How Marxists Win

The goal is New World Order (one-world government) technocratic global communism. The “Puppet-Masters” must be the saviors of the world since there is no God and no savior. Technocracy is the framework of the future. “Platoon” groups such as BLM have their own goals. For BLM, it is Marxism and Black Supremacy (they do not want equality/equity, they want control). Same sort of thing for other platoons, such LGBTQ+. But in the end, these platoons will just be used by the Ruling Caste to further their ultimate goals, and the platoons will not get what they want. They will be jettisoned when no longer needed.

By Jim Reggio for The International Chronicles

I have been asked so many times by folks the question – “what the heck is going on in the United States of America today?” – that I decided to put together a “primer” if you will, listing some of the main things to know. Of course, this is not exhaustive, and no doubt will miss some people’s favorite push-points, but that’s fine. The idea is to provide some of the main and plain (and not so plain) Marxist tactics and orthopraxy.

When I say “Marxist,” I use the term as a container to include not only Marxism as an economic philosophy but also the Gramscian cultural view (cultural Marxism, Critical Theory, the “long march through the institutions”) and leftist-progressivism in general.

So, let’s get into it…

  1. Give Us The Youth: Target younger generations that have no real-life experience regarding the issues the Marxists are using to further their agenda. Zeal + Ignorance = Chaos. Infiltrate all education systems. Infuse the narrative into all curriculums and subjects.
  2. Use Logical Fallacies: Appeal to emotion over reason. Push the revolution as virtuous, caring, and loving, and anyone who questions or disagrees is evil, mean, un-Christian – a “hater.” (Note: true love is wed to truth equally without separation. This pushes love without regard for truth. Emotion sans the mind.)
  3. Create Anger: Make them angry, telling them they have been lied to by “the establishment” – parents, traditional history, etc., about America. America is not great, good, or better than anywhere else and never has been. In fact, it is worse and evil – it is racist, polyphobic, unjust, etc.
  4. Create Hatred: Make them even angrier by telling them this evil history has not improved and is getting worse. We are no better off than before – no “progress.”
  5. Guilt Manipulation/Oppressor-Oppressed: Make people feel guilty and responsible for the “sins of the past” projected into the present, through concepts of White Privilege, White Supremacy, Systemic Oppression/Racism, etc., all of which are undefined, vague, fringe minorities, or simply untrue.
  6. Instill Envy: Create envy and hatred in minority (“oppressed”) groups. Band these groups together in “the cause – the revolution.” Foster victim-mentality (oppressed) in groups such as Blacks, Latinos, women, poor, LGBTQ+, etc. These “useful idiots” will later be jettisoned from the cause (especially leadership). They are used like booster-rockets and then expended.
  7. Promise to Emancipate: Tell these groups they will “be made even” or superior (deliver the goods) through reparations, canceling college loan debt, providing “free” everything (healthcare, college, housing, jobs, etc.). Then, punish the oppressors with higher progressive taxes. Basically, wealth redistribution schemes.
  8. Polarize It: Pitch this as all-or-nothing. No discussions, no compromise. You must stand 100% with the revolution on every point or be excommunicated. Make it evil and even dangerous to question the narrative – Cancel Culture (lose your job, de-platforming on social media, slander, threats to you and family, violence, vandalism, etc.). Label all opposition as Nazi, Alt-Right, White Supremacist, etc.
  9. Use the BATG’s: Use the BATG’s (Billionaire, Atheist, Technocrat, Globalists) resources to propagate the narrative (MSM) and create infrastructure (planned and funded protests, money laundering, political influencing, technology control, etc.). Whoever controls the means of information propagation controls the narrative (MSM, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).
  10. Diversity in Depravity: Champion all forms of depravity (especially sexual) as “liberation” and “diversity” and demand not only tolerance but unconditional acceptance and celebration of such. One must be intensely prideful of all such things and not tolerate any resistance.
  11. Moral Superiority through “Enlightenment”: Foster a “knowledge-based” Moral Superiority by teaching students the “real truth” that your parents and establishment have been hiding from you. Students have little life experience and ability to apply grammar, logic, and rhetoric to discern truth for themselves, and therefore believe what their credentialed professors tell them. When they are filled with this “new truth,” they feel enlightened by this new revelation. They become arrogant and prideful with it and seek to win converts. They are zealous about it and view their parents or anyone who holds to traditional western culture and values as backward, ignorant, brainwashed rednecks. Then the Marxists continually fuel this disdain via the other means I describe throughout this article.
  12. Moral Superiority through Faux-Justices: Foster a “feelings-based” Moral Superiority through newly and loosely defined codes of “justice.” These Faux-Justices have no laws nor sanctions and therefore are not enforceable, reasonable, or knowable. They can only be “enforced” by mob-rule and public shaming. Some of these are Social Justice, Climate Justice (New Green Deal), Gender Justice, Trans Justice, Border Justice (open borders and unrestricted immigration) etc. These are to be exalted as the highest of virtues, and their intentions and goals are beyond questioning. Note: always beware of any word placed in front of “justice.”
  13. Become the New Authority: Eliminate and demonize (delegitimize) existing authority structures, such as the police. What once kept us safe and enforced justice is now evil. Since we have redefined justice, only we can “enforce” it. We become the new authorities. (Note: in the present case, the Marxists will push “zero” police, etc., since their goal in this stage is chaos!). The military leadership has been compromised already, the police and the armed citizenry (via the 2nd Amendment) stand in the way of the Marxist “planned chaos.”
  14. Infiltrate the Church: This could be an entire book in itself, and really is the most fundamental component. It is the church’s fault for much of this. The church ceded so many of its duties to the state long ago. Watchmen on the walls in the 70’s and 80’s that were warning about the creeping infiltration of the Marxist wolves into the church were ignored and mocked. Too bad, they were right and are now vindicated. The social justice movement is now in full bloom in the church, masquerading, as evil always does, as an angel of light. It is more and more easily accepted in the church as older and wiser leaders are replaced with secularly compromised younger leaders, who then preach this false social gospel to the flock. There are few Bereans and watchmen fighting back. This will be the hinge on which it all turns. Marxism stands on the ideas of “no god but man,” atheism, evolution, and nihilism, leading to zero morality, leading to family atomization, leading to civilizational collapse. This collapse is the chaos they bring, from which the mythical Marxist Phoenix must rise.
  15. Personify the Boogeyman: Personify all this “evil” in the man of President Donald J. Trump. Portray him as pure evil, like Hitler. Pin every label on him – fascist, Nazi, white supremacist, racist, polyphobe, etc. Teach that in the battle to defeat such evil (the man Trump, and by proxy all his supporters, followers, and administration – the “deplorables”) all means are acceptable (the ends justify the means) to remove this evil, including lies, violence, rioting, looting, even murder. In such desperate times, the Constitution and Bill of Rights should be superseded, and will not apply to Trump and his supporters.
  16. Scrunch Them: Work the strategy from top-down and bottom-up (scrunch!). Top-down is control of political/governmental/institutional levers, bottom-up is the funding (from the top power brokers) of grassroots groups (BLM, Antifa, Sunrise Movement, Tides Foundation, Democracy Alliance, ActBlue, Thousand Currents, etc.) to create the needed chaos in the streets and charge the emotional narrative.
  17. Push the Antithesis: Create in their minds “Anyone But Trump!”, “Trump Must Go By Any Means!”, “Anything is Better Than Trump!”, even…
    1. An old white man with dementia who is a racist and an accused sexual predator (Biden)
    2. An old crazy white man who is an acknowledged Communist (Bernie)
    3. A potential 3rd party (or replacement DNC) candidate from the neo-Marxist front group BLM.
  18. Project It Large: Enlarge the revolution to be “Anything But Capitalism, Christianity, Traditional Family, Traditional Virtues and Values, Western Culture, etc.”
  19. That new ANYTHING is MARXISM!