The Cult of Caitlyn Jenner


FROM THE EDITOR: Bruce Jenner is the perfect metaphor for what has happened to America the last 40 years.  Jenner's pathetic spectacle of degeneration from a strapping, beautiful, masculine, confident, world-beating dynamo to a Dollied-up, confused, gender-psychotic, shrivelling "Girly Boy" - complete with breast implants - parallels the American Psyche's feminization and destruction through Marxist Critical Theory, Feminism, Multi-Culturalism, and the entire conga line of self-hating Leftist pathologies pushed by Akademia, the Entertainment/ Industrial Complex, and the Media into the "Mainstream" since the mid-1960's.  This is the Manifest Destiny of that decadent trajectory embodied in one pathetic human being.  Your once-young American God is now a sad, old, incoherent and discombobulated Drag Queen. 

The transformation is not about the victim. It’s about us, the watchers.

That was one of the most poignant moments in the novel The Exorcist, William Blatty’s masterpiece of horror. The two priests who are performing the rite of exorcism are exhausted, and during a break one asks the other: Why? Why does the diabolical horrify us by mongrelizing a beautiful person?

The point, the elder priest replies, is not about the person possessed—it’s about us, the onlookers. It’s to convince us that we are animalistic and not worthy of God’s love. It has very little to do with the possessed girl. This scene taps into an explanation for the phenomenon that is Caitlyn Jenner.

Homosexuals and transgendered people are nothing new. One of my favorite books when I was in college in the 1980s was The Naked Civil Servant, the autobiography of Quentin Crisp, a British man who dared to be a Caitlyn as early as the 1920s. In the 1970s there was Renée Richards, like Jenner a male athlete who transitioned to female.

No, this stuff is not new. What is new is the reaction of the onlookers. As with the witnesses in The Exorcist, we are judging ourselves, and being judged by others, depending on our reaction to the transformation we are witnessing—in this case the transformation of a former Olympic gold medal athlete into a sixty-five year-old woman in a corset. Either we celebrate the new female Jenner—ambivalence is not acceptable, one must praise—or we reject that this man is now a woman, and thus cast ourselves out of polite society, making ourselves unworthy of the love of the modern religion of narcissistic liberalism. Liberalism, particularly liberalism of the sexual revolution variety, is a religion, and the Jenner event is the equivalent of an apparition in the Catholic Church. Either we see and believe and are holy ourselves, or we are doubters, skeptics, heretics outside the circle of divine love.

This religious aspect is what makes the disciples of Caitlyn Jenner and the new cult of mutable sexuality so obnoxious—and dangerous. Journalist Brendan O’Neill touched on it in a column about Jenner in The Spectator:

The [Vanity Fair] photo [of Jenner] is indeed iconic. And not just in the shallow celeb meaning of that word. Its iconic in the traditional sense, too, in that its being venerated as an actual icon, a devotional image of an apparently holy human. Its an image were all expected to bow down to, whose essential truth we must imbibe; an image you question or ridicule at your peril, with those who refuse to genuflect before it facing excommunication from polite society. Yesterdays Jennermania confirms how weirdly authoritarian, even idolatrous, trans politics has become.

Bingo. The most dangerous political movements, from the occult influence of the Third Reich to messianic Marxism, always have a scaffolding of religious self-righteousness supporting them. It’s not enough to demand tolerance and equal treatment before the law; others must be converted and heretics must be shamed. When Jenner’s wife Kris expresses shock that her husband is now a woman, she is savaged in the comments section of a popular magazine. (Of course, it’s hard to pity Kris Jenner, who has made millions of dollars airing the Kardashian family laundry in public). A twitter bot is automatically changing Jenner’s pronoun from “he” to “she.” The pagan unbelievers must be cleansed. This is not unlike orthodox Christian preachers balking at any mention of God as a female.

I will not be calling Caitlyn Jenner a woman. Not because I don’t sympathize with Jenner’s struggle or think he’s not a nice guy—in fact, he seems much less bullying than his supporters. I will look on him as the priests looked upon Regan, the poor possessed girl in The Exorcist. No matter what the demonic legion in the media says about it, or demands that I say about it, I will not bow to the Cult of Caitlyn. Because Caitlyn Jenner is not a god. He is a man.


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commented 2015-06-05 06:19:32 -0400 · Flag
This from KGD, a friend of Paul and his blog:
Here’s an important thing to remember when you see people becoming outraged by something.

Eric Hoffer once wrote: “A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”
commented 2015-06-05 06:16:52 -0400 · Flag
This is, FJD, a friend of Paul: There are plenty of other success stories to focus our attentions on. I’m not worried about becoming transgender and I’m not affected by stuff like this. Everyone chooses their own journey.

Extrapolating to America - a country of 330 million --the degeneration of one man turned woman is like believing we all follow the same tune, influenced by the same media, or that these people actually have any influence, which is complete idiocy.

You’ve got plenty of freak shows in the world, let alone America. Nothing is wrong with the world because of them. You just need to accept that in every basket of fruit there are bound to be some nuts.

Have a good day.
commented 2015-06-04 13:58:13 -0400 · Flag
from AF, a friend of Paul:
I have not followed the media buzz about Jenner because it is so one-sided. The interesting factor in the VF piece and video is how his/her offspring have adapted/accepted/learned-to-live-with this phase of his/her life. While the initial reactions reportedly seem to be timidly against the change, it is so much easier to accept quietly and get on with one’s own life and that is what they seem to have done.

The degradation of morality and gender issues is reaching a new height with increasing publicity and hype and increasing academic multicultural education of children (and adults) that is sexually biased against what God created. That degradation has not plateaued, it will only increase as more media attention fights to gain greater acceptance for the “Bruces” while the contravening philosophy wakes up and begins to fight the trend as they watch their children begin to struggle managing their own life and gender issues guided by a highly confusing moral compass that never tends to point north. In the past, parents and those going through life’s pains of growing up could depend on that moral compass and at least know the direction in which they were traveling. Even now, “churches” are losing their own moral compasses.

I saw the trend living here in the 60s and 70s as students and colleges found their peace within the drug culture. Those kids have lead the degradation as they gained and held positions of influence and power in their adult lives. Look at Bill Clinton and his sexcapades while holding the highest office of public trust.

There will be lots of turmoil as the two diametrically-opposed philosophies clash, Similar to the results from the destruction of the respect owed to police in our cities, the degradation of morality and increase in evil is and will expand until the quiet majority rebel and fight to get the moral compass pointing north again. It will not be pretty and the pain felt by society (and by the fabric of the family) will be severe. But in the end, the social fabrics of society and the family have to prevail because the human race’s natural inclination is to survive which can only happen with a moral compass that is true.
commented 2015-06-04 13:50:58 -0400 · Flag
from J.G. a friend of Paul: I have a slightly different take on the Jenner/moral compass issue:

I’m firmly in the camp of “born as”—not a choice. In my opinion Jenner had no choice. At his emotional core he was not a man. If anything his case brutally demonstrates this. Here is an absolutely supremely gifted athlete with an Adonis-like male body. If anyone could make it in the world as a man, Jenner could. Even with these amazing gifts evidently from an early age he knew his soul and emotional make-up were those of a woman. There was nothing wrong with his moral compass.

This issue lies outside your friend’s take on drugs and Clinton’s escapades. I agree with him and his opinion of changing moral values but to try and link what Jenner has gone through with today’s moral compass is mixing apples and oranges.

And I won’t be needing Jenner’s address. I just tried on some of my wife´s old mini-skirts. I think I’ll keep them around for awhile!
commented 2015-06-04 12:05:51 -0400 · Flag
Thomas N. commented

the Jenner side-show is the crowning realization of America’s descent into the chronic decaying ‘state’ of NOTHINGNESS.

Obviously I do not waste my time following the travails of this morphed creatures adventure into nothingness. But this morning when I turned on my Radio this is what greeted me, then I went to the front porch to retrieve the paper and there again was the creature on the Front Page, Facebook & Twitter have reduced this country’s concept of news / current affairs into a worthless world filled with the most pedestrian, Idiotic,
Noise imaginable, I am just sorry that I find myself having to circulate amongst these eviscerated robo-trons who actually believe this utter waste has any relevance even worthy of commentary.

Welcome to the toilet bowl, time to up-grade to 2-ply tissue, Wipe cleanly and Flush immediately !!
commented 2015-06-04 12:02:03 -0400 · Flag
Paul D. commented

This is just great! Jenner´s transition is totally freak but because he is such a top guy, even men are insecure about what the hell is “right.”

TO THE EDITOR: Your statement is bed-rock solid and very comforting. Thank you.
commented 2015-06-04 11:59:42 -0400 · Flag
Miller commented

This is the precipice of the collapse brought upon the U.S. by the misguided ideals of the baby boomers and the hippie generation – Crowley’s “do what thou wilt is the whole of the law” has replaced “love ME with all your heart mind and soul” and “meditate on my word” at all times. And of course it is nicely packaged by a traditional well-known magazine – photographed by Annie liebowiz….this is a major victory for Mr. D….
commented 2015-06-04 11:56:47 -0400 · Flag
Jim R. commented

Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick And Delusional Man. · by Matt Walsh · April 27, 2015

Matt Walsh is a blogger, writer, speaker, and professional truth sayer.

On Friday night, a mentally ill crossdresser named Bruce Jenner was interviewed for two hours during prime time about his plan to gruesomely mutilate his genitals in a macabre pseduo-medical ritual often erronsously described as a “sex change.” He detailed his decision to Diane Sawyer, calmly declaring: “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman.”

He concluded that the next best course of action is to castrate himself and live the rest of his life pretending to be a girl. He’s already undergone extensive cosmetic surgery, including shaving down his trachea (which is a thing that doctors will actually do, apparently) in pursuit of some perverse, bastardized notion of synthetic femininity.

In response, our depraved and insane country has hailed him as something approaching a god, with millions of people flooding social media to heap unrestrained praise and adulation.

#BruceJenner continues to prove what it means to be an all-American hero. I had a hero for dinner. It was not nearly as inspiring.

— Brad Loekle (@bradloekle) April 25, 2015

#BruceJenner we learn from you to be courageous, funny and to be our authentic self. With love and Go For It!

— Billie Jean King (@billiejeanking) April 25, 2015

What a profoundly courageous & amazing person Bruce Jenner is tonight. I give him all the support in the world #peace

— Elizabeth Perkins (@elizbethperkins) April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner has a courage & strength. This shouldn’t only inspire the LGBT community it should inspire all of us. #heroic #BruceJennerABC

— Kimberly Kabin (@kimberlykabin) April 25, 2015

Last night #BruceJenner became this country’s hero for the second time Heavy black heart️ thank you for being so…

— Jamie Stone (@itsjamiestone) April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner is an amazing person n the way she answered her questions is smart and classy-like, her bravery will be legendary #BruceJenner

— Hanna tweets (@hannah2fame) April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner = warrior … Not easy to do what he did, not easy to hide your true self for 60+ years. Tip of the cap to Bruce

— Greg Larioni (@greglarioniii) April 25, 2015

In tears… Bruce Jenner is my savior

— baby girl (@jazzyvpoo) April 26, 2015

Yes, in the unhinged mind of popular culture, a man puts on a pantsuit and suddenly he’s a brave, strong, courageous, amazing, historic, legendary, superhero warrior savior. He went from a D-list reality TV celebrity to Jesus Christ, and all because he said he wants to be a she.

This is demented. The whole thing. All of it.

It’s worth noting, too, that it doesn’t generally require “courage” or “bravery” or “strength” to do something that is sure to result in television deals and roaring applause from a sea of adoring fans. Usually, courage is not defined as “the willingness to endure immense popularity, esteem, fame, and profit.”

I’m not saying this was all a marketing ploy, but his bank account and reputation are certainly reaping the rewards.

So, heroic? Hardly. Amazing? This old man with cerebral palsy using a typewriter to paint the Mona Lisa is amazing, but Bruce Jenner? Sorry, I don’t see it.

I think the better word would be horrifying. And sad. And depressing. And despicable.

That last one isn’t to describe him, but to describe the simpering suck ups yelling for him to jump while he stands on the metaphorical ledge, threatening to hurt himself in ways he’ll never be able to undo. These people saluting Jenner for trying to become a woman are really no different than lunatics congratulating an emaciated anorexic for imagining she’s 300 pounds overweight. Both harbor harmful, destructive, and inaccurate perceptions about themselves, and both need help changing their perceptions, not their bodies.

Yet he will receive no such help because that would hurt the “transgender” agenda, and “transgenderism” is the new unholy grail of modern progressivism.

Liberals have already managed to legally redefine what constitutes a human being, and now they’ve set out to redefine what constitutes a man and a woman. As usual, they are having overwhelming success and meeting virtually no resistance along the way.

Every day, the media treats us to another breathless screed about how transgenders are finally “having their moment.” We are at the “transgender tipping point,” as Time put it. Transgender acceptance is “the civil rights issue of our time,” according to the vice president.

Want more from Matt Walsh?

Kids are learning in school that boys can have girl brains and girls can have boy brains. Worst of all, children are now being labeled “transgendered” and traipsed around as props by gay activists if they decide to “identify” as the opposite gender when they’re still in pull ups. Evidently, when a 2-year-old boy says he’s a girl, we ought to take the pronouncement quite seriously.

My son is 2 and has for several months self-identified as a tyrannosaurus rex. Should I rewatch “Jurassic Park” to get ideas on how to raise an extinct reptile? Or should I assume he’s a small child and small children have active imaginations and a very tenuous grasp on reality? I think I prefer the second option, although the moment he sprouts into a five ton lizard and tries to eat my car, I’ll certainly reconsider.

But my son’s dinosaur pretensions are just a bit of harmless fun. “Transgenderism,” on the other hand, is a dangerous road to a dark place.

The former top psychiatrist at John’s Hopkins, Dr. Chapman, penned a Wall Street journal article several months ago, making it clear that “transgenders” are mentally disordered. Boldly affirming the indisputable findings of every credible biologist who’s ever existed, Dr. Chapman reported that sex change is biologically impossible, and to tell a transgender he can be “reassigned” or “transitioned” from one gender to the other is to “promote and collaborate with mental illness.”

As the doctor points out, “transgenders” have a suicide rate 20 times higher than the general population — after surgery. Naturally, we’re told the astronomically high rates of suicide, drug abuse, and depression among gender confused people can be blamed on “bullying,” but this is a convenient and dishonest assumption. The truth is, “transgenders” are plagued with a mental delusion that makes it difficult for them to accept reality, which may tempt them to permanently escape it. The best thing we can do is help them to accept the world for what it is and themselves for who they are. The worst thing we can do is play along with a fantasy that’s clearly causing them immense torment and pain.

It never occurs to these exceedingly “tolerant” do-gooders that transgenders are killing themselves, abusing drugs, and carving their bodies into pieces because they are unhappy. They are unhappy before surgery, and often even less happy afterwards. They are self-loathing. They are desperate. The last thing — the absolute last thing — they need is to be told they should embrace their mental illness and believe whatever lies it tells them about themselves.

Bruce Jenner has a male anatomy, male chromosomes, male DNA, male hormones, a male bone structure, and male reproductive organs. He is a male. He can never be anything but a male. He is not a woman “for all intents and purposes,” for the same reason that I am not an antelope or a pine cone for all intents and purposes. Indeed, it is specifically my “intents and purposes” that make me neither a pine cone nor an antelope and Jenner neither a woman nor “transgendered.”

He can grow out his hair and shop in the women’s section at Barneys, but none of that will have any impact on his practical physiological disposition. He can change his wardrobe, but that will not change his DNA. He can ask us to use different pronouns when addressing him, but that won’t cause him to start ovulating or lactating.

He can “feel” like a woman, but shockingly, those feelings will never manifest in a uterus or ovaries.

The progressive will respond, no doubt, that sex and gender are two different things, as they continue to labor under the impression that you can invent a distinction between two concepts by calling them different names.

You can’t. That’s the entire point here.

Transgender theory and “gender is a social construct” theory contradict each other, anyway. Progressives tell us that “gender” is a societal invention which imposes certain expectations of behavior and appearance on men and women. Society, we’re informed, oppresses the human person by forcing it to act and look a certain way based solely on its anatomy.

Personally, I think these “gender roles” are often good, useful, and important, but even if I accepted their version of things, “transgenderism” would still be nonsensical. Perhaps more so.

In demolishing the gender “social construct” isn’t the whole point to create a society where men can act in ways traditionally associated with women and women can act in ways traditionally associated with men? If gender is indeed a social construct then it seems the ultimate goal would be a culture where men can wear sports bras and yoga pants and still be considered men. But progressives defeat their own point by next telling us that when a man acts like a woman, he actually is one, which is odd considering they just got through telling us there’s no such thing as “acting like a woman.”

They went from insisting that “social constructs” prevent men from wearing skirts to informing us that if a man wears a skirt he’s now a woman. They’ve not only reinforced gender stereotypes, but given them a power not even the most ardent gender traditionalist would have ever conceived of.

Either men and women can defy these gender expectations, or they can’t. But if defying the expectation actually turns them into the other gender, then they can’t defy them.

Why is this so hard to understand?

And why is it harder to understand that I can be as tolerant and accepting a person as have ever existed in the universe, but I still can’t accept Bruce Jenner as a woman?

I cannot accept it because this is not a question about Bruce Jenner; it’s a question about nature and reality. If I go around calling him a her and speaking fondly of his decision to “transition” from what he is into something he can never be, I have not merely “accepted” Bruce Jenner, I have accepted the impossible, radical, illogical, preposterous, outrageous progressive doctrine of sex and gender.

And it’s not just progressive faux-science I’d be accepting, but progressive faux-theology.

Jenner, like many “transgender,” defends his decision to “transition” by explaining that he has “the soul of a female.” I was reminded of this today by a progressive atheist who quite matter-of-factly informed me that sometimes people’s souls don’t match their bodies. It’s fascinating that suddenly, after decades of shoving secularism down our throats, left wingers have discovered the human soul, and summarily assessed that in some cases it’s been mismatched, like brown socks with black pants.

I guess that’s what they mean when they say “transgenders” have been “assigned” the wrong sex. I always wondered, assigned by whom? And if this entity is powerful enough to give us souls, how could it be so clumsy and careless about it?

It seems we’ve again arrived at another contradiction. If there is no God, then there is no spirit realm, then there is no soul. And if there is no soul, and no God, and no other dimension outside of the physical, then we are our bodies and only our bodies. From the entirely atheistic, secular view, “transgenderism” is an utter impossibility. We are material. We are only material. So whatever we are can be ascertained by an inspection of the material. Thus, if our DNA, anatomy, reproductive systems, hormones, and chromosomes indicate “man,” we are men. End of discussion. That’s all there is.

However, if the “transgender” soul exists, then souls exist, then an immaterial spiritual dimension exists, then God exists. And if God exists, He created us. And if God exists and created us, then He is both all powerful and omnipotent. And if he is both all powerful and omnipotent then it is impossible for Him to accidentally put a soul in the “wrong” body. Impossible. It cannot happen.

Of course, people are sometimes born with physical deformities, and these cannot be blamed on God “making a mistake.” We are mortal beings in a fallen world in which sickness, death, and deformity are a temporary feature. But the “transgender” theory is not one that posits a physical deformity, but that a mistake was made in the actual creation of the human person. To believe in a fallible, mistake-prone God is to believe in no God at all, which brings you back to atheism, which again disqualifies “transgenderism.”

In truth, we do have souls and we do have bodies. Only, it’s not totally accurate to say that we “have” either. We don’t have them, we are them. We are both our souls and our bodies. The latter is not merely a cage or a shell for the former. The two are inextricable, and together they form one. A single nature. A single person. So if your body is a man, so is your soul, and if your soul is a man, so is your body. If you begin to believe otherwise, the problem is not with your soul or with your anatomy, but with your perception of these things.

The answer, then, is perhaps complicated and imperfect. I can’t say that psychological treatment will completely “cure” a man of his delusions that he is a woman, but I know for sure that a sex change operation and hormone pills won’t cure a man of the fact that he is a man.

I don’t accept Bruce Jenner as a woman. I don’t accept “transgender” as an actual state of human existence. I recognize it as an illusion, a sickness, and a burden. I pray that those afflicted seek real help instead of pursuing something they can never attain.

I pray that they learn to accept themselves as they are, because in the end, that’s truly the only choice we have.

Listen to Matt’s latest podcast here. Contact him with general comments and speaking requests at