How to understand the (im)morality of government

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The morality of government is a study of the mindset of the politicians and bureaucrats. It is a study of philosophical and moral character. It is a study of the motives and methods of achieving political power through deception. All we have to do to see cause and effect is to know the morality of government. Conclusions that we reach guarantee that we can know their thoughts and predict their behavior. What greater mental capacity could we have toward the achievement of liberty? What greater asset can we own than to know the character and thought processes of criminal politics?

With that in mind we focus on two slip-ups made by establishment politicians in recent days that revealed that thought process. Such revelatory slips are rare – we last saw one two years ago by Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber — but for years when they occurred they were covered over by the propaganda media that is part of and whose job it is to promote the state and the criminal system.

More recently, Hillary Clinton, in two separate speeches, spoke of Trump voters as a “basket of deplorables” who are “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic – you name it.”

Within days, Alan Greenspan voiced concern in a speech in Washington last week that the American economic and political systems were being undermined by “crazies.”

To those walking the halls of government power, the people over whom they rule usually fall into one of two classes. In the mind of the politician, anyone who deigns to oppose “public policy” — which means government policy in all cases — for any reason, regardless of the reason’s merit, is the enemy and must be branded as such and crushed. Anyone who stands between them and their efforts for more power, more aggrandizement and more wealth is public enemy No. 1.

And any who do not stand in their way and either passively submit or actually champion government’s abuse and theft of liberties are to them merely ignorant and subhuman pawns available to be used and abused as needed and then tossed aside when their value is spent.

To understand this simple truth is to know the mind of government (and people in government). It allows us to achieve superior advantage. It will relieve us of the mass or organized confusion that numbs our senses and kills our inquiry.

We cannot pursue happiness while spending endless hours trying to figure out just how to survive oppressive authority. For what does it profit us to accumulate assets while giving our minds over to the beast? For if the beast has our minds, it has our wealth also. It is a great illusion.

A study of the morality of government reveals the inferiority of parasite politicians once we recognize their expressions of thought and their code words and phrases. We can undress the fraud of the whole system.

We can neutralize the propaganda that has suppressed human liberty. They can no longer charm us with illusions.

It is not important to know who did it. It is more important to know what they are doing and the morality that motivates them.

We do not have to identify the details of political crime or find the smoking gun. Understanding the morality of the gangsters is all we need. Once the spirit of subterfuge is undressed, their defense, their facade and their pretense disappears.

We are constantly persuaded and deceived by political hype simply because we are unaware of government morality and political motivation. What could be simpler and more assuring to human liberty than to have the capacity to recognize fraud on its face and to recognize propaganda as propaganda?

We can stay on point like a sidewinder missile without all the confusion of names, dates and places of who done it. We can isolate political and social crimes and never in a lifetime tie it all together into the big picture. It is not the political party or the political candidate. It is the morality of all of them and the American people who have been seduced by them. The most dangerous adversary to the power structure is those who know political morality and decode political expression and remove disguises. They fingerprint deception.

The pursuit of liberty requires uncompromising values regarding property and privacy. Few Americans understand this because they implicitly trust authority.

It is a great shock in our lives when we learn that nearly every important belief we acquired since childhood originates from a power structure that drains our lives constantly without our consent or knowledge. Nothing happens in our lives until something triggers us to question conventional thinking.

The great shock to us is when we become conscious of the question as to how can an entire civilization remain so oblivious to the shallowness of conventional thinking. Conventional thinking is not a “so what.” It is the program used by authority to control us. Surely you have experienced the great hostility of people around you when you utter an expression counter to conventional wisdom.

There is subtle power control in the use of conventional wisdom. Inasmuch as conventional thinking controls our lives, it is nothing less than mysticism. Once we discover this and explode the myths and counter-myths of conventional wisdom, we collapse the political fraud that holds us hostage all of our lives.

An example: Conventional wisdom is the belief that there exists two political parties in America and that they pursue two different agendas. If he’s done nothing else, Donald Trump has at least partly thrown back the curtain on this subject.

The reality is that there are two names of political parties, but the philosophy and morality of all politicians is the same. Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. This axiom brings forth the conclusion that politicians cannot be different and cannot have a different morality than the system and survive as politicians. Therefore, they have to all be the same. The power structure quickly dispenses with a politician who has an honestly opposing morality and philosophy.

If as few as one million Americans knew this truth, the corrupt political system in America would collapse.

Now comes the United States political elections — what a crude Establishment circus. There are no choices and there are not issues. There is only frivolity to occupy the minds of the masses.

In my heart, I want to believe that Americans really know better. However, everything they say and do says that they don’t.

The so-called political candidates are crude, monotonous, and so uncommitted to anything but the status quo – yes, even Trump. It seems that the politicians have a language and word system that baffles and stupefies the public mind. There is no doubt about it, consummate political power lies in the power to deceive.

Is it possible for us to believe that with all the colleges, universities and professional schools in America that we live under mysticism? Mysticism is an altered state of consciousness created by rationalization and avoidance of reality. Mysticism undermines our thinking process and makes us subject to external authority.

The American people have become so dependent on political authority that they do not know the difference in realism and illusion. Tens of millions of people can be psyched up to kill each other in foreign wars when in fact the only difference in the two systems is the name.

Notice that we use the term “government and its politicians.” Who do the politicians really represent and who actually owns them? The answer is whoever pays them, which is the multinational corporations and federal government. Just this fact alone gives cause to question every politician and bureaucrat. They all have a vested interest, and it’s not yours.


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