the best man didn’t win. That’s fair—we just disagree.
2. In reading your nine points, they seem to indicate generally how YOU feel with no real empirical data discussed (by the way—— the first two points seem to contradict themselves). That’s again fair-we just disagree.
3. You’re right—it took Bush eight yrs—it only took Obama three. Obama spent more in three yrs (5.6 trillion) than Bush spent in eight (4.9 trillion). The “Great Recession” started 13 months before Obama took office and ended 5 months into his term. The biggest declines happened in the final three months of Bush’s second term. Less declines happened in the first quarter of 2009-things were getting better. This turnaround has to be attributed to Bush era policies implemented in the fourth quarter of 2008. By the beginning of June 2009, the recession was declared over by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Obama then had 3.5 yrs to build on this beginning and he failed.
4. There were excellent reasons for Republican opposition (remember—Dems owned both houses for the last two yrs of Bush’s term & the first two yrs under Obama). There was a reason for the landslide shift in the 2010 elections.
A. Bailing out mortgage foreclosures, continually extending unemployment benefits and the granddaddy of them all—a protracted campaign and one sided vote passing Obamacare just wasn’t a fiscally smart choice of options available to use during a severe economic downturn.
B. He couldn’t pass one budget in four yrs—even the Dems voted unanimously against his only one. We needed strong Fiscal leadership and we didn’t get it.
C. The Bowles/Simpson package –requested by Obama- has merit in Republican eyes and was an excellent bipartisan tool to work with. Why did Obama request it and then ignore it? My guess is since it lowered ALL ordinary tax rates with no increase on the “rich”, Obama wasn’t interested.

I’m willing to support our president in “getting the job done”— just not blindly. I will have many, many questions—as we all should have.
Jim G.
commented 2012-11-14 04:37:46 -0500 · Flag
Jay Z. has provided statistics of the election that make further analysis and understanding the outcome easier. Very helpful and surprising. Who would have thought that John McCain would have attracted more votes than Mitt Romney?
Thank you Jay for the analysis and the interesting conclusions.
Paul Dolan
commented 2012-11-14 01:12:02 -0500 · Flag
Jay Z. writes:

Of the 117,455,718 popular votes cast last week, Barak Obama received 59,127,919 votes, or 50.34% of the popular vote, and Mitt Romney received 56,461,412 votes, or 48.07% of the popular vote. Third party candidates received 1,866,387 votes or 1.59% of the popular vote.

Do the math, and you’ll see that Barak Obama won the election with a popular vote margin of 800,120 votes, or 0.68% of the popular vote.

But wait, there’s more. Obama lost market share for the Democratic Party in 2012, whereas Romney gained market share for the Republican Party this year. Obama received 10,328,978 fewer votes in 2012 than he got in 2008, and Romney received 3,478,402 fewer votes than did John McCain in 2008. However, Obama received 50.34% of the popular vote this year, but in 2008 he got 52.92% of the popular vote. John McCain got 45.66% of the popular vote in 2008, but Mitt Romney got 48.07% of the popular vote this year.

Mitt Romney – and Mitt Romney alone – lost the race for the presidency, because of “Mitt Romney’s stale and simplistic policy agenda, and his cautious and conventional presentation of it”, as Bill Kristol put it. Kristol wasn’t talking about abortion, gay marriage, and illegal immigration. He was speaking of the enormous fiscal, foreign policy, and national defense problems with which we were faced.
commented 2012-11-13 13:48:08 -0500 · Flag
Ben writes:

BUT the reality is big government Republicans like Romney, Ryan, Dole, and McCain can’t win a national election. The other aspect of reality is that a small government, small spending, government is the problem not the solution, more freedom from government, low regulations and low taxes Republican like Reagan can win overwhelmingly. That is the reality. If the powerful of the Republican Party can’t admit to that, they will fail.

Romney/Ryan did not fail because they did not properly appeal to minorities but because they were Obama lite. Lite because they obviously shared Obama’s belief in government as a solution but did not act as Santa Claus to every possible group. So why should anyone vote for big government without goodies?

Honesty alone is not enough to trump crooks who are very adept at buying off a large percentage of the public. The honest Republican can win but only by backing small government and by appealing to the gut level emotions of the common man. Reagan did it and if you listen to how an audience responds to plain and simple Ron Paul you can understand gut level responses. Gut level people (the vast majority of our electorate) instantly recognize right from wrong, good from bad. Very few of the educated among us can do that because they have been educated to believe that their rational brain can decide right from wrong, but that is not true. Republicans who attempt to win by appealing to the conscious brain fail while those who appeal to the gut win. It is that simple and is all about human nature. It took me many years as a manager to understand this fact of life.

So the truth is that big government Romney should have lost and frankly we are probably better off because he lost. Republicans need to go back to the basics of liberty and freedom a la Marco Rubio. I have serious doubts about Republicans actually being for free market vs government directed solutions. And so long as Republicans are for big government they will continue to disappoint us and damage our country.
commented 2012-11-12 17:41:59 -0500 · Flag
Beauforde Pusser writes:

And now to add insult to injury all the Republican Punditry is a circular firing squad…blaming the “message” and imploring the Conservative movement to join the Progressive Dope Show and get on stage and cheer on the decline into Euro-Statism. This is a nightmare.

These incompetent, Establishment imbeciles are a danger to the Republic — only self-interested parasites worried about their consulting fees.

Do they not realize that over 90 million citizens DID NOT VOTE? Obama won only 51% of the popular vote. This election was NO MANDATE for the Liberals…it wes a tragedy of apathy for the Conservatives. More Mormons voted for McCain than for Romney. Why did people sit home? The apathy is breathtaking. And now the Dope SHow Media is pushing the même that the Republicans have to become more “mainstream” (i.e. give up on free-enterprise, small government, and adherence to the U.S. Constitution). This is profoundly insulting.
commented 2012-11-12 17:36:47 -0500 · Flag
Tom writes:

" Ronald Brownstein, the Washington journalist, captures
the GOP’s demographic reality with his 80:40 rule.
If Democrats win 80 per cent of the non-white vote and
40 per cent of the white vote, they are undefeatable.
That is roughly what happened last Tuesday "

this is reality and the idea that Hispanic, Asia, Black vote
will ever migrate away from the Democratic party is Fantasy,
they are not going to vote against having there Government entitlements
reformed or reduced, we’ve crossed the point of No Return
commented 2012-11-11 21:19:04 -0500 · Flag
Tom writes:

The self reinforcing mechanisms and continuous re-seeding and harvesting operations of the Liberal Apprarchiks did escape me to a certain extent, I suppose I always held out more Hope for people cherishing there individual freedoms, having and discovering a sense of pride, responsibility, sense of gratitude & appreciation for opportunities presented, how wrong I was.

The America of all our youths is Long Gone, we are now left with Barak Obama’s self reinforcing sewer. I am Not Participating and Refuse to have anything to do with the Mass Culture of infantilism and Identity Politics.
commented 2012-11-11 02:08:51 -0500 · Flag
Mike W. writes:

Kill pensions.
Kill unions.
Outsource all the jobs.
Kill the middle class.
What you’re left with is a **** environment where everyone works 24×7 out of fear of losing their job.
What ever happened to going home at 5:30? What ever happened to overtime and union bosses looking out for people.
The 1% steal peoples SOULS.
commented 2012-11-11 01:23:52 -0500 · Flag
Anna Y. writes:

Any doubts about Man’s reasoning ability were put to rest when the election results rolled in Tuesday night. Like the most simple bacteria and despite all evidence pointing to the necessity of a different choice, a majority chose the perception of taking the easy way out; never realizing they are killing their host in the process.
commented 2012-11-11 01:12:00 -0500 · Flag
Paul H. writes:

The future of the GOP:

The GOP failed to adequately support Romney

Its leaders were AWOL during the campaign, and it has no effective leaders

The GOP marginalized the Tea Party

The GOP while marginalizing the Independents failed To stand up against Obama and the deficit increases, and failure to enact Budgets

Romney, or his campaign directors, failed, as did McCain, to bring out the failures, the lies, the vote-buying, Failure to protect our borders,the crooked Green support, failure to show that women’ health was not the issue only government financial support of legalized abortion, or the Crony-ism of Obama

Romney, or his campaign directors, failed to de-claw the claims of “going back”…to full employment to low inflation, to prosperity for all willing to work for it, etc.

The Campaign failed to present the positives of their program, or the negatives of
Obama for the younger generation, leading them to again vote for Obama

The Campaign failed to pick up on the ear piece feeding arguments to Obama

The Campaign filed to assure more neutral approaches by the ”moderators” in the debates

With so many voters bought and paid for with even greater deficits in 4 more years, the Obama Socialist reign will continue

The Republican Party over-emphasized religious beliefs in a world of Secularism

The Republican Party is finished as a major contender, only a moderate Party will have
a future chance. As it is the GOP can only play the role of spoiler in the future, likely
becoming a perennial loser as an “Evangelical” Party. Decent morals and ethics is a
tough sell to an unethical and immorally pair of generations

Meanwhile, welcome to the third world of Greece, Spain, Cuba and Venezuela.

P.S. Since voting themselves life-long pensions and healthcare Congresspersons now focus
on gaining power wealth despite rather than the good of the country despite their assured benefits.
commented 2012-11-11 00:17:21 -0500 · Flag
Doris Schumann:

Dolan is very optimistic about the next 4 years and that is good. I wish I could share his view. I cannot. Dolan provides a lot of soft reasoning about why Obama is good for America. He won’t need working in, he has a unique intellect (I don’t agree, find him mediocre of intellect at best), he’s better qualified to integrate the country (note to Mr. Dolan: Obama has polarized the country like no one in recent history), he projects a peaceful national policy (drones, assassinations, and the Middle East in flames), he’s on a path to strengthen the country (near 20% real unemployment, 45 million on food stamps, blue states bankrupt, adding 6 trillion in debt in 4 years). I don’t know what world or country Mr. Dolan is living in, but it is not the country I live in.
commented 2012-11-10 23:49:36 -0500 · Flag
Chuck Norris writes:

3 million + people walking around with Obama phones and another 4 million people Added to Permanent Social Security Disability (i.e. permanent lifetime Welfare)
roles during the Magical O’s 1st term and you have Tuesday’s election results.

Like I said, there is No Over Thinking Required here, we are a Sewer, and the Parasites voted to ensure the continuous flow of Free Stuff !
commented 2012-11-10 23:39:27 -0500 · Flag
Cary Smitherton writes:

Mr. Dolan doth protest too much. The responses to his article are for the most part very well detailed and not ad hominem attacks. DId Mr. Dolan bother to read the comments from Chris R.? DId he bother to read the Thomas Sowell article that C. Norris sent him in his response? DId he read J.A.’s self-critical comments? As far as attempting to appeal to the prejudices and emotions of a mass internet audience the Obama campaign wrote the political handbook on that. Their fear-filled appeals to the uninformed and uneducated emotions of their coalition of minorities, students, young women and aging Kennedy-nostalgic elites is what put them over the top.
commented 2012-11-10 13:10:31 -0500 · Flag
It is interesting that many comments attack Mr. Dolan rather than his conclusions as they relate to results of the election. In terms of classical logic, this approach is known as one of the fallacies of argument, “argumentum ad hominem.” This logical fallacy is unacceptable and disqualifies its perpetrator. It is designed to detract from Mr. Dolan´s statements without offering substantive content. It smacks of the failed Romney election campaign and Mitt Romney´s disappointed supporters – and “sour grapes” as the author of Aesop´s Fables would have said.

Another example of fallacious logic among the comments, is the attempt to appeal to the mass Internet audience, endeavoring to sway the judgment of those reading by appealing to their prejudices and emotions but separate from the point at issue, “argumentum ad populum.”

This is not a reflection of the general level of intelligence of the traditional “TIC” reader, yet we do look forward to more content and better thoughts among possible future comments.
Paul Dolan
commented 2012-11-10 00:30:34 -0500 · Flag
Lee Van Cleef writes:

argentina is now flirting with it’s de-rigueur decadal mass protests in the street against peronismo (i.e. particularly argentine version of confiscatory socialism… essentially the model california, illinois, detroit are running on now, with ny, ct. and nj not far behind). 700,000 thousand people flooding the street because they can’t stand the theft, lies, confiscation and constitutional abuse any longer.

SOUND FAMILIAR? it should. it’s us inside 10 years. read the comments too… the argentines themselves weighing in with complete indictments on what is the kirschner-obama model. they know what ~60mn of our ‘progressive citizen brethren’ (wretch) don’t want to learn.

commented 2012-11-10 00:08:42 -0500 · Flag
Spartacus writes:

Personally, I think that ANYONE who elected Not to Vote in this
Election should have there Citizenship Revoked, Give them a Green Card
instead, they are not worthy of protections (real or perceived)
afforded to US Citizens who are expected to exercise responsibilities.

As A Nation we are Screwed,
the one word that everyone is going to become intimately familiar
with during these next 4 years is CORRUPTION
on a scale never witnessed heretofore.

As for the ‘evangelical vote’ whatever the Hell that Is ?,
Romney is amongst the most principled Men to ever seek
this office, I have No Idea what the Hell is at the Center of the
‘evangelical crowds value system’ but there failure to see
Romney for the incredibly Morally minded courageous person
that he is, both through words and deeds leads me to be believe
that the ’evangelical crowd should relocate there operations to
Jonestown in Guyana where they can create there own Utopia.

I Do Not Mean to offend any on this list, I am just sick and tired of
people refusing to see themselves as Americans 1st and foremost
You either Love your Country or you are just another Parasite
roaming the planet, The Parasites Won on Tuesday night !

Enjoy the Obama Ghetto show, we ain’t seen nothing Yet
and you won’t recognize the country in 2016 !
commented 2012-11-10 00:06:27 -0500 · Flag
Vic writes:

You only need to one statistic “ Romney got 2.5 million fewer votes than mccain who was an inspirational as a chia pet as a candidate“ Romney was not viewed as a true conservative nor as a true evangelical which is absolutely he is not – and the ‘purists’ stayed home and did not vote out of conscious. great. they made their
point and now the nation suffers another four years of the magic O..great logic!
commented 2012-11-10 00:01:34 -0500 · Flag
J. A. writes:

Obama obfuscated and distorted his way down the campaign path. And, disappointingly, 51% of our under-educated electorate followed him or perhaps saw him as the lesser of two evils. Shame on him – and them.

Shame on US (conservatives) as well.

In my judgment, we as conservatives clearly contributed to this embarrassing loss. We have been far from our best these past several years. And, instead of pointing an accusatory finger at THEM (the Libs) I believe we need to step back and do some good old fashioned soul-searching over OUR performance. And, in my view, we’ve contributed mightily to the problem.

I agree w B.O. that too many of the nominees speaking on behalf of conservatism are very, very weak. When B.O. uses the phrase “gun-slinging bible-waving loons” to describe the way some conservative candidates appear to an unaligned voter, he’s spot on. Many/most of the average independent voters in the battleground states look upon these candidates as extremists, undeserving of a vote and no better than the Liberals. And that is really saying something!

Further, I agree that we need to lighten-up on the vehemence and rigidity with which we pursue social issues. Hey, conservatives are the ideology of personal choice over big-government directives, right? Then why should we not acknowledge that theres no singularity of opinion among reasonable men and women. Within reason, why not leave that stuff to the individuals themselves or their respective local communities, rather than an over-reaching Republican platform. As conservatives we can naturally and proudly — honor our strong beliefs of pro-life, traditional marriage, etc. Why should we summarily exclude anyone who has even a modest difference of opinion? I know lots of law-abiding immigrants and fair-minded working class folks who are just killing to be welcomed into the Conservative Tent, but are regularly turned away for one social reason or another.

Many atop our conservative pulpit will have the immediate instinct to yell yes, exclude
them! But from a practical standpoint I think we’ve been doing too much of that and
unwittingly forcing many of our like-minded brethren into Snake Oil Obama’s world and a
lifetime of mediocrity and dependence.

Conservatives resoundingly win the moral debate on fiscal issues. I believe we can also win the arguments on many (but perhaps not all) social issues by being a little more respectful and accommodative of people who want to join us, but are all too often shown the door.
commented 2012-11-09 23:49:26 -0500 · Flag
Chuck Norris writes:

Mr. Dolan will be revealed in broad daylight as the perfect front man for the Obama Administration.

Waiving Freedom: Obama’s Exercise of Arbitrary Power
Written by Thomas Sowell – Tuesday, 06 November 2012
(before the Election) Among the objections to ObamaCare, one that has not gotten as much attention as it should is the president’s power to waive the law for any company, union or other enterprise he chooses. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution provides for “equal protection of the laws” for all Americans. To have a law that can cost an organization millions of dollars a year either apply or not apply, depending on the whim or political interest of the President of the United States, is to make a mockery of the rule of law. How secure is any freedom when there is this kind of arbitrary power in the hands of one man? What does your right of freedom of speech mean if saying something that irritates the Obama administration means that you or your business has to pay huge amounts of money and get hit with all sorts of red tape under ObamaCare that your competitor is exempted from, because your competitor either kept quiet or praised the Obama administration or donated to its reelection campaign? Arbitrary ObamaCare waivers are bad enough by themselves. They are truly ominous as part of a more general practice of this administration to create arbitrary powers that permit them to walk roughshod over the basic rights of the American people. The checks and balances of the Constitution have been evaded time and time again by the Obama administration, undermining the fundamental right of the people to determine the laws that govern them, through their elected representatives. You do not have a self-governing people when huge laws are passed too fast for the public to even know what is in them. You do not have a self-governing people when “czars” are created by Executive Orders, so that individuals wielding vast powers equal to, or greater than, the powers of Cabinet members do not have to be vetted and confirmed by the people’s elected representatives in the Senate, as Cabinet members must be. You do not have a self-governing people when decisions to take military action are referred to the United Nations and the Arab League, but not to the Congress of the United States, elected by the American people, whose blood and treasure are squandered. You do not have a self-governing people when a so-called “consumer protection” agency is created to be financed by the unelected officials of the Federal Reserve System, which can create its own money out of thin air, instead of being financed by appropriations voted by elected members of Congress who have to justify their priorities and trade-offs to the taxpaying public. You do not have a self-governing people when laws passed by the Congress, signed by previous Presidents, and approved by the federal courts, can have the current President waive whatever sections he does not like, and refuse to enforce those sections, despite his oath to see that the laws are faithfully executed. Barack Obama, for example, has refused to carry out sections of the immigration laws that he does not like, unilaterally creating de facto amnesty for those illegal immigrants he has chosen to be exempt from the law. The issue is not — repeat, NOT — the wisdom or justice of this President’s immigration policy, but the seizing of arbitrary powers not granted to any President by the Constitution of the United States. You do not have a self-governing people if President Obama succeeds in having international treaties under United Nations auspices govern the way Americans live their lives, whether with gun control laws or other laws. Obama’s “citizen of the world” mindset was revealed back in 2008, when he said “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that every other country is going to say okay.” The desire to circumvent the will of the American people was revealed even more ominously when Barack Obama said to Russian President Medvedev — when he thought the microphone was off — that, after he is reelected and need never face the voters again, he can be more “flexible” with the Russians about missile defense. There are other signs of Obama’s contempt for American Constitutional democracy, but these should be more than enough. Dare we risk how far he will go when he never has to face the voters again, and can appoint Supreme Court justices who can rubber stamp his power grabs? Will this still be America in 2016? Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His website is COPYRIGHT 2012 CREATORS.COM
commented 2012-11-09 23:47:20 -0500 · Flag
Benjamin writes:

Mr. Dolan makes clear why Europe will fail. His lack of critical thinking and his inability to analyze of facts reveals an uneducated and unintelligent man. That he was a successful manager at several Fortune 500 firms attests to their need of government support through crony capitalism.
commented 2012-11-09 23:45:01 -0500 · Flag
Chris R. writes:

Mr. Dolan’s comments are revealing, in the most dispiriting way. they are a different language. he literally talks past EVERY issue. never directly addresses one of them. instead, his ‘responses’ are literally rooted in an alternate surreality. his interpretations of nearly every obama action, and their consequences, are jaw-droppingly, DEMONSTRABLY false…confections, fables, myths and digressions. it’s as if he went to an academy where a magical 5 was the sum of 2+2.

it’s as if he’s unaware that the middle east is a-z in flames and limbering up for insurrection; as if he’s unaware of how impotent all of our adversaries see us, how putin and china looks at us as a spent force; as if he’s unaware of the 20% true unemployment; as if he’s unaware of how irredeemably corrupted our wall street-k street nexus has become; as if he’s unaware that EVERY municipality under long-term democratic management is structurally bankrupt; as if he’s unaware of how stupefyingly stoopit our education system is. etc., etc., etc.

does Dolan believe that NYT headlines and john stewart gaffe-lines constitute news and analysis? does he have even a 6-th grade level of cursory familiarity with our constitution?

“the world is pleased…the world approves…”?!!! whaaaaaaat? does he believe that US interests must be oriented toward pleasing kenyans, venezuelans and sri-lankans???

how do you discuss anything with an suspended-development infant like this man when one can’t even agree on the basis of what just happened, what is fact, what is math, what is reality and what is surreality??

there is no ‘convincing’ or ‘persuading’ someone like him. he must be defeated at the ballot box. these people are irredeemable… they must be left to their own serfdom, without one iota of empathy or pity wasted on them.

the simple final fact is this: our founders would loathe us if they knew us, would consider us the enemy, would consider us coddled, weak, selfish, uninformed and not worthy of rescue. they’d be the first to light the torch on our edifices of vainglory and indolence. and mr. dolan would be among the first immolated.