Opinion: Russia is too weak to fight a protracted global, ideological conflict

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The crisis in Crimea is a crime against humanity, but it’s also a crime against history. In their haste to explain these events, to score political points and perhaps even to shape our response, politicians and pundits have used spurious historical comparisons. They say Vladimir Putin is like Hitler. They say Russia’s annexation of Crimea is the first shot in a new Cold War. They are wrong.

Instead of thinking about what the future might bring, the pundits and politicians are fighting the last war, and the war before that. This isn’t like the opening maneuvers of World War II, and it’s not like the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union that prevailed for nearly 50 years.

Putin is certainly no Adolf Hitler; if anything, he’s more like Benito Mussolini, who also liked to invade small, defenseless nations.

Russia sanctions trigger rifts in Europe

The rift between the EU and Russia over the referendum vote in Crimea has highlighted another disagreement—between EU countries, over which sanctions to impose.

The heightened tensions between the West and Russia aren’t like the Cold War, which was an epic global battle between two roughly equal forces over which of two diametrically opposing ideologies would prevail.

In the current conflict, we have a weakened Russia that is no match politically, economically or militarily for the West. Instead of championing a worldwide Communist movement that promises to liberate billions of people from the shackles of capitalism, we have a Russia that stands mostly for Russian nationalism and imperialism. Who, besides Russians, can get behind that?

Russia may have a few allies in this world, but it has no followers.

That’s not to say that Russia isn’t dangerous. No one should underestimate the aggressive nature of a cornered bear, especially one armed with nuclear weapons. But Russia is cornered, and its ambitions have been scaled back from global domination to just being the toughest guy in the rundown backwater once known as the Soviet Union.    

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