Barack Obama and Geroge Soros have both committed to changing the American political and social landscape through Class Warfare - to the country's great detriment.

by Paul S. Hanway Jr. for The International Chronicles

1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon - Same As It Ever Was
1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon - Same As It Ever Was

Couched in between Obama’s recent tour of America with his Class War speeches and his dictatorial decision to bomb Libya, there was his equally-unconstitutional granting of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. These were carefully timed in coordination with a country-wide meeting of, promoted and subsidized by George Soros, and Soros’ pronouncement of how things were going to get economically worse in America.

These actions in turn were then followed by pronouncements by various Left-Wing congresspersons and then by both Obama and Biden about the terror of the Republican Party and of the Tea Party, timed simultaneously with the mass “demonstrations” of the so-called "99ers" on Wall Street spreading across the country.

When one looks back, George Soros in his native Hungary allegedly changed his name to a Christian name renouncing his Jewish heritage, and then, according to his story, was forced to work for the Communist government. Somehow they allowed him to leave the country for England, a move which he claims was his escape from Communism. There he was in some way financed through the London School of Economics where in effect he learned how to bet against the house and almost broke the Bank of England, making several billion pounds profit in the process. He was then kicked out of England and came to America to make his fortune.

His fortune has since increased significantly, in part from U.S. government subsidizing of his loans to Brazil for oil exploration, an activity not allowed here. Soros is a major proponent of One World government. Its substance seemingly quite close to the Communism from which he allegedly escaped.

With his wealth earned in the mortgage and money markets he was able to finance his One World concepts, and to underwrite the ultra-Leftist juggernaut. The movement's websites gave access to many young and other impressionable people who gave their money – if in fact not just their names – and contributions to the Obama election campaign.

The herd of youths, union members, and Socialist malcontents currently taking a major role in the Wall Street riots are the children of the mythical “60's”. Raised on the anti-American ideas of their parents – who themselves were indoctrinated in Leftist ideology at their Universities and thus idealistically sure they could solve the world’s problems with "Peace" and without authority or big corporations, (but in reality primarily desiring to escape being drafted for the Vietnam war). Now the offspring of the "counter-culture" generation, armed with their individual mass-communications capabilities, can organize a display of displeasure or an uprising almost instantly. It is both the indoctrinated youth and the communications technology which Soros has expertly tapped into – and this cocktail is producing a photogenic theater of discontent.

In addition to the query of where did that campaign money really come from, the question also can be asked as to why, after leaving Hungary, did Soros never take back his Jewish name, and why is he promoting that very ideology which he previously found so distasteful?

Obama's rise

Meanwhile with little or no knowledge of America, its history or its customs, and after (primarily Muslim) schooling in Indonesia, (and training by his adoptive Muslim father and neo-Marxist mother), and then after later schooling in Hawaii (where his mother left the youth with his grandparents in order to further pursue her Social Anthropology studies in Indonesia without the hindrance of caring for her son) Barack Hussein Obama was educationally-financed into Columbia University, where he was under the tutelage of well-known Bolshie-radical professors Richard Cloward and Frances Piven, who taught him valuable lessons of how to deconstruct the American Capitalist Society.

The young Obama was further indoctrinated in Leftist-radical ideology at Harvard Law School, which undoubtedly would have  become obvious if his writings and his thesis were to become available to the public; Harvard Law also having no shortage of Socialist professors, many now in his Administration and on the Supreme Court bench.

Twenty years of anti-American brainwashing followed, most notably by his best friend and mentor, Rev. Wright. Further contacts with Socialist/Communists followed in the Chicago political swamp, as did Obama's close association with his neighbor and renown home-grown terrorist and left-wing radical, William Ayers...not to mention Obama's continued fascination with the father of modern "community organizing" and author "Rules for Radicals", Saul Alinsky.

After Obama's speedy ascent through Chicago's swampland of political corruption (amid myriad allegations of paying dirty pool and legally eviscerating potential opponents) came an extremely short stint in Congress (again, with nary a hint of achievement nor sponsored legislation to his name), followed by a Presidential campaign where he was heavily financed by Soros to win the Presidency (largely through and championed to excess by the bought-and-sold mainstream media.

Parallel lines 

So if one looks carefully, parallelism between the two at the very least become suspect: both raised on Marxist ideology; both receiving advanced Marxist education and training; both financed albeit Soros primarily through his own manipulations rather than subsidization; both clearly fast studies in the techniques at arriving at preferred outcomes.

After years of the schools of Journalism and Law poured out hundreds of Socialist-inclined graduates from institutions of higher learning – most joining an already-Marxist-inclined government – with the news media largely forming a pro-left wing Goebbels-like propaganda industry, Obama surrounded himself with those of similar ideology. Unconstitutionally-appointed Czars were decreed to ferret out the best means of destroying the nation and take control of its private industries.

Starting with that which has the widest potential impact – healthcare (already founded on Socialist principles); the automotive industry (to solidify his administration's hold on unions and the environmentalist movement); the promised "right of the poor" to own a home (the twin government-backed monsters of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac); and then the "solution to the mortgage collapse", propounded by “Dodd-Frank” in their attempted takeover of the financial industry after the rug was pulled out from under the give-away mortgage-holders by Soros and the Federal Reserve. And throughout this conerted attack on American values, armies of lawyers were deployed to turn the Constitution on its head.

The blowback

But a large portion of the tax-paying American public has slowly awakened to this synchronized attack on their values and liberty.  With Obama’s increasing disfavor reflected in poll after poll some serious concern as to his electability next year has been brewing among his acolytes. As one could anticipate Obama and his minions would not let that happen without some severe actions to either turn the country’s dissatisfaction around, or conceivably avoiding the election altogether. This later scenario might happen with a "national calamity" and a Presidentially-declared “State of Emergency” and military rule of the country.

The financial center attacks by the "99ers" are against a Straw Man, blaming all economic problems on the financial industry and coupling that argument with hatred of Capitalism in the form of those large corporations which exercise influence in the Capitol. Mobs organized at least in part by the now discredited and defunct ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) organization – once financed by our government and led by the unions subsidized and protected by the government, (plus the usual suspects...Communists,

Socialists, and anti-American immigrants) who essentially don’t understand any of it.

These are the “Brown Shirts” of the Obama regime, and their carefully choreographed destruction and lawlessness of actions is the Krystallnacht of America. With Attorney General Eric Holder on board to do Obama’s bidding one cannot look for rule of law from this administration. The question then rises as to what if any actions the FBI might take, irrespective of their Attorney General. Or must we look to the military to step into the breach and restore some form of peace? The next fifteen months will not be fun, and we can only hope that change will come about to restore the free market place and individual freedoms in order to start paying off the horrendous debts, arrest the breakdown in the rule of law, and restore the Constitution to its place of prominence and guidance in American governance.



Paul S. Hanway, Jr.,    served in WW II in the U.S. Infantry and then in the Military   Government of Germany. He matriculated at Lehigh University earning a   B.S.B.A. from Denver University. Mr. Hanway is a staunch supporter of   the goals of the Tea Party movement, seeing it as the last and only hope    for the continuance of the American Republic. He is currently writing a   political and social history entitled “The Story of The Rise and Fall   of Paradise”.

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