Obama’s Treachery and Republican Silence: When will they stop pretending this is a normal presidency?

Barack Obama deliberately set out to lose the war in Iraq, and he did. He defied the advice of his joint chiefs of staff to secure America’s formidable military presence and keep 20,000 troops in country, and left Iraq to its own devices and the tender mercies of Iran. In doing so, he betrayed every American and Iraqi who gave his life to create a free Iraq and keep it out of the clutches of the terrorists.

Iraq is now a war zone dominated by the terrorist forces of the Islamic State, whose rise Obama’s policies fostered. Both his secretaries of state praised the animal Bashar Assad as a “reformer” and a man of “peace,” helping him to thwart his domestic opposition. The Islamic State was born out of the Syrian chaos that ensued.

Far worse was Obama’s open support for America’s mortal enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, spawner of al-Qaeda and Hamas. During the “Arab Spring,” Obama essentially put America’s weight behind the legitimization of this murderous organization that had been outlawed for 40 years for its assassinations and conspiracies against the Egyptian regime. Secretary of State Clinton gave totally unfounded assurances to the world that the Brotherhood was ready to become part of the democratic process and give up its 90-year holy war against infidels, Jews in particular but also — and explicitly — America. During the Brotherhood’s brief tenure as the government in Egypt Obama gave these genocidal zealots more than a billion dollars in American aid and F-16 fighter-bombers that could easily reach Israel’s major population centers, which for 60 years the Brotherhood had sworn to destroy.

By his feckless interventions in the Middle East, and his tacit support for the chief organization of Islam’s terror war against the West, Obama has set the Middle East on fire. All the violence in the crescent from Gaza to Iraq, including Hamas’s genocidal war against Israel, has been encouraged by Obama’s support for the Brotherhood and hostility toward the Jewish state.

Characteristic of this encouragement was his illegal intervention in Libya, which violated every principle that Obama and the Democrats invoked to attack President Bush and undermine America’s war against the Saddam regime and the terrorists in Iraq. Thanks to Obama, Libya is now in the hands of the terrorists and thousands of Libyans are fleeing to Tunisia and Egypt. Thanks to Obama, the Christian communities of Iraq, which date back to the time of Christ, are being slaughtered.

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A.R. writes:

The current world chaos is the result of decades of poorly conceived and erratically executed foreign policy that no longer espouses our core beliefs in the rights enshrined in our Constitution. Bush declared war on a tactic, terrorism, and not on the ideology that spawns it. We declared war on Nazi Germany, not the blitzkrieg. After we won the war, we did not allow the new German government to write Nazi (National Socialism) into its constitution, but Sharia is part of Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s constitutions. Whether we are fighting Communist expansion or Islamic expansion, the war is about ideology. We have a great message of freedom and the rights of the individual that has attracted millions to our shores and been the clarion call for nations around the world. But instead of acting like we believe in freedom, we have a feckless President that pays homage to Islam and bans the very words that identify the enemy we fight. There are numerous Muslim-majority nations that have elections and protect the rights of its citizens. But since Obama’s election, there is a decisive shift toward Sharia and away from secular rule (Turkey and Brunei are good examples). We elected a President who was unqualified and ill-suited to leadership, but most damagingly, who does not believe in the principles upon which the nation was founded and which have guided us for more than 200 years.
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T.N. writes:

Easy, When Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instant Friends & News
becomes Reviled & Rejected by the Peasant Masses that up to now are Only to
Happy to habit there world of Nothingness while believing they are living meaningful, informed, purposeful lives,

So the Answer: Welcome to the New Normal, and that is how this World Class Fraud is a 2x’s elected !