The American Left’s Dangerous Denial About Radical Islam


President Obama’s response after the Orlando, Fla. attack was not only disappointing in its failure to recognize the ongoing threat from radical Islam, but likely endangered future American lives with its obtuseness. He couldn’t even bring himself to use the most obvious words of all to describe what happened: “Radical Islamic terrorism.” How can you even hope to stop something like radical Islamic terrorism if you won’t even call it by its right name?

“I think we don’t yet know the motivations” of the murder, Obama said. Except, as Britain’s Daily Mail points out, the terrorist “pledged his loyalty to ISIS in a 911 call as he carried out the attack.” The loyalty wasn’t one way: Islamic State radio called the terrorist, Omar Mateen, a “soldier of the Caliphate.”

Yet, our president, who is charged under the Constitution with protecting the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic, seems to think that we’re talking about a simple case of homophobia here. “The fact that it took place at a club frequented by the LGBT community I think is also relevant,” Obama said.

Relevant? Well yes, given that Shariah law punishes homosexuality with death. So Mateen, the “soldier,” killed 49 and injured 53 others merely to fulfill this mandate by his religion. Why couldn’t Obama mention that? Is he so steeped in the twisted ideology of multiculturalism that he is unable to face reality? Even Hillary Clinton was moved to use the word “radical Islam” in response to this sick attack. Obama wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, this multi-culti sickness — a form of mass delusion on the left — extends well beyond the White House.

The left went into a bizarre frenzy of blaming the horrible deaths of those murdered at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on anyone but Islamist terrorism. As our friends at the Media Research Center noted in a to-the-point headline: “Anything But Islam: Media Attack Guns, Men, Christians, GOP Instead of Ideology in Terror Attack.”

In case you’re wondering, that was followed by seven printed pages of examples. So they weren’t cherry-picking.

Sadly, denial is everywhere in our society these days.

Likely Republican nominee Donald Trump has called for a halt to immigration from Muslim lands, which has been falsely portrayed as “racism.”

He has made clear he would only keep a ban in effect until we find out just who we’re letting into our country. Remember, by our government’s own startling admission, we don’t know if the recent refugee stream from North Africa and the Middle East contains dozens of Islamic State or al-Qaida operatives. So why wouldn’t we halt the flow until we can better tell who’s coming into our country?

Aha, the left says, but Omar Mateen is a native-born American, born in New York. How do you keep him out? Well, you can’t. But his father — an Afghani who has delivered pro-Taliban propaganda on U.S. cable television — clearly should never have been allowed in. Radical mosques that inculcate hate into young, impressionable minds should be investigated, at a minimum. Those that continue to abet terrorism overseas in the name of Islam should be closed.

In April, an imam speaking at an Orlando mosque said that killing gays under Islamic law would be done “out of compassion.”

We should add that FBI Special Agent in Charge Ronald Hopper told ABC News that the FBI had twice looked into Mateen: In 2013, after he made what Hopper called “inflammatory” comments to co-workers, and again in 2014, after he was linked to Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha, another American who became a radicalized Muslim, who became a suicide bomber in Syria.

Given that Mateen worked for G4S, a Department of Homeland Security contractor, shouldn’t this have raised significant questions?

One of Mateen’s co-workers at G4S, Daniel Gilroy, told the Tampa Bay Times: “He talked about killing people all the time.”

Yet, Mateen was interviewed by investigators three times in relation to those probes, but the FBI determined Mateen was no threat, Hopper said.

Finally, on Monday, FBI Director James Comey said Mateen showed “strong indications of radicalization” and was likely inspired by foreign terrorist organizations.

In short, he was a “known wolf,” not a “lone wolf.” This is a disturbing pattern with terrorist mass murders, whether in Boston, San Bernardino or Ft. Hood, Texas. A pattern of behavior emerges, and is ignored. Ties to extremists are viewed as harmless. Then people are slaughtered.

This problem will not go away. Indeed, the world has been repeatedly drenched with the blood of radical Islam’s victims since 9/11 and before. As the observant Roger L. Simon noted, “Total deadly terror attacks in the name of Allah since 9/11 stand at 28,576 with who-knows-how-many corpses.”

But we’re told over and over by far left that “Islam means peace.” Until we have a president and national security officials who take the threat of radical Islam seriously, we will all be endangered.


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