The Rise of Political Correctness

Credentialed, molded, and opinionated, a uniform class now presides over nearly all federal, and state, government bureaucracies, over the media, the educational establishment, and major corporations. Like a fraternity, it requires speaking the “in” language signifying that one is on the right side, and joins to bring grief upon “outsiders” who run afoul of its members. No more than its European counterparts does America’s progressive Ruling Class offer any vision of truth, goodness, beauty, or advantage to attract the rest of society to itself. Like its European kin, all that American Progressivism offers is obedience to the ruling class, enforced by political correctness. Nor is there any endpoint to what is politically correct, any more than there ever was to Communism. Here and now, as everywhere and always, it comes down to glorifying the party and humbling the rest.

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