Liberal Academic Cornel West blasts Obama, Says Black America has Suffered Under his Reign


The presidency of Barack Obama has been a disaster for all Americans and an absolute travesty for the black community that largely bought into the “hope and change” lies.

It’s not often that I agree with liberal academic and author Dr. Cornel West. The socialist intellectual has, to my mind, too-readily excused problems within the black community by citing racism as the central cause of virtually every problem.

However, speaking on the presidency of Barack Obama last week, Dr. West laid-out the plain truths that America must confront: the Barack Obama presidency, the presidency of the first black executive, has been an absolute failure.
In an op-ed for, West blasts Obama for his complicity in worsening the plight of the black community throughout his tenure. 
“On the empirical or lived level of Black experience, Black people have suffered more in this age than in the recent past,” West writes. “Empirical indices of infant mortality rates, mass incarceration rates, mass unemployment and dramatic declines in household wealth reveal this sad reality.” 
Citing Obama’s continuation of domestic surveillance, Department of Justice and Wall Street regulatory policies, West boldly notes, 
“The state of Black America in the age of Obama has been one of desperation, confusion, and capitulation. The desperation is rooted in the escalating suffering on every front. The confusion arises from a conflation of symbol and substance. The capitulation rests on an obsessive need to protect the first Black president against all forms of criticism. Black desperation is part of a broader desperation among poor and working people during the age of Obama.” 
West confronts Obama’s policies from a different angle than that of conservatives by suggesting that the first black president should be less concerned with keeping Wall Street afloat and be more concerned about demanding a “livable wage,” the catch-all term used by liberals to demand double-digit hourly compensation for low-skilled fast food workers. Still, the point remains that by any conceivable measure, Americans and particularly Americans of color have endured a worsening of conditions under the presidency of Barack Obama who rose to power promising a revival of prosperity and “hope and change.”
While Dr. West and I may criticize the failed president from different vantage points, I applaud West for  having the audacity to call-out the anointed Messiah of the left who promised much and delivered little.
When liberals like West and Tavis Smiley call-out the president for his failures, it underscores the seriousness of the situation. When liberals work to conceal and excuse these sizeable failures, it sends a message to youths and especially youths of color that race and not achievement is the most important factor.
President Obama should be held accountable for his actions just as every person ought to be. When we work to shield the president from criticism and make him out to be the victim when honest critiques are charged, we send a message that to be black is to be above reproach.
The presidency of Barack Obama has been a disaster for all Americans and an absolute travesty for the black community that largely bought into the “hope and change” lies.
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