President Obama's Imaginary World

President Obama lives in a world all his own. It's a world in which he's widely beloved but also misunderstood, a world in which everyone is racist except for those who support him, a world in which his foreign policy has been heroically successful and his domestic policy even more so. President Obama lives in Fantasyland.

President Obama holds a news conference in Paris, where he attended a global climate conference. (AP Photo)

In this Fantasyland, it's not enough for President Obama to define the world around him in self-serving fashion. He must define his enemies the same way. To that end, while visiting Paris for the Climate Change Summit that will supposedly usher in an era of global cooperation and environmental utopianism, Obama announced that he had finally found a way to defeat Islamic State. Talking about climate change, Obama said, was an "act of defiance that proves nothing will deter us ... What greater rejection of those who would tear down our world than marshaling our best efforts to save it?"

Not to be Debbie Downer, but nothing in ISIS' plans suggests that they care deeply about preventing a bunch of self-important bureaucrats from meeting in well-stocked, toney hotels to destroy the Western economy on behalf of scientific chimeras. ISIS, in fact, probably adores the notion that the West will take itself down a couple economic pegs in order to redistribute the wealth. Certainly other Islamic terrorists have felt that way. Osama Bin Laden, for example, lamented that the West did not spend more money on climate change relief efforts, and stated according to Al Jazeera, "Speaking about climate change is not a matter of intellectual luxury — the phenomenon is an actual fact. All of the industrialized countries, especially the big ones, bear responsibility for the global warming crisis."

Regardless of ISIS' feelings on global warming, they obviously don't sit around in Raqqa lamenting that their plans have been defeated by those dastardly Westerners and their catered diplomatic lunches. But President Obama says they do. That's because he crafts his own enemies based on who he wishes they were. Obama is thoroughly uncomfortable with the idea that those who wish to fight him are members of radical Islam. He wishes they were right-wing American ideologues. So he simply plays them off as such.

Obama did the same thing with regard to the Iran nuclear deal. While handing Iran $150 billion in funding, opening their economy, and granting them a full nuclear weapons program in a decade, Obama claimed that the real enemies of peace were Republicans siding with Iranian hardliners. Never mind that those hardliners didn't exist. Obama created them magically, and then made them Republicans.

Barack Obama is a leftist hammer in search of a conservative nail. No matter who his enemies actually are, he'll characterize them as American conservatives for purposes of whacking them over the head. ISIS may have slaughtered Westerners in Paris thanks to radical Islam, but Obama will never acknowledge that: instead, he'll just claim that they're essentially Ted Cruz in keffiyehs.

This isn't rare. Jackie Kennedy once lamented that her husband had been shot by a "silly little communist" rather than dying for civil rights; her allies quickly turned JFK's assassination into a referendum on American conservatism. Obama's doing the same thing now. He has chosen his enemies, and they don't include ISIS. That means that if ISIS must be his enemy, he will simply wave his Fantasyland wand, and they will be transformed into the Republican enemies he so craves.

The problem is, they won't. They'll just keep killing. Reality remains reality, no matter how much President Obama sprinkles fairy dust and claps his hands.


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commented 2015-12-09 02:14:27 -0500 · Flag
I must say that the US press seems to be extremely populist these days, bowing before Osama. Trump said it as it is – stop Muslims coming into the USA – I would go a step further, intern those that are already there or better deport them. Muslims are totally against the free Western society so they should not be in the West.
The problem is the US voting system which means that even if most Americans vote for Trump, he may not get to be President because of the populist vote. I would not even pretend to understand the system 100%.
I’m not surprised that the White House is leading the attack against Trump since his plan would cause problems for Osama himself and his family, especially if all Muslims were to be kicked out of the USA.
2016 and 2017 going to be interesting years.
In Germany, where Merkel let over a Million Muslims unchecked in most part into the country, it can be compared with letting a Million dogs with rabies in and hoping they would not fall ill and start biting people. The other European countries are not too happy about this either since the “Schengen” agreement allows free travel once a Muslim is in one of the member countries. According to a high ranking Police Chief, the situation is totally out of control and they have not a clue where thousands of those immigrants are.
If there was such a thing as a hall of infamous, incompetent politicians, Merkel and Osama would be on a pedestal in center point.
commented 2015-12-08 23:09:33 -0500 · Flag
Thomas N. commented

while we all think, know and believe that Obama has been a resounding Failure, incompetent, Lazy, non-existent thinking outside of his narrow hyper liberal secular progressive agenda, and make No Mistake that is what his entire miserable presidency has been about:

Obama made a Very Calculated Bet before he ever took a step in the Oval office, Long after we are all Dead and Buried, he is banking on History judging him favorably:

- said I would end the War in Iraq, done
- said I would enact National Healthcare that extends coverage to all, done,
- said I would solve the 4 decade insolvable puzzle with Iran, done,

He is counting on historians to focus on his check list above (a total Failure that we are all haunted by) and concluding, look at what that this mixed race president accomplished (minus any reflection on how ruinous his agenda has been) much like the fabled status that FDR enjoys, Social Security, Labor protections, WWII

we live in a world of Zero Accountability, it is all about how Historians will judge these frauds, long after we are all gone.

Obama is ahistorical, a narcissist and a National Disgrace, the people of this country elected this fool 2x’s.

I can already see, Bescholss, Brinkley, and Kerns-Goodwin writing the foreward to this visionary leader’s long list of accomplishments.
commented 2015-12-07 00:44:32 -0500 · Flag
Every Muslim is a ticking time bomb and it is high time our politicians realize the truth. They all grow up with the Koran and from an early age learn that we are the non believers, the Infidels who must be enslaved or killed. This is what is written in the Koran and what young Muslims are growing up with.
Recent events in the USA have clearly shown that even your “friendly” neighbor Muslim cannot be trusted and may go off literally by exploding a suicide vest or firing his AK 47 into the neighborhood Christmas party.
The only way to stop them is by answering their call to Jihad and internment into camps. Instead of trying to close Guantanamo it should be enlarged.
Even the Turks have shown that you cannot trust a Muslim by shooting down a Russian Jet that was involved in the fight against IS.
Assad should be supported and with his ground troops and allied bombings a solution will be found soon. Iraq needs to be carpet bombed at the same time as should the rat-hole Afghanistan. They, the Terrorists do not understand any other language.
When I watch the news and hear our politicians state that “Muslims are really all such nice people who would heart a fly” I feel physically ill by this bullshit that Obama, Merkel and others reiterate again and again….