Outrage over Benghazi Investigation Compels Release of Documents

It’s no coincidence that, days after prominent conservatives--including Judicial Watch--and family members of Benghazi victims demanded action and accountability, House leaders released classified files documenting the Obama administration’s lies and cover-up involving the terrorist attack…

Last week, JW joined forces with surviving Benghazi family members, U.S. military leaders, and other top conservatives to call House Speaker John Boehner on the sad job he’s doing investigating the tragedy. In a scathing letter, JW and the other signatories blasted the Republican leader and demanded action and accountability concerning the Benghazi terrorist attack and justice for the four murdered Americans. The group also demanded that Boehner install a select committee to thoroughly investigate the atrocity. The letter, personally addressed to Boehner, received substantial media attention.

In all, House leaders released 450 pages of records, including sworn testimony collected by the House Armed Services Committee during closed-door hearings. Evidently a report summarizing these hearings and the committee’s findings is forthcoming. If you want to read these documents for yourself, you can access them here.

Here’s our take on the headlines:

The previously classified testimony reveals that minutes after the American compound in Benghazi came under assault, top defense officials were informed that it was a “terrorist attack” and not a spontaneous strike that started as a protest over a U.S.-made anti-Islam video as the Obama administration has said.

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