The pillaging of the 3rd World, and the Evisceration of the West by demographic assault

The goal of the elites is to exploit poor nations, eliminate borders and flood the West with 3rd world immigrants … and thus create a world without borders.

By Bob Livingston for the Bob Livingston Letter

Whether President Donald Trump did or did not use an expletive term to describe certain Third-World nations like Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries, the controversy that erupted over the claims that Trump called them “s**tholes” demonstrates the chasm between the elites and average Americans is so wide you can’t see one side from the other.

A rational observer can look at the conditions in those countries and realize something is wrong. When countries see overwhelming portions of its population living in squalor, without basic sanitation and no supply chain to from which to acquire basic necessities, it is not unreasonable to describe those countries in less than glowing terms. This is especially true if the countries have been in this condition for most — if not all — of their histories.

Unfortunately, there is little inquiry into why those countries are in the condition they’re in and why there’s little hope for improvement. And it’s that lack of hope for improvement at home — along with encouragement from the globalists — that incentivizes them to lash together pieces of scrap to build boats to cross oceans or travel thousands of miles on foot or attempt to game the U.S. immigration system or pay their life savings in bribes or sell their bodies to come to America.

The U.S. government and its symbiotic partners the multinational corporations and the World Bank have exploited those countries for their resources for years. In his two books, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, And How to Change The World, former economic hit man John Perkins provides great detail of his experiences in the dark, shadowy world that combines the machinations of the Deep State with corporatocracy in the name of plunder and globalism.

Perkins tells how American industry goes to Third World countries to pillage their natural resources. EHMs like Perkins provide inflated economic forecasts touting the benefits of improving infrastructure and convince the political leaders — through bribery (with money, drugs and prostitutes) or extortion — to commit to vast projects they can’t possibly afford. Those countries borrow U.S. taxpayer dollars provided through the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or USAID to pay for the projects that are constructed by U.S. companies. It’s all done with a wink and a nod by the U.S. government because, once those countries become wholly indebted to the United States, they become U.S. puppet states and part of the American empire.

The companies that get these projects are a who’s who of the globalist cabal: Bechtel; Kellogg Brown and Root; Carlyle Group; and most of Big Oil. And the main players are people you’d recognize as running or influencing American foreign policy for both major American political parties: Bush, Baker, Rumsfeld, Weinberger, Rockefeller, McNamara, Kissinger, Helms and Cheney; and more recently the Clintons and their money-laundering foundation.

Yet there’s more than just rampant exploitation and corrupt governments involved. South African émigré and prolific libertarian author Ilana Mercer asks, “What makes a country, the place or the people? Does ‘the country’ create the man or does the man make the country?”

She writes:

To listen to the deformed logic of the president’s detractors, it’s the former: the “country” makes the person. No sooner does an African or Haitian immigrant wash up on American shores — courtesy of random quotas, lotteries and other government grants of privilege and protection — than the process of cultural and philosophical osmosis begins. American probity and productivity soon become his own.

But this is not true. History demonstrates that genuine freedom cannot be invented whole cloth nor imposed among any people who have no organic tradition of it. Responsible self-government is not a prize or a trinket that can be taken up merely by a change of scenery. When unrestrained masses who have never known freedom and who believe in mindless superstitions like witchcraft and voodoo are set loose on the land and on the people, there is an unwholesome clash of cultures.

More from Mercer:

Western cultures emphasize the future; view work as a blessing rather than as a burden; promote individuals based on their merit; value education and frugality, are philanthropic, identify with universal causes, and have higher ethics.

In static cultures, individuals tend to be fatalistic rather than future-oriented; live for the present or past; work only because they need to; diminish or dismiss the value of education, frugality, and philanthropy; are often mired in nepotism and corruption; and promote individuals based on clan and connections, rather than capabilities.

“I am because we are” is how one wag encapsulated the cog-like role of the individual in African culture. In advanced cultures, on the other hand, the individual, and not the collective, is paramount…

Magic wins out over reason; community over individual; communal ownership over private property; force and coercion over rights and responsibilities; wealth distribution over its accumulation.

Like Trump, Americans know in their hearts that people from those countries — as well as other Third World and/or Muslim nations — are not ideal candidates for assimilation into American culture. Not because their skin is brown, but because their collectivist mindset and superstitious and/or religious belief set is anathema to individual liberty.

Those individuals have no grasp of democratic values or individual liberty because they’ve never experienced it… never even conceived it.

Mercer again:

Be it Africa or Arabia, the Left labors under the romantic delusion that the effects of millennia of development-resistant, self-defeating, fatalistic, atavistic, superstition-infused, unfathomably cruel cultures can be cured by an infusion of foreign aid, by the removal of tyrants such as Robert Mugabe or Jacob Zuma, or by bringing the underdeveloped world to America. (Left-libertarian Katherine Mangu-Ward actually told Tucker Carlson that, “If we had a billion people in America, America would be unstoppable. That would be amazing.”)

Alas, bad leaders are not what shackle backward peoples. Not exclusively, at least. And Africa’s plight is most certainly not the West’s fault [I would insert here, not wholly the West’s fault – BL]. Rather, Africa is a culmination of the failure of the people to develop the attitudes and institutions favorable to peace and progress.

Another part of the answer is to be found in the fact that the two-party system has been compromised and subverted. Both the Republican “big tent” strategy and the Democratic “diversity” appeal are actually the same.

Recognizing that America’s virtually unchecked immigration policies are destroying America’s values and economy, Trump has taken a stand against it. It has earned him a number of epithets including racist, Nazi, anti-Semite, fascist and xenophobe. What about the fact that most Americans polled state that they want a check on immigration? Does that make them racist, Nazi, anti-Semitic, xenophobic fascists, too? Are people everywhere who oppose rampant, destructive immigration and who use their vote to check it to be deemed worthy of “denazification”? That sounds rather anti-democratic to me.

The goal of the elites is to eliminate borders, as I reported in The NWO and its open border gambit and Immigration has become the seminal issue of our time, and to accomplish this it intends to swarm all nations with people of other races, from other cultures, nationalities and even religions, so that people of civilized and established nations lose their cultural and nationalist identities and become homogenized. The argument can then be made that, since a nation now has no cultural or racial identity, borders are irrelevant.

In a world without borders, people become world citizens. World citizens need world government.

The propaganda power of ideological labels should be exposed for what it is; namely, a conspiratorial campaign to undermine Western sovereignty and independence for “democracy.”