The Extremist TV Channels Fueling Hate Across The Arab World

Sunni and Shia TV networks are spreading messages of intolerance and aggression, fanning the flames of religious hatred across the Middle East. As Sunni and Shia fight against each other in Syria and Iraq, who is behind the most extreme Islamic TV stations?

"Shias' heads should be smashed like snakes", calls the presenter of Safa TV. Since the beginning of the Arab Spring, the Middle East has experienced a proliferation of new TV channels. But the inflammatory language intended to offend the other sect is increasingly blamed for rising tensions. In 2013, a group of Shias were lynched in the streets in a predominantly Sunni Egypt. "The media is responsible for what is happening here", says a witness angrily. As the investigation uncovers links to the UK, US and Kuwait, civilians continue to be bombarded with satellite TV stations. "This is a barbaric act. They are trying to divide Sunni and Shia and this division isn't real", says an Iraqi victim of a sectarian war.

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