VIDEO: Why America LOSES at WAR

I did 3 tours in Afghan before leaving for greener pastures during the troop drawdown that started in 2014. Constant propaganda in the Marine Corps times and an emphasis on promotion based on race and sex rather than knowledge and combat prowess made it almost impossible for most grunts to get promoted or sustain their careers. I myself had no NJPs or negative page 11s two combat decorations and a fitrep that would make people think I’m Solid Snake but, I still got passed up for promotion to Staff to promote people more “diverse” than myself. None of the people they promoted over me had even half the experience or time in I did and their PFT/CFT scores were abysmal. Over the years I’ve reconnected with many guys I served with many of which were two or three times the Marine I could ever hope to be and they too were passed up for promotion for a diversity hire with no combat experience and forced out. Today’s modern US military is technologically superior sure but, people in the ranks are a bunch of incompetents, organizational climbers, and diversity-hire mediocrities.