At a critical juncture in the U.S.'s history a majority of voters are intellectually flaccid, class-envy indoctrinated, historically illiterate citizen imbeciles.

by Christopher A. Recouso for The International Chronicles


Does anyone really need another penned jeremiad of outrage by a social commentator who appraises the (now tediously obvious) symptoms, but refuses to look at the base malady — us, the voting populace, the electorate, the lumpen Consumer? 

You think it's coincidence that the self-esteem / therapeutic generation is running the West as our multi-continental Minsky moment finally arrives? Is it happenstance that the pedagogy and the legal class are now nothing other than self-aggrandized masonic orders of Victimology and grievance studies?

What is never mentioned is the foundation of all this dystopia: in the U.S. the common voter does not know one scintilla of U.S. history, U.S. historical context, philosophical underpinnings of the founders' visions, the difference between a demand and supply curve, etc...nothing. Most citizens / voters can't even get rudimentary historical dates from a few decades ago right. And thus if they won't educate themselves, if they haven't even the faintest stirrings to begin finding out how much they don't know about our country's origins, why wouldn't we expect 9 out of 10 voters (especially the younger voter) to do anything but rabidly consume the 'cheap bait'?

At a critical juncture in the U.S.'s history a majority of voters   are intellectually flaccid, class-envy indoctrinated, historically illiterate Citizen Imbeciles.

 Here's the dirty secret (which most Constitutional Republican founders espoused, and to which in my advancing years I am most sympathetic): most people don't deserve the privilege of the vote. People have to take exams to earn the right to drive an automobile, but by dint of simple time passage, inherit the right to vote? No dice in my book. In my opinion to gain the privilege of a vote, a citizen would have to pass a thorough exam on the origins, history and intent of the country, its founders and its principle — the only way one would be able to circumvent this prerequisite would be via (honorable) military service.

Every opinion essay in our age simply supports the rote blame-shifting fable of (U.S.) deconstruction: Wall Street is a venal, scabrous bordello; the Beltway (Washington D.C.) and the state capitals are carnival circuses of mediocrity and cowardice; the regulators are supplicant sycophants owned by the financial Power Brokers...true all...yet the dirty little secret and conveniently overlooked Truth is that they are all enabled by the flaccid voter and protected by the lumpen "citizen's'' pandemic lethargy.

Think on this: Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel...everyone of these stalactite politicians somehow managed to find enough active and / or benign voters to keep them in office for decades. These 'constituents' have become incarnate examples of how undeserving they are of the legacy and responsibility our founders left us by the fact that they are 'represented' by such larcenous doggerel for so many years.

The #1 problem today is 99% of the people who enter a voting booth are counterfeit impostors of citizens. The Kommentariat writing essays hewing to the fantasia that jailing some banker scum (necessary, but its step #2 or #3, not #1) will clear up the carnage and set things right is merely appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator mob-mentality and selling Miracle Tonic to the dupes. There's the cheap bait.  



Christopher A. Recouso is a Wall Street veteran with 20 years in the financial services industry. 5 in commercial banking, 15 in equity market and distressed asset research. Mr. Recouso is currently on the lam in the woods of New England, attempting to make sense of the Collapse of Capitalism.


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