California is a crumbling, shambolic disaster. The liberal ideologues running the state legislature have run California into the ground. Some citizens are so fed up they cheer for the state's demise.

by Vera Lynn for The International Chronicles


Living in California you are always prepared for disasters (or should be) as this state is unstable geologically, politically, and socially. We have earthquakes, riots, floods, fires, and we have been known to throw a governor out of office and replace them with a lousy actor.

We have a corrupt legislature run by special interest that is constantly assaulting the U.S. Constitution. The electorate is a bunch of spoiled liberal brats that vote for the person who promises them the most  - and that is why the state is utterly bankrupt...financially, morally and spiritually.

In California we have a surplus of vapid, Zombie-like people and air-headed celebrities only interested in some euphoric Utopia of a socialized system that can provide for those whom they believe can't provide for themselves. They believe we owe something to everyone and that the state and the federal government need to apologize for what the Political Correctness Police believe are historical wrongs.

This state wants to have control over every aspect of your life. The authorities tax whatever they can in order to redistribute that wealth into programs for the poor (many of which may have never worked a day in their life): illegal aliens, criminal gang-members, etc.

California's citizens are punished through endless fees and punitive special taxes to raise revenues. If you own a car, you pay high registration fees, you have a smog check every two years, and you face a gauntlet of red light cameras, radars, and other Orwellian technology designed to generate revenue and criminalize a person if they make a mistake, while providing the true criminals festering in prison modern amenities such as weight rooms, cable television, free education, drug counseling, free medical care, commissaries to buy snacks, and all the contacts and networking possibilities to make them into life-long thugs. These criminals are warehoused and pampered and not made to work to return anything to society.

If a law abiding citizen wants to own a gun, the authorities make you go through two background checks and attend multiple classes. The authorities dictate what gun you can own, never issue a concealed weapons permit, and arrest you and confiscate your gun if you openly carry it (which is actually legal as long as it's not loaded).  If you smoke you pay a tax that is astronomical, but if you choose to drink alcohol - which is somehow not considered harmful - no special tax is applied.

The state wants to dictate what color car you can drive, and seeks to create an emission standard to force you to buy electric cars, which could force your energy bills over the cap of Obama's climate change bill - penalizing you even more. If your car cannot pass the new emission standards, you pay up to a $500 penalty. This is reoccurring every two years. Of course most roads are in dire need of repair, something the criminals could do instead of the unionized $45 an hour cal-trans worker. But that would be considered dehumanizing and abusive.

The assembly and senate districting is manipulated in such a fashion that seeks to guarantee that only democrats can win elections in California. By some miracles, Republicans have a few districts of their own and are allowed a few seats at the table of power. Illegal aliens are given the privilege of voting, as there are no checks and balances in place to prevent this. That is why the state refuses to enforce immigration laws. We already have socialized medicine as no one is turned away from medical care. Another reason why this state is broke.

I say let the economy fail and fall apart as we need to change the way Washington and states like California conduct business. If a few liberals disappeared into hiding for fear of retaliation it would benefit the U.S. and states like California. I don't think any liberal progressives would try to push their agenda if bullets started flying. Unless they hired their gang-member constituents to do their fighting for them. 


Vera Lynn is a private citizen living and working in the Golden State. She contributed this exclusive commentary to The International Chronicles.


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