COVID mRNA VACCINE SCANDAL IN THE USA: new data proves cover ups and harms

The US Federal government is finally starting to acknowledge that they have forced citizens (including military personnel) to accept toxic injectable products presented as “vaccines”. Products that either contain or cause patients’ bodies to produce a known toxin; the engineered SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. We are now seeing current and former senior federal officials starting to acknowledge deaths and harms attributable to the various emergency-use-authorized COVID-19 “vaccine” products.


I have been waiting for this moment for years now.

Of course, this comes after years of official federal denialism, cover-ups, withholding data, overt marketing of unlicensed medical products (to adults AND children), and a massive censorship/defamation/propaganda campaign that has spanned virtually all of both mainstream media as well as alternative media outlets. Virtually all peer-reviewed medical journals have been coopted and compromised, particularly those owned by the WEF partner publishing houses Elsevier and Springer/Nature (see the prior essay “Disease X and the Corrupt Lancet” for further details). Relevant to this point was the recent reveal during Dr. Peter Daszak’s public testimony in the US Congress that both the Lancet (published by Elsevier) and Nature (Springer) have refused to testify in response to specific congressional requests.

But will any Federal officials be held accountable, or are we just going to see a sort of scientific excommunication of Dr. Daszak and his EcoHealth Alliance coupled to some testy future congressional questioning of Dr. Fauci? And what about the transparently gross incompetence and corruption of the World Health Organization, which is currently seeking both more money and more power in the form of a proposed Pandemic “treaty” and sleight-of-hand “updates and modifications” of preexisting International Health Regulations? All justified by the rationale that the WHO did such a good job during COVID (and the Monkeypox outbreak) that the same crew should be trusted to globally manage all health “crisis” responses no matter the cause.

All of which leaves those of us who have been so heavily censored, defamed, de-banked, de-platformed, and otherwise punished in a wide variety of ways (including loss of medical license in some cases) for speaking medical and scientific truth, and for trying to educate, provide information necessary for informed consent, and otherwise acting as responsible health care professionals wondering what happens next, and what will be the allowed “truths” of today and tomorrow.

Just using my situation as but one of many examples, I have had my professional reputation smeared by a wide range of individuals (including other medical professionals), I have been permanently banned from Linked In (which I used for decades as a business development and networking engine), I have been labeled, tagged and targeted as a “conservative” and spreader of “misinformation” by both the US government and corporate media. My Wikipedia page has become a playground for professionally promoted distortion, innuendo, and defamation including by individuals linked to the UK government’s intelligence service. I am still subjected to daily ridicule and character assassination attempts by individuals, trolls, and bots who assert that I am a CIA agent, or otherwise “controlled opposition”. I have had to defend my medical license in response to accusations from a Maui-based physician that I am a “mass murderer” for discussing risks and harms associated with the genetic COVID-19 vaccines. And of course, on the other side, I am also accused of being a mass murderer for speaking of “Mass Formation (psychosis)”, for having invented the technology platform in the late 1980s (when I was 28 years old), for playing a key role in “inventing” Remdesivir, and for at least a half dozen other spurious false reasons. I have even been accused of directing the CIA to attempt to assassinate “the vaccines are nanobots” theorist Karen Kingston, an accusation broadcast in a viral video that was translated into at least four languages.

Meanwhile, validating adverse event data and heavily redacted unwilling disclosures by federal (and foreign government) agencies and officials continue to drop like golf-ball-sized hail during a Georgia thunderstorm. And then there is the matter of those who are vaccine-damaged, including myself. In my case, following up on my recent episode of atrial fibrillation, I just completed an echocardiogram which was judged normal, to the great relief of my physician, my wife, and myself. Particularly given my prior history of dose 2 Moderna-associated hypertension, POTS, tachycardia, tinnitus, restless leg syndrome, and various other twitches and nervous system irregularities.

Dr. Asish Jha, Biden Administration COVID-19 response team coordinator: “I worry a little bit that what has happened here is that we’ve gotten caught in sort of the politics of this… uh… because as you know there are a lot of people who have become anti-vaccine and so that means a lot of doctors see these patients and worry that if they acknowledge that person’s suffering that somehow they become anti-vaccine themselves.”

For those who are interested in learning more about how the COVID “vaccine” injured have fared under both the Trump and Biden administrations, I strongly recommend watching the Epoch Times documentary expose titled “The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told”.

Getting back to the unfolding multigenerational health crisis generically referred to as “excess all-cause mortality”, mainstream media, the scientific and medical “peer-reviewed” literature which is allowed to be published, and official statements from the likes of the European Union governments, “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance nations (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), WHO and their one world government/great reset allies all continue to push the “safe and effective” narrative without ever actually defining the threshold for declaring a vaccine product “safe and effective”.

Unfortunately for the official propagandists, even the veneer of plausible deniability has worn quite thin. Directly below is a recent Epoch Times article from Epoch Times’ star reporter Zachary Stieber:

EXCLUSIVE: CDC Found Evidence COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Deaths

Internal documents contradict claims from the CDC, which refused to explain the discrepancy.

<excerpt> U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials found evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines caused multiple deaths before claiming that there was no evidence linking the vaccines to any deaths, The Epoch Times has learned.

CDC employees worked to track down information on reported post-vaccination deaths and learned that myocarditis—or heart inflammation, a confirmed side effect of the vaccines—was listed on death certificates and in autopsies for some of the deaths, according to an internal file obtained by The Epoch Times.

Myocarditis was also described as being caused by vaccination in a subset of the deaths.

In other cases, the CDC workers found that deaths met the agency’s definition for myocarditis, that the patients started showing symptoms within 42 days of a vaccine dose, and that the deceased displayed no virus-related symptoms. Officials say that after 42 days, a possible link between the vaccine and symptoms becomes tenuous, and they list post-vaccination deaths as unrelated if they can find any possible alternative causes.


In cases with those three features, it’s “absolutely” safe to say that the vaccines caused the deaths, Dr. Clare Craig, a British pathologist and co-chair of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team Group, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Despite the findings, most of which were made by the end of 2021, the CDC claimed that it had seen no signs linking the Moderna and Pfizer messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines to any deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

CDC officials in a letter to The Epoch Times dated June 13, 2023, said that there were no deaths reported to the VAERS for which the agency determined “the available evidence” indicated Moderna or Pfizer vaccination “caused or contributed to the deaths.”

The agency also said that evidence from seven deaths from thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome following the Johnson & Johnson vaccination suggested that the vaccine led to people dying.

“That’s a scandal, where you have information like this and you continue to put out this dishonest line that there’s only seven deaths and they’re all unrelated to the mRNA vaccines,” Dr. Andrew Bostom, a heart expert based in the United States, told The Epoch Times.

The CDC is “concealing these deaths,” he said.

A CDC spokeswoman, presented with the file and dozens of questions about it, said that “determining a person’s cause of death is done by the certifying official, physician, medical examiner, or coroner, who completes the death certificate.”

The spokeswoman declined to explain why the CDC doesn’t consider autopsies or death certificates as evidence of causality, the criteria that would establish vaccine-caused deaths, or whether the numbers have been updated since 2023. She also declined to answer questions about specific deaths outlined in the file, citing “privacy and confidentiality.”

Related to the above, Reporter Zachary Stieber has just published another scoop:

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Study that Shook the CDC

The study that detailed the sudden deaths of two teenagers following COVID-19 vaccination left officials scrambling.
This story starts to roll back the covers on the corrupt internal culture and coverups which have deeply damaged if not destroyed the credibility of the nation’s premier public health and epidemiology watchdog.

Two teenagers died shortly after COVID-19 vaccination, experts reported in a study published Feb. 14, 2022. Within hours, federal officials scrambled to respond, worried the paper would harm their efforts to promote COVID-19 vaccines, internal emails show.

“This is important because this report has significant implications for CDC and FDA’s vaccine safety and policy discussions,” Dr. Sarah Reagan-Steiner, a medical officer at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wrote on Feb. 17, 2022.

The CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have repeatedly promoted widespread COVID-19 vaccination and downplayed confirmed and possible side effects of the vaccines.

Another CDC official claimed that not including CDC scientists as co-authors of the paper called into question the ethics of the experts who wrote it. The agency rapidly submitted a rebuttal to the journal that published the study.

The internal emails were obtained by The Epoch Times through Freedom of Information Act requests. Some are being reported in this article for the first time.

Combined with comments from two of the authors of the study, the emails shed fresh light on the paperthe first to detail examinations of American children who died with heart inflammation after COVID-19 vaccination—and its aftermath. The paper set off a firestorm within the CDC that led to attempts by agency officials to overrule the medical examiners who examined the boys.

Switching from COVID vaccine-associated deaths and myocarditis, both of which are now clearly documented as known early on by the CDC, and knowledge of which was repeatedly denied by CDC leadership in multiple public statements (ergo, they lied to the public), a recently published peer-reviewed academic article now provides a summary and review of the abundant literature documenting post-COVID vaccination psychosis. While broadly applicable to all citizens, young and old (including young children and those enrolled in both grade school and higher education), these findings are particularly troubling when considered in light of the vaccine mandates applied to healthcare workers, first responders, and military personnel. The fact that these findings carried across both mRNA and adenoviral vectored genetic COVID vaccine products suggests that these effects may be more related to the genetically engineered SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein, a known potent toxin, than to vector or platform-specific toxicities.

As summarized by Epoch Times reporter Naveen Athrappully;

Systematic Review Reveals Many COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients Experienced New-Onset Psychosis

Only half of the patients analyzed in the review fully recovered, with the remaining half suffering from ‘residual symptoms.’

Individuals who took COVID-19 vaccines were found to have later suffered from psychosis, with Pfizer and AstraZeneca shots linked to most of the cases.

The peer-reviewed systemic review, published in the Frontiers in Psychiatry journal on April 12, examined cases of new-onset psychosis among people who took the vaccines. Psychosis refers to symptoms that occur when an individual has difficulty differentiating between reality and fantasy, with hallucinations and delusions being two key types. The review looked at 21 articles describing 24 cases of psychosis symptoms following vaccination. The researchers concluded that “data suggest a potential link between young age, mRNA, and viral vector vaccines with new-onset psychosis within 7 days post-vaccination.”

“Collecting data on vaccine-related psychiatric effects is crucial for prevention, and an algorithm for monitoring and treating mental health reactions post-vaccination is necessary for comprehensive management.”

Out of the 24 cases, 13 were female. The median age of participants was 36 years. Twenty-two patients (91.2 percent) had no specific history of somatic illness and comorbidities.

In 45.8 percent of incidences, psychotic symptoms were reported after the first shot and in fifty percent after the second dose.

“Almost all reviewed cases (95.8 percent) presented with psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations (visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile) and delusions (mostly persecutory and delusions of reference).”

The most common form of hallucination was auditory, experienced in 54.2 percent of the cases, while visual hallucinations were experienced by 12.5 percent of patients.

“Motor disturbances, such as increased or decreased motor activity and bizarre behavior, were mentioned in 83.3 percent of cases. In 3 (12.5 percent) cases, a suicidal attempt was described.”

The psychotic symptoms mostly lasted for a period of one and two months.

From Frontiers in Psychiatry:

Front. Psychiatry, 11 April 2024
Sec. Public Mental Health
Volume 15 – 2024 |

The final article comes from one of the leading US medical organizations, the Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland Clinic previously published the first major report of “negative effectiveness” after repeated administration of COVID mRNA “vaccines”. What the heck is “negative effectiveness” you may ask? This is a rather nuanced way of saying that, sometime after administration, those who received the “vaccine” products became MORE likely to develop COVID-19 clinical disease. Not only do the “vaccine” products not provide substantial long-term protection from infection and disease, but they actually make recipients more likely to develop clinically significant COVID. This helps make sense of why so many of the clinical trials claiming to demonstrate vaccine effectiveness are short-term, as they stop collecting data before the recipients slide down into the negative effectiveness side. This observation not only raises questions of vaccine-elicited antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (one of the original FDA concerns), but also whether or not the short-term “protection” from the disease may not have anything to do with a spike antigen-specific “vaccine” effect, but rather may reflect activation of danger signal pathways or short term, non-specific pro-inflammatory effects.

Effectiveness of the 2023-2024 Formulation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 mRNA Vaccine against the JN.1 Variant

Nabin K. Shrestha, Patrick C. Burke, Amy S. Nowacki, Steven M. Gordon

Background The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether the 2023-2024 formulation of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine protects against COVID-19 caused by the JN.1 lineage of SARS-CoV-2.

Methods Employees of Cleveland Clinic in employment when the JN.1 lineage of SARS-CoV2 became the dominant circulating strain, were included. Cumulative incidence of COVID-19 was examined prospectively. Protection provided by vaccination (analyzed as a time-dependent covariate) was evaluated using Cox proportional hazards regression. The analysis was adjusted for the propensity to get tested, age, sex, pandemic phase when the last prior COVID-19 episode occurred, and the number of prior vaccine doses.

Results Among 47561 employees, COVID-19 occurred in 838 (1.8%) during the 16-week study period. In multivariable analysis, the 2023-2024 formula vaccinated state was associated with a significantly lower risk of COVID-19 while the JN.1 lineage was the dominant circulating strain (hazard ratio [HR], .77; 95% confidence interval [C.I.], .62-.94; P = .01), yielding an estimated vaccine effectiveness of 23% (95% C.I., 6%-38%). Compared to 0 or 1 prior vaccine doses, risk of COVID-19 was incrementally higher with 2 prior doses (HR, .1.46; 95% C.I., 1.12-1.90; P < .005), 3 prior doses (HR, 1.95; 95% C.I., 1.51-2.52; P < .001), and more than 3 prior doses (HR, 2.51; 95% C.I., 1.91-3.31; P < .001).

Conclusions The 2023-2024 formula COVID-19 vaccine given to working-aged adults afforded a low level of protection against the JN.1 lineage of SARS-CoV-2, but a higher number of prior vaccine doses was associated with a higher risk of COVID-19.

Summary Among 47561 working-aged Cleveland Clinic employees, the 2023-2024 formula COVID-19 vaccine was 23% effective against the JN.1 lineage of SARS-CoV-2, but a higher number of prior COVID-19 vaccine doses was associated with a higher risk of COVID-19.

Yet these products are still mandated for many enrolled in grade school or higher education, health care workers, and continue to be recommended by the CDC for children despite the almost complete lack of risk to children of COVID-19 disease.