Obama Voters React to State Of The Union Speech - The Big Letdown

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B.P writes:

This is heartening…some people are finally getting it…my question: why did it take 6 years to comprehend what you were getting? Why does Obama still get 98% of the Black vote when he’s 50% white and 100% full of shit? What will it take to wake the other 98% to the fact that THEY’VE BEEN HAD…that Sharpton and Tourè and Jackson and all the sycophantic White-Guilt Liberals screaming RACISM! every time one disagrees with the Democrat’s crypto-Marxist policies is nothing but a ruse to keep them “on the government plantation”…ignorant, dependent, bitter and impoverished.
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Ben writes:

Have no idea if the views expressed in this video reflect a large or very small portion of black Chicagoans. The views expressed are proven correct by government data, but then when did facts ever matter.