How has this not led to outright revolution yet?

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 “Ladies and gentlemen. For the safety and security of all passengers, please remove your shoes as you enter the security checkpoint…”. How many times have we heard that? Anyone who has traveled in, out, or through the Land of the Free, or airports just about anywhere in the world over the last few years, has heard this tired refrain over and over again: ‘Safety and security.’ These days, you could put ‘safety and security’ in front of just about anything and get people to readily comply.

“Ladies and gentlemen, for the safety and security of all passengers, please stand on your head and clap with your feet…”

Well, OK. After all, who is against ‘safety and security’? Only criminal terrorists, apparently.

This is now the easiest way for governments to exact their agendas… whether it’s invading new countries, monitoring all Internet activity worldwide, or bailing out the big banks at taxpayer expense.

Apparently the citizenry has become so scared that we collectively lay down and let governments walk all over us.

This NSA debacle, which is only getting worse and worse, shows beyond all doubt how brazen and unabashed their tactics will be.

They’ve been caught red-handed spying on the entire world. And not a single utterance of remorse or reform.

Instead, it’s been ‘talk to the hand’, and they’ve closed ranks around the spy agency which has stepped up its efforts even more.

How this has not led to outright revolution in the Land of the Free is beyond me.


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commented 2013-09-11 22:17:55 -0400 · Flag
A.A. writes:

With every morning that I awaken I ask myself “when is the breaking point reached and when does the lumpen consumertariat realize that it has become a mass SERFDOM in a Security State?”. I am revolted and infuriated by the crass brazenness of the “State” and the docile indifference of the masses.
commented 2013-09-11 22:16:37 -0400 · Flag
C.R. writes:

With every plane ride I embark on I get increasingly incensed at how everyone around me cheerily gets their 4th amendment rights mocked by the TSA and never stops to think about it for one second…