African-American Rights and the Progressive Agenda

African American attitudes have truly been corrupted by the Victimology / Critical Theory / Black Liberation Theology / Race-Hustling ideologies they have been fed for 50 years  - since Democrat LBJ's Great Society was founded and began to plunder America's finances to "fight poverty".  The results?  Catastrophic poverty, a permanent underclass demanding payments and entitlements from the Government Plantation, rampant crime, collapsed educational standards, virulent racism vs. whites and other minorities, the death of the Black Family, millions of abortions wiping out generations of unborn children, and an attitude of seething hatred for being "victimized" and "disenfranchised"...and "Black" cities like Detroit becoming simulacrums for third-world dysfunction and bankrupt, crime-ridden, bombed-out municipalities.  All this after 23 TRILLION DOLLARS in "transfer payments" from American taxpayers the last half century. 

The "Progressive" agenda reaps its harvest.

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