Nigel Farage Destroys Euro Groupthink and Calls for Greece to Exit the EU

According to Mr. Farage (UKIP in the UK) Greece entering the euro was great for Goldman Sachs. But terrible for Greeks. It chained the country to a system in which it didn’t belong. And what about all the bailout money that’s been thrown at Greece in the time since? Very little of it actually went to the Greek people. The overwhelming amount of it went to bail out the French, German, and Italian banks who own Greek debt. Sure, social welfare drags an economy underwater. But corporate welfare is what really drowns it. Since the crisis, the country’s debt to GDP has gone from 100% to 180%. Tensions have skyrocketed, and the Greek people are suffering. They are the ones that now have to bear the burden of a stagnant economy, capital controls, and inflation.

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Chris commented

complete truth… the one HUGE mistake nigel farage makes is that he pejoratively names — specifically — certain establishment figures (kohl/mitterand) thereby giving the apparatchik politicians and media all it needs to digress from his irrefutable points and instead concentrate on ‘the insults’, as if THAT is the newsworthy issue. if farage said precisely the same thing, sans the specific personal references, he would make it much more difficult for the establishment to distort him into what he is mis-characterized as: ‘an extremist’.