Ben Carson versus Obama: Uncovering the greatest fraud in the history of world politics

The mainstream media just opened the door for all conservatives to demand that Obama release his Columbia University college records immediately. How nice of the mainstream media. Thank you! How did the Obama-loving frauds in the media manage to allow this to happen? They decided to try to ruin Ben Carson’s candidacy.

An articulate black conservative brain surgeon is just too big a threat to the election of Obama’s socialist successor, so Carson needed to be neutralized. So the mainstream media decided to electronically lynch a fine, black brain surgeon. Who are the racists now?

The media made the decision to destroy Carson by investigating his claims from 40 years ago about getting a scholarship offer from West Point. What they didn’t realize is they would be opening the door for conservatives to demand an equally detailed investigation of Obama’s college records.

The media assert that Carson made a “false claim” about his college record. Did he? I don’t know. It’s muddled and debatable. The truth is in the eye of the beholder. But I don’t think the most prominent brain surgeon in the world needs to purposely exaggerate any claims about his intelligence or education. Carson claimed he was “offered” a scholarship by a well-known U.S. Army general if he applied to West Point. But he chose not to. So was it an actual scholarship offer or just a casual conversation? My educated guess is Carson was basically telling the truth and the general made reference to a “free college education” to West Point. Why not? He undoubtedly had the finest African-American student in America sitting in front of him. Of course the general tried to entice young Ben to attend West Point!

Either way, no world-class crime was committed. Politicians exaggerate or remember things in the past to their benefit all the time. This could be a case of taking a little too much credit for something that may or may not have ever happened. But Carson’s claim — false or not — didn’t cost me or any other taxpayer a dime.

The same can’t be said of some of Obama’s whoppers. After all, Obama’s lies about Obamacare cost many of us thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands of dollars, in higher premiums and medical costs.

I’m one of the victims of Obama’s fraud and misrepresentation. He promised we could keep our insurance and keep our doctors, that our prices would go down significantly and no jobs would be lost. My healthcare insurance premiums have more than tripled under Obama; my deductible has dramatically increased; my co-pays have dramatically increased; my prescription coverage has been savaged; and my overall coverage has dramatically declined. In other words, Obama promised the world and delivered disaster. I’m paying far more and getting far less.

Now that’s a significant lie.

By the way, Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare even admitted fraud was committed to fool the dumb voters.

But in this specific case, let’s compare apples to apples. The media are going after Carson for supposedly making false claims about his college record. So isn’t this the perfect time to demand fair, unbiased and equal treatment of Obama’s college record?

The media opened the door to this one. If you can investigate Carson, then you must investigate Obama’s claims about college, too.

Here’s the perfect apples-to-apples analogy. The media are trying to disqualify Carson’s right to the presidency based on his college records from 40 years ago. Really? How come they never checked Obama’s college records? How come Obama’s Columbia records are still sealed seven years into his presidency?

Why were the media so anxious to call West Point to verify Carson’s claims, but never called Columbia to verify Obama’s claims? Why are these two men being treated so differently? If claims about college from 30 or 40 years ago are important for Carson, why aren’t they for Obama?

Did Obama make false claims about his college experience? No one can prove it (yet) because his college records are sealed. Why? What is he hiding? If it matters for Carson, why doesn’t it matter for Obama?

It’s time to demand that Obama release his Columbia college records. Carson’s incident has triggered this obvious need. Fair is fair. If what a man claims happened at college many years ago is important for Carson, then it’s important for Obama, too.

I happened to graduate Columbia University on the same day as Obama in June 1983. We were not only in the same graduating class (according to Obama), we had the same major, and we were both pre-law. I thought I knew every classmate in Columbia’s political science department — if not everyone, darn close to everyone.

Yet I never met Obama, never saw him, never heard of him.

Two years ago (in 2013), I attended my Columbia University 30th class reunion intent on proving Obama’s existence at Columbia. I grabbed dozens of classmates and popped the question: “Did you ever see Obama at Columbia?” I couldn’t find one classmate who claims to ever have met Obama at Columbia.

But I wasn’t done. I wanted to be sure. So I tracked down Professor Henry Graff, perhaps the most honored professor in Columbia history. And, ironically, Graff was also Columbia’s presidential historian. I interviewed Graff that same year and reported on it right here at Personal Liberty®. Graff never met Obama, heard of him, or saw him.

Graff said it was virtually impossible to graduate Columbia as a political science major without ever attending his history classes. Yet Graff studied his old records to verify the existence of Obama — and found nothing.

Graff even went so far as to ask other Columbia professors. None of them remembered Obama’s ever being in their classes. All of this is on the record right here at Personal Liberty®.

Obama is “the ghost of Columbia.” His existence at Columbia was just a rumor. Isn’t this an important issue for the media? Something is wrong with Obama’s story. Yet no one in the mainstream media cares about the possibility Obama might have made false claims about his college records?

Yet in Carson’s case, they were chomping at the bit to investigate a casual boast of a one-time meeting with a general.

And assuming Obama did attend CC, but never went to class (which would certainly qualify as a very strange story), how did a poor student from an average non-Ivy League college (Occidental) transfer into Columbia in the first place when Columbia only accepts a handful of transfers per year? And those few transfers accepted are always “the best of the best” scholars in the nation (from the top of their classes at Harvard, Yale or Princeton). Obama did not meet the standard.

Why are Obama’s college records sealed? Did they show suspensions for bad behavior? Was he caught using drugs on campus? Were his grades terrible, thereby destroying his narrative of an Ivy League boy wonder born to become president?

Here’s one more possibility. Is it possible Obama beat the long odds of being accepted for transfer into Columbia by claiming status as an Indonesian “foreign student?” When I asked my fellow classmates familiar with the admissions process, all of them thought that was a very likely way to jump ahead of other applicants. But, of course, it would be considered fraud.

Could that be why Obama sealed his college records? Remember he released his birth certificate, yet never released his college records. Why?

Is it possible critics were looking in the wrong place all along? Is it possible Obama’s college records are the weakness in his narrative? We’ll never know, unless the media investigates and demands access to his Columbia college files.

If Obama attended Columbia, ghost or not, he clearly is hiding something from his college records. If the media thinks Carson’s claims about his college experience 40 years ago are relevant, then clearly Obama’s college claims are relevant, too.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s time for all of us to demand Obama release his Columbia college records. It’s time for the media to scrutinize Obama the exact same way they are scrutinizing Carson (and Donald Trump, and every other GOP presidential candidate).

So prove me wrong, Mr. President. Release your Columbia records the same way you released your birth certificate. Embarrass me. You’ll notice I’ve never mentioned Obama’s birth certificate. It’s never been my issue. I’ve never felt he was born outside the United States. I’ve always believed Obama is an American who pretended to be a foreigner to gain admittance to Columbia. That makes him a fraud. You know what else that makes him? A birther. He was the very first Obama birther. He was the one who made up the story about Obama being a foreigner. Ironic, isn’t it?

I’ve always believed Obama’s big scandal is at Columbia University. It was never the birth certificates. That was always a “head fake” to distract us. If I’m wrong, why has Obama never silenced his critics for seven long years by releasing his college records? Isn’t that something insignificant? Why not embarrass us all and prove how silly we are? But the truth is those records are very damaging, perhaps even deadly, to Obama. That’s why he will never allow us to set eyes on them.

Here’s the really important lesson in all this: Carson’s claims haven’t cost taxpayers a dime. But Obama’s presidency has cost all of us dearly. His lies about Obamacare alone have cost us billions of dollars. But his false claims about Columbia may in fact be the most costly lie in world history. If Obama’s entire presidency was built on a lie, on fraud, then it would make every single action, regulation and tax null and void, including Obamacare. Because they were all committed by a man unqualified to be president, elected based on defrauding the electorate. Trust me; the truth is located in those college records at Columbia.


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