How Should the World Protect Syria's Children?

Syria's brutal civil war has created one of the worst humanitarian disasters ever. Syria's children have been paying the ultimate price. Thousands have lost their lives already, and millions more have been forced to leave their homes. Overwhelmingly it is conventional arms that are causing these deaths. And we are back to the situation that prevailed before the chemical attack: world leaders are unable to unite to decide what to do next. Where does the world go from here? The horror will not stop unless concerted action is taken, but what options, if any, are left? How can we prevent an entire generation from being lost to the violence?

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Siham writes,

They can speak and say anything, they will show only 1% of the real horror in Syria. People listening wont never be able to imagine the terrifying reality there, you can only, if you see it by your own eyes.
Then you will be able to understand that those kids are really a lost generation, also if war stop, you need generations to build the country again, and how could you stop the corruption, mismanagement and poverty?… It’s one of those situations in life that you feel just.. USELESS.